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Being in charge means making tough calls, and sometimes you have to stop and remember to have faith in the people around you.
—Sasha Waybright, "Sasha's Angels"

Sasha Elizabeth Waybright[5] is one of the three deuteragonists (alongside Sprig Plantar and Marcy Wu) of Amphibia. She is a 13-year-old human girl of German/Slavic heritage[6] and is the childhood best friend of Anne and Marcy. She formerly attended Saint James Middle School until getting transported to Amphibia, along with her two friends. She was the first Lieutenant in the Toad Army and remained Captain Grime's second-in-command during his plan to raid Newtopia. She represented the red gem of Strength on the Calamity Box.

After the coup of Newtopia fails and Anne and Marcy were presumably lost, Sasha retreated to Wartwood Swamp for safety shortly following the wake of the Newtopian empire. When she realizes the error of her ways, she decides to redeem herself by protecting Wartwood and leading its citizens to fight against King Andrias. When Anne returned to Amphibia in its darkest hour, she and Anne became co-leaders of the Wartwood Resistance.

Despite their efforts to halt Andrias's army, the Core ultimately launches the invasion of Earth. However, Sasha manages to defeat the Core and free Marcy from its control, thus ending the invasion. After realizing Amphibia's moon—controlled by the Core—is falling, Sasha, Anne, and Marcy are imbued with the powers of the Calamity Gems to defeat the Core once and for all. When Anne received remnant gem shards to open one last portal to Earth, Sasha says a tearful final goodbye to Grime before returning home to LA alongside Anne and Marcy.

10 years later, as an adult, Sasha has become a peer counselor for children, though she still has her tough and determined spirit. Later, she reunites with Marcy, and they meet up with Anne to celebrate Anne's 23rd birthday together.



Sasha is a teenage girl of tall height, taller than Marcy and Anne, with a slender build. She had blonde hair tied in a ponytail with a long bang parted to the right side of her head, a beauty mark underneath her left eye, and almond-shaped blue eyes. However, in "Turning Point", it's implied that she might not be a natural blonde, although she was shown with the same hair color when she was a young child. As of "Barrel's Warhammer", Sasha's arms have noticeably gained muscle mass due to her intense training.

In "Toadcatcher", she gains a visible scar on her right cheek from her fight with Anne on top of Toad Tower in "Reunion", when Anne's sword cut her cheek. This scar would remain there for many years.[7]

As of "Commander Anne," she now wears her hair down, which is down to her waist length, and her bangs are worn parted and reach her chin. She also experienced more muscular growth, with her arms being notably thicker than Anne's.

During the epilogue, she's now a young woman with shoulder length short hair, and her bangs are shorter and still worn parted.


Sasha wore a schoolgirl uniform as her everyday outfit back home. It consists of a light grey shirt with a pink collar and an "SJMS" (St. James Middle School) crest, usually paired with a dark blue jean jacket, a short pink skirt, white socks, and a pair of black Mary Jane shoes with small heels. She wears a purple scrunchie in her ponytail.

As of "Anne of the Year", she wears brown armor over gray clothing, a black cape, a large brown pauldron on her right shoulder, and a studded belt with a holster and pink heron sword attached. Her dagger with holster is located at her back. She also wears wraps on her right hand, a glove on her left hand, and armored boots.

During the episode "Toadcatcher", she still wears her armor, but damaged without the pauldron or cloak, and she now wears two gloves. Her only weapon is still her pink heron sword.

During the episode "Barrel's Warhammer" she wears red armor with slightly lighter coloring and has gone back to wearing a cloak and only one glove. Her new cloak and pauldron on her right shoulder have an eye-like symbol painted on them by Percy; she also has a smaller shoulder pad on her left shoulder. Her hair scrunchie is dark brown.

In "The Dinner", Sasha wears an additional blue flower on her left chest during a dinner night at the Planters’ house. When the vol-cake-no hornets start to attack, she unties her ponytail to use a hidden dagger to try and fend them off, temporarily wearing her hair down.

As seen during the episode "Commander Anne," she began to wear a new pauldron, identical to the one worn by the Frobots, but this time on the left shoulder, and she now wears a fur cloak. Sasha wears leather armor, boots, and a clawed left glove with blue outline, an armored right wristband, a left armband, and a fur skirt, as well as grey leggings. She began sporting a heron circlet during the episode "Sprivy."

After gaining her calamity powers in "The Hardest Thing", Sasha wears a red battle armor with a black cape and gold crown, as well as spiked bracelets that cover her wrists and boots. Her hair now resembles a flame wick.

During the epilogue, she wears a short leather jacket with a patch of her two heron swords on the left sleeve, a v-neck lavender top, a knee length burgundy skirt, pale lilac socks under small black boots, small gold hoop earrings and red and gray sunglasses.

Additional features

In "Best Fronds", she has two stains on her uniform. Her left sock also has a stain. Her skirt has small triangular snips off the bottom of it. Her jacket has stitches as well as visible scratches. She has both of her black Mary Jane shoes.

