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Terri is a supporting character of Amphibia.


Terri is a petite woman with short blue hair and freckles wearing a lab coat, brown skirt and blue and gray sweater vest.


Unlike her former boss Dr. Frakes, Terri is down to earth and respectful. She helps Anne rescue the Plantars from Dr. Frakes at the cost of her job. Even though she's fired, she promised Anne and the Plantars she would use her own resources to build a new portal for the Plantars to get them back to Amphibia.


Anne and the Plantars head to Dr. Frakes' Brainasium, a children's educational center, and meet with her blue haired and down-to-earth assistant Terri before meeting the deranged Dr. Frakes. Frakes reveals that she has found a way to open portals to other dimensions. She came across this when a couple of months ago, a strange energy surge, caused by Anne opening the Calamity Box for the first time, created a portal that sucked up her portable CD player. Since then, Frakes has been able to create a machine that shows blurry photos of other dimensions. The Plantars ask that she open a window, but it can only stay open for five seconds and even then does not show Amphibia.

Another energy surge causes the Plantars' identities to be revealed. Frakes immediately kidnaps them in the hopes of dissecting them. Anne and Terri team up to rescue them, during which Terri gives up her job with Frakes and Anne uses the cookies she made to get the rowdy children in the Brainasium to attack Frakes. Terri drives Anne and the Plantars home, with Anne finally coming down on the Plantars for constantly guilting her. They apologize and promise to be more patient. Terri admits that quitting Frakes was the best decision she made, as she can now openly pursue helping them with opening another portal, thus salvaging her scientific career. Sprig then uses his guilting technique so that he can drive, resulting in them nearly crashing.


Behind the scenes


Terri is voiced by Kate Micucci. Micucci was announced as a guest star in the third season on July 24, 2021,[2] with her role as Terri being announced on October 22, 2021.[1]


Terri made her debut in "If You Give a Frog a Cookie". Prior to her official debut, she appeared in the third season main theme.


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