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My life is perfect the way it is. And as long as you're in it, my future will be pretty cool too.
—Sprig Plantar, "Fiddle Me This"

Sprig Plantar is the deuteragonist of Amphibia. He is an 11-year-old frog who is the best friend and guide of the human girl Anne Boonchuy. He is the grandson of Hop Pop and Polly's older brother.



Sprig is an anthropomorphic pink frog of a small height. He has hot pink skin, with a paler shaded underbelly. He has short orange hair underneath his dark forest green hat.


His casual frog-like body structure consists of slightly orange eyeballs with black pupils and blue irises, a large elongated light green tongue that extends to certain lengths, and four short limbs with four-digit hands and two-digit feet.

In "Dating Season", Sprig's head is colored light pink, owing to the use of makeup powder, and he has orange powdered cheeks.

When he was a tadpole, he somewhat resembled his younger sister, Polly. He is also very circular, also possessing a light pink tail.


As his everyday clothing, he wears a dark forest green hat with light green goggles and a sleeveless jacket paired with black shorts. He has worn his hat since he was a small pollywog. In "The Plantars Check In", Sprig buys an oversized black t-shirt with the image of a muscular frog in sunglasses surrounded by the words "BIG FROG". He's seen in subsequent episodes wearing this shirt alongside a blue nightcap and blue-check shorts as pajamas.

In "Dating Season", he has a fancy yellow beret-beanie-esque hat with blue feathers arranged next to each other in a pattern. Around his neck, he has a big white Tudor collar. He has a very short green shirt with big-round shaped sleeves embroidered with seed-like shapes. He has puffy pants with thick vertical stripes with the pattern ranging from the colors of green to yellow. It also appears that the outfit is much too big for him and he's clearly uncomfortable and has limited movement while wearing the courtship kit.

On Earth, he wears a maroon jacket underneath a pale and dark brown striped shirt. He has a dark green beanie, and revealing a bit of his hair, light grey and white shoes with dark blue stripes, and an ivory face-mask, with a cat's mouth imprinted on it.

During the episode "Thai Feud", Sprig wears green shirt with a mouse design as pajamas and a blue beanie, yellow rubber gloves, olive green trenchcoat, a beige scarf and a fake pink body.

During the episode "Sprig's Birthday", Sprig wears a maroon sweater with "Happy Birfday" embroidered on it and a birthday hat.

During the episode "Spider-Sprig", Sprig wears his superhero costume.

During the episode "Froggy Little Christmas", Sprig wears a Santa hat, light green scarf, olive green sweater with a Christmas tree embroidered on it and red shorts.

In his tadpole stage, he wore a dark forest green hat with the beige-colored goggles.


Sprig is a frog who is too enthusiastic. He is a very sweet, curious and active frog boy, all of which can lead to fun and trouble.

Despite his carelessness at times, he is a devoted friend and family member who will always do what is right in the end. He typically puts vital tasks to the side and insists on discovering the most exciting experiences. He puts his family and friends in danger as he does so. He still wants to do what is right for those around him, whether he loves it or not.


Sprig trying to befriend two young frogs.

Life Back Then

Since a few years earlier, Sprig Plantar has lived with his younger sister Polly, and his grandfather Hopediah after their parents were killed in a heron attack. He never had any real friends, despite his various attempts of making any, and was frequently looked down upon by his family and many as an irresponsible strange boy.

Meeting a new friend

One day, Wally reports to everyone that a mysterious beast has showed up in the forest of Wartwood Swamp, and disregarding Hop Pop's orders, Sprig decides to hunt it anyway, discovering she is a friendly girl named Anne Boonchuy. While the rest of the Wartwood residents oppose her, he and his family accept her and move her into their farm.