Sasha's other outfits include when she wears a pink robe and orange slippers during the episode "Reunion". In her Theme Song Takeover, the robe is lavender and her slippers are gray.

She also wore a black stitched hood during the episode "Anne of the Year" when she and Anne were finally reunited. She was fully armored at the Toad Tower battle with a sword in the sheath of her armor.

During a sleepover in "The Beginning of the End", she wore a pink sleep shirt with "gilboss"[Note 1] embroidered on the front in cursive, and green plaid sleep shorts. Her fingernails and toenails were also painted purple.

In "My Dope Life As A Battle Queen! By: Sasha", her armor takes on an orange tint in some scenes.


Capture 2019-10-21 20.03

Sasha threatening Anne.

Sasha is characterized by her charming attitude and rule-breaker tendencies, as she eagerly encouraged Anne to steal the music box back on Earth. She is shown to be a charismatic and manipulative girl. She is able to form connections easily as shown in the episode "Prison Break", where she was able to maintain good relations with most of the soldiers who had captured her and later Captain Grime as well. In "Reunion", it's shown that Sasha has a great amount of control and influence over the school body, as when she enters the scene, a side character named Vince is shown playing a guitar solo for her, and she is easily able to get Maggie to give Anne back her khao niew bing in the flashback starting "Reunion".

She is also very persuasive. Sasha was able to persuade Grime into letting her free if she helped protect his fort against the herons, as well as advising him to be more caring and kind to his soldiers to gain their respect. This influence can also be matched with her manipulative behavior, as she was able to pressure Anne to steal the Calamity Box against her will.

The Third Temple-01199

Sasha with her friends Anne and Marcy.

While she might seem selfish acting in such ways, she is also presented to be caring towards her friends Anne and Marcy. At the end of the episode "Prison Break", Sasha is seen holding a picture of her friends and her, saying to herself that she would find them and take them back home. Her caring attitude can also be attributed to her persuading Grime to be more affectionate for his soldiers, even if it was used for manipulation. During "The Third Temple", Sasha's fierce sense of protection that she has over her friends is prominent - as she is willing to help Marcy maneuver out of the way when a boulder is heading towards her. In the same episode, it is revealed that Sasha originally met the girls on a playground back in kindergarten when she saw the two being bullied by two teenagers. Sasha proceeds to engage in a quarrel with the teenagers, even in spite of the fact that she injured herself. This shows her sense of protection she has around the girls. However, during the episode "Reunion", Sasha demonstrates a controlling and domineering personality as she not only convinced Anne to skip class back home, but she also forced her to ditch her 13th birthday party. Not only that, but she is capable of striking fear into her friends, especially if they undermine her authority. However, during the same episode, Sasha has a change of heart when she realizes how cruel she was to Anne, even going so far as to sacrifice her own life to save her friend when Toad Tower collapsed.

Toadcatcher (226)

Grime reprimanded Sasha about how she's upset because she lost Anne and the fact that she stood up to her.

She doesn't want to lose Grime like she lost Anne as she came to see him as a friend and wants to help him achieve his goals but starts to question herself while doing so. While she was deceiving Anne in order to gain access to Newtopia, Sasha obviously felt deep guilt for doing so. When Anne also points out that it wasn't just the Toad Tower incident; the fact was that Sasha had pushed her around her whole life and Sasha with true remorse admits she was right, showing that she genuinely wants to redeem herself.

It's revealed that her determination has always inspired Anne and Marcy, and also that Sasha believes that by being in control she can provide her friends with success, but during the episode "Battle of the Bands", Sasha begins to realize that sometimes she doesn't have to be in control, and that supporting her friends can be just as fulfilling as success. She also attempts to turn back several times due to realizing how awful her actions are, but was pushed back into villainy due to her cold bitterness, as shown in "True Colors".

Turning Point00269

Sasha truly decides to reform.

After fleeing to Wartwood in "Turning Point", she became truly ashamed because the frogs she once wronged were accepting of her because of her connection to Anne. After reading Anne's journal, she realized that her controlling ways blinded her to the true meaning of friendship. Understanding what needs to be done and wanting to be someone better that deserved to be called Anne's friend, she vows to protect the citizens of Wartwood with her last breath.

Ever since leading the Wartwood Resistance, Sasha shows more of her friendly and nicer side as she becomes a selfless person who enjoys putting those in need first before herself, showing that she doesn't act like that anymore. After Anne returned to Amphibia, Sasha was happy to see her again and was safe. However, Sasha becomes afraid that she'll revert to her old self and ruin her friendship with Anne again, even going to the point of giving the role of commander to her, but her other reason for doing so was to make amends with her for her past actions. Although, through her friends encouragement, Sasha let go of her fears as she realized that she did change herself for the better and reconciled with Anne. Also, Sasha decided that she and Anne will co-lead the resistances in the fight against Andrias. Since her reform, Sasha has come to believe if she can be redeemed so can others, which is seen when she stands up for Lysil and Angwin. Sasha has complete confidence and trust in the Wartwood Frogs, which she confirms is from Anne's influence.