Making New Friends

Overtime, Anne saw a new light in friendship thanks to him, as she begins to realize that all of her past choices were made as a result of being manipulated and bossed around by Sasha, changing her view of friendship being portrayed as "If a friend likes a pencil case, you get it for them. If your friend likes your new shoes, you give them to her. And if your friend wants you to steal a crazy music box from a thrift store, even if you really don't want to, you do it, okay?" His engagement with Anne made her yearn a more caring relationship as the other Plantars and the Wartwood residents all start gaining respect towards her. As such, he starts gaining respect and begins to feel more connected with his family and other residents as well. After initially being engaged and breaking up with Maddie Flour, he eventually finds his true love with Ivy Sundew and they began dating shortly thereafter.

Afterwards, he sees Anne for who she is: a kind and considerate girl eager to defend her friends, eventually seeing beyond Sasha's misleading methods in "Reunion". The Plantars apologize to Anne over losing Sasha as a friend when they return to Wartwood, but Anne assures them it's okay because she considers them her family and that as long as they stick together, they'll get through everything.

Sprig reminding Anne about the Battle at Toad Tower.

Adventure out of Wartwood

The Plantars and Anne set out on a trip to Newtopia in order to find her way home. During their path, they come across an abandoned factory and after Sprig jams Hop Pop's rulebook in it, flee until it collapses; however, they are unaware that just before it collapsed, the factory produced a frog-like robot, which then pursues them. Finally arriving at Newtopia, they encounter Anne's other human companion, Marcy Wu just before they drive away a colony of giant bloodthirsty Barbari-Ants. Even though Marcy is obviously innocent, Sprig initially struggles to gain her trust but changes his mind afterward. Although King Andrias seems to be a jovial and kindly monarch when the Plantars are introduced to them, he seems to be planning something concerning the human girls and the Calamity Box.

Sprig apologizes for his suspicion of Marcy.

Sprig and Anne's relationship becomes ever deeper after learning about each other's mothers during one of their journeys in Newtopia. Anne misses her mother so much that she goes to considerable lengths to procure a present for her when she finally comes to Earth and is reunited with her mother. Sprig tells Anne that his mother died when he and Polly were very young, and he has no recollection of her; as Sprig asks how you would miss anyone you don't know, Anne gives him a huge hug and both of them weep.

During their sleepover, Anne, Sprig, Polly, and Marcy venture down to the castle's cellar, which is strictly off limits, where they find a submerged tomb full of mysterious monsters, two halls of mirrors, a chamber with plants that don't need sunlight to rise, and a torn portrait of King Andrias with an unknown frog and toad. They hear the next morning from King Andrias that the music box that brought Anne, Sasha, and Marcy to Amphibia once belonged to his ancestors who used to travel to other worlds. All of the box's gems must be recharged at three separate temples in order for the box to function again.

Completing Challenges

After returned to Wartwood, Sprig and Polly were told by Hop Pop that he hid the Calamity Box and lied to Anne as she ran away, agreeing to help to retrieve it. After Anne forgave Hop Pop, he showed Anne an old book that had belonged to the Plantar family for years, and she heard the name of the music box from it.

Arriving at the first temple, the Plantars, Anne, and Marcy were caught in many challenges, and after a deadly game of Flipwart, they escape and manage to find the recharging station for the gem.

At the second temple, while Anne, Marcy, and the Plantars were completing Valeriana's challenges while facing danger throughout, Anne eventually split up with them. Just as she returned to supposedly help them, they were waiting for her as they were watching cute animal videos on Marcy's phone.

Later on, the Plantars get dehydrated and weak in the third temple but they, Anne, and Marcy were rescued by Sasha. Despite her apology, the Plantars remain reluctant to trust her during the journey. They and Grime are unable to proceed any further as the stone toad monster changes the gravity just before Sasha slays it and frees them.

Restoring Friendships

The Plantars, Anne, and Marcy decide to invite Sasha and Grime over for supper to bury the hatchet. While things appear to be going well at first, when prior disagreements are brought up, everyone becomes awkward with one another. Sasha loses control and lashes out at Anne and Marcy for attempting to alter her. Grime's cake transforms into a lethal challenge, forcing the girls to save everyone. After the struggle, they start devouring chocolate-covered hornets.

Since the Toad Tower event, Wartwood has been on edge since Sasha and Grime have returned. As a result, Mayor Toadstool consulted the wheel of fun to come up with a stress-relieving activity, and the outcome was a Battle of the Bands. Sprig and Hop Pop joined with a juggling act following the competition (where Grime won thanks to his 3 hour harp solo). Before Anne, Marcy, and Sasha leave for home, Anne proposes that everyone in Wartwood take a group photo, which everyone does.

The Rebellion

At Newtopia, with the three girls and the music box fully recharged, Sprig is disappointed the journey is over, but is reminded by Anne they can see each other again as long as they have the box. Just as Anne delivers the box to King Andrias, Sasha and Grime take it and summon the toad army as they imprison the king, locking him up in the dungeon. They are rescued by General Yunan as they hide and come up with a plan to stop them. Anne and Sprig shut the gate to block the toads and ignore Sasha's secret about Andrias as they fight. Sprig fights Grime and defeats him by slamming Barrel's Warhammer into his face before he loses control of the hammer.

After Anne presented the box and Andrias revealed Amphibia in its past, he reveals his true intentions of conquering as the castle rises in the sky and blows up a Toad Tower. Sprig gets skeptical of Marcy after Andrias reveals the truth to her as the team all engages to fight Andrias and his army. While he fights several Frobots with his slingshot, he gets caught by Andrias, who threatens to throw him off the window if Anne disobeys his orders. While they do obey his order, he refuses to return him and lets him go, falling out of the castle as tears and sadness run out from the Plantars, Marcy, and Anne witnessing it.

Fortunately, he gets saved by Marcy flying on Joe Sparrow and safely returns to Anne. The Plantars and Anne escape into the portal Marcy opened just as Andrias stabs her in the back, dropping the music box as it transports them to Anne's home in Los Angeles, landing on a car hood.

Powers and abilities

  • Digging: He is a good hole digger.
  • Fiddle: He's very superior at playing the fiddle.
  • Slingshot: He uses his slingshot for playing and self-defense. He also demonstrates having a great aim with it.
  • Singing: He is a good singer and can sing while playing his fiddle.
  • Armpit Farts: He is shown to be surprisingly adept at making armpit farts that are in tune with classical music.
  • Bojutsu: In "Hopping Mall", he seems to be very skilled with the staff that he bought for Ivy.
  • Vocal Mimicry: As seen during "Quarreler's Pass", Sprig has a talent to perfectly imitate other voices. He shares this talent with Polly.
  • Sepak Takraw: Sprig turns out to be a natural at the Thai sport as shown during "Temple Frogs".


Anne Boonchuy

"Spranne against the world!"

At first, Sprig sees Anne as the so-called "beast," but they later became to be friends after she saved him from a giant Red Mantis and introducing herself to him. Sprig, finding out she is friendly, becomes good friends with her. Sprig and Anne have a very strong friendship. Even after a slight misunderstanding at first meeting, they were able to quickly bond with one another due to their similar personalities. They continuously refer to themselves as "Spranne" and even have a catchphrase: "Spranne against the world!" Sprig is very protective of Anne, with the two acting like siblings as their bond continues to grow stronger. Sometimes Sprig will look to Anne for advice and clearly likes to confide in her about things. They have zero romantic attraction with one another, though in Sprig's case it appears to be solely based on age as revealed in "Bizarre Bazaar". ("Yeah, she's way too old for me."). In "Hopping Mall", the two become even closer when Sprig reveals that he does not remember anything about his mother and seemed intrigued when Anne began to talk about hers.

Hop Pop Plantar

Sprig is shown to be caring and loves his grandparent but sometimes his views contradicts with Hop Pop's, which lead to occasional arguments. In "Sprig Vs. Hop Pop," Sprig is angered by Hop Pop not reading his suggestions and rather burning them which lead them to compete in the Plantar Family Challenge over who gets to run the farm.

Polly Plantar

In "Civil Wart," Sprig gets upset that Polly being the youngest gets more attention and rights than him from Hop Pop, feeling that since Polly is young he has to give up numerous things for her. Not till after starting a war against two teams of Wartwood in the episode, Sprig realizes that he is supposed to protect his younger sister and care for her. Which can be seen in future episodes as he is by her side and has fewer arguments with her.

Sasha Waybright

Initially when they met in "Reunion", he tried to befriend her and was cordial towards her, but she reacted cold and uninterested in him. Soon, the two develop a conflict and rivalry later in the episode when Sprig calls Sasha out on her bossy treatment of Anne and accuses her of being a bully, leading Sasha to attempt to kill him out of anger until Anne steps in. After this, the two maintain a strong conflict with Sprig being the most distrustful toward Sasha among the Plantars to the point where he was initially suspicious over Marcy being evil like Sasha. Even when Sasha claims to have reformed, he continues to remain distrustful toward her during "The Dinner" where he takes the seat next to Anne despite Sasha wanting it and joining Hop Pop and Polly in taunting her over the events of Toad Tower during a game of Drawsidoodle. Eventually, the two put aside their differences once they find out Andrias is the bigger threat in "True Colors" and fight off his forces with the rest of the group.

Marcy Wu

Sprig was initially distrustful when meeting Marcy in "Marcy at the Gates" due to previous experience with Sasha, but soon grows to trust her and consider her a friend at the end of the episode when she saves his life from a Barbari-ant. The two seem to share a good friendship with one another, with Marcy even inviting him and Polly over for a sleepover with her and Anne in "The Sleepover to End All Sleepovers". Their relationship is strained a bit during "True Colors" when finding out she intentionally planned on getting herself, Anne, and Sasha trapped in Amphibia with Sprig even growing uncomfortable and backing away when she tries to justify her decision and how much Anne benefited from Amphibia. However, Marcy does realize her mistake in conspiring with King Andrias and even proceeds to atone by helping him and the group fight off Andrias' forces and saves him from falling when Andrias throws him out the window. He is shown to be horrified and devastated at Marcy's possible death.

Captain Grime

While they don't interact one on one too often, they are considered enemies after Grime tried to kill Hop Pop in "Reunion" and Sprig still doesn't trust him when he claims to have reformed in "The Third Temple". The two even fight one another when Grime tries to prevent him from closing the gate in "True Colors" with Sprig using his slongshot to hit Grime's good eye and even using the warhammer to hit Grime, much to his shock. However, they do put aside their differences once they find out Andrias is the bigger threat and fight off his forces with the rest of the group.

Ivy Sundew

Sprig and Ivy are known to be close friends with one another. They are occasional sparring partners, and often tease each other by attempting to ambush the other frog and successfully tackle them to the ground. When their guardians Hop Pop and Felicia attempted to set them up on a date involving a ritual dance that would allow them to be wedded, they instead chose to discard it and run off into the forest to have fun together as friends. But after dealing with killer Love Doves and saving their families, Sprig then came to realize he actually fell in love with Ivy.

Sadie Croaker

Sprig seemed to not think much of Mrs. Croaker; assuming that she was simply just another off beat elder, only to learn that she can be crafty as seen in "Anne Theft Auto". However, in "Cracking Mrs. Croaker", Sprig was desperate to get her to like him as he reasoned that since everyone else liked him, she should too. After a failed attempt, she admitted that she simply did not like his face, but seeing him wanting to gain some form of acceptance, she was willing to try. Sprig at first claims that he was okay that she did not like him, but then reasoned that she did like him, much to her annoyance.

Mrs. Boonchuy

Sprig wasn't satisfied with Anne's mom treating him as a guest unlike the rest of his blood relatives and the latter was extremely tolerant of his antics. When she finally scolded him for getting him and her daughter into trouble, he became overjoyed that he hugged her, much to her confusion.


Behind the scenes

Early development

In his initial concept, Sprig would be named Weed, have a very different appearance, different clothing without the hat and goggles, smaller eyes and a blue tongue instead of yellow, as well as going through numerous color changes before settling on hot pink.

Name and basis

Sprig's name is a play on the word, Spring, a reference to his favorite season and the spring-like patterns of frogs hopping. Also, the word Sprig is a real word. It means a small spray of some plant with its leaves, flowers, etc. in

According to Disney, Sprig's pink exterior was based on the real-life Strawberry poison-dart frog, a species of small poison dart frog found in Central America.[2] Although these frogs are usually not pink, but red or orange. To some fans, Sprig looks almost like Kermit's nephew Robin the Frog.


Sprig is voiced by Justin Felbinger. The announcement came from The Hollywood Reporter on May 15, 2019.[1]


Sprig debuted in the series premiere, "Anne or Beast?", and in Teen Girl in a Frog World, he debuted in "No Signal".

Foreign voice actors

Language version Actors Notes
Argentina Spanish (Latin America) Demián Velazco Rochwerger
Brazil Portugese (Brazil) Yago Contatori
Czech Republic Czech Ondřej Balcar
Germany German Manuel Scheuernstuhl
Denmark Danish Bertil De Lorenzi
Spain Spanish (Castilian) Rocío Pereiras
France French Maxime Donnay
Greece Greek Giorgios Skoufis (Γιωργος Σκουφης)
Hungary Hungarian Barath István
Indonesia Indonesian Marin Ifa Hasmarina
Israel Hebrew (Israel) Itan Greenberg (איטן גרינברג)
Italy Italian Riccardo Suarez
Japan Japanese Serika Hiromatsu (弘松 芹香)
South Korea Korean Lim Yun-seon (임윤선)
Malaysia Malay Muneira Anuar
Netherlands Dutch Thijs Overpelt
Norway Norwegian Erik Aubert
Poland Polish Jakub Jóźwik
Portugal Portuguese Mafalda Luís de Castro
Russia Russian Alexei Kostrischkin (Алексей Костричкин)
Sweden Swedish Erik Wendt
Thailand Thai Nutchaya Intasow (ณัฐชยา อินต๊ะซาว)
Turkey Turkish Mertkan Acar
Ukraine Ukrainian Hanna Sobolyeva (Ганна Соболєва)


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  • He snores loudly.[3]
  • He is the last one of the main characters that has seen Anne's Power.
  • He thinks everything on Anne's phone is trapped and will try and free it by smashing Anne's Phone with a hammer, which is a running gag in the series.[4]
  • His name is commonly misspelled as «Spring Plantar» instead of Sprig.
  • He states that he doesn't miss his mother who passed away when he and Polly were younger by stating that someone can't miss someone if they can't remember how they looked or how their voices sounded. He tries to think like this and says it just to hide his pain and grief for the lose of his mother, which is actually a big deal to him as he reveals to Anne.[5]
  • His hobbies include: Playing the fiddle, looking and exploring with telescopes and using his slingshots. He is a collector and has a big collection of the latter.
  • He considers Anne "way too old" for him when they were accused of being a couple, implying that he prefers dating people closer to his age.
  • Sprig, arguably, has already had two love interests. Ivy Sundew, whom he starts dating at the end of season one, and Maddie Flour, whom he was engaged to in exchange for dough from the baker, but broke off.
  • Despite his very immature behavior, Sprig can stand up to and confront people who manipulate his friends. An example of this can be seen in "Reunion" when he stands up to Sasha when she's forcing Anne to put her sword down.
  • In "Flood, Sweat & Tears", while playing "Would you Rather" with Anne, Sprig said he couldn't sweat. In "Sprig Vs. Hop Pop", Sprig is seen sweating.
  • In the Big City Greens episode "Present Tense", a doll of Sprig can be seen in the claw machine at the arcade.
  • His fictional human counterpart is Twig from Anne's story, Phone Mo, and a fictional character in the episode, "The Shut-In!".
  • It was revealed in "After the Rain" that both his parents were killed a few years ago during a Heron attack, which he and Polly managed to hide and survive. Hop Pop fortunately escaped the disaster when on a travel and took both of his grandchildren in.
  • According to the "Glamour!" Vlog from the Bog, Sprig is naturally talented at makeup.
  • Sprig was 10 years old at the start of the series.
  • Sprig got his hat on his 2nd birthday from his parents, though his memory was a bit fuzzy.



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