Upon confronting Darcy and being told its doubts about the girls ever really being friends, Sasha starts displaying such doubt herself. With Anne's reassurance, Sasha sheds off said insecurity when delivering her final strike against Darcy to free Marcy, declaring she's not the manipulator she used to be anymore. By adulthood, Sasha has grown comfortable with the person she's become to the point that she came out as bisexual.[8]


Early Life

The Third Temple-00667

Sasha, Anne, and Marcy as small children.

Sasha Waybright was born on March 21–April 19, 2006. According to Anne, her parents divorced when she was around four-or five-years-old. Anne also thinks that her issues with her parents explain her controlling behavior. Her father remarried, while her mother has a long-term boyfriend who has kids of his own.[9]

She met Anne and Marcy when defending them from a couple of bullies and has been friends with them ever since kindergarten.[10] However in middle school she developed a controlling nature towards her friends,[11] which instilled terror onto them if they challenged her authority when she forced them to do things they did not want to do.[12]

Incident with the Calamity Box


Sasha cheering Anne for agreeing to ditch school with her.

For Anne's 13th birthday, Sasha convinced her to skip school with her and spend the day at the arcade playing Super Dance Fusion (and taking money from the machine), riding shopping carts, doing graffiti, and relaxing in a café. At the café, Sasha gets a text from Marcy with a picture of a mysterious music box. Intrigued, Sasha persuades Anne to come with her to go see Marcy and the music box at the thrift store, instead of returning home for her birthday party. At the thrift store, while the cashier lady is asleep, Sasha instructs Anne to steal the box. Anne stows it away in her bag and exits the store to rejoin Sasha and Marcy. Later that evening, the three go to a local park to get a closer look at the box. When Anne opens the box, a huge spark of light appears, and Sasha is transported to the realm of Amphibia, separated from Anne and Marcy, in front of Toad Tower, where she is immediately captured by the Toad Army.

Joining the Toads

Sasha Theme Song Takeover - Toad Tower

Sasha outside the Toad Tower captured by the Toad Army.

Captain Grime is shown in a jail room in the Toad Tower, where he shows Sasha, who is actually imprisoned in a battered cell, a missing shoe belonging to Anne that was discovered far from the castle in the south forest. This causes him to suspect that she was not only lying to him, but that there are even more of her kind of Amphibia. Sasha convinced several toads to abandon their employment while trapped at the castle.

They finally discover that two enormous herons were approaching Toad Tower. The herons strike straight away, and the toads take cover, much to Grime's chagrin, since the toads are too terrified of the herons to do something.


Sasha telling Grime to respect the Toad Army.

Instead of being mean to the toads, Sasha tells Grime to thank them and compliment them. Grime soon begins complimenting the toads, causing the toads to strike the herons. The herons are vanquished by the toads, and the toads go on a feast. Grime then offers her the role of second-in-command, which she gladly takes. Sasha then takes out a photo of herself with her friends, pledging to track them down, while also deciding to have some "fun" with this place.

Sasha Missing Pupils Reunion

Sasha and Anne duel at Toad Tower.

Sasha then travels to Wartwood, where she makes Toadie take Anne to the out-of-town bridge, where she introduces herself to a shocked Anne. Grime and his army arrive in Wartwood to welcome the frogs to a banquet honoring Anne and Sasha's reunited alliance. They continue to Toad Tower after Anne gives her approval. Anne and Sasha hang out in Sasha's room as the frogs attend the banquet. Sasha informs Anne that the banquet was held in order to transport Hop Pop to the tower, where he will be fed to a giant Venus flytrap for inciting rebellions in the valley. Anne wants to save the frogs, but they've all been kidnapped. As Hop Pop is being led away to be executed, Anne attempts to persuade Sasha to free them, but she tries to exploit Anne again, as she did on Earth, and almost succeeds, but a furious Sprig throws mud at Sasha, calls her a bully, and helps Anne. Sasha is enraged by Sprig's defiance and attempts to kill him, but Anne intervenes, finally standing up to her. Grime proposes a duel: if Anne succeeds, the frogs will go, but if Sasha wins, Hop Pop will die. Anne beats Sasha by jabbing her blade into hers, knocking her down and forcing her to lose her sword and dagger, causing Sasha's face to be cut. Sasha is taken aback when Anne stands over her and declares that she will no longer allow Sasha to push her around. Grime does not hold his promise and goes out of his way to kill Hop Pop. The tower then began to erupt from One-Eyed Wally's boomshrooms. Anne manages to rescue Sasha when the tower collapses, but she lets herself fall out of shame over how she treated her and to keep Anne from falling as well. Grime saves Sasha and carries her unconscious body along with him and the toads.

Plans of Power & Vengeance

Toadcatcher (335)

Sasha and Grime celebrate their victory against General Yunan.

Sasha is rigorously preparing and pressing herself for vengeance against Anne and the Plantars by using dummies while helping Grime escape from the law after Toad Tower fell. She then attempts to inspire Grime by dressing up Percy and Braddock as bounty hunters and attacking them, but this fails. As General Yunan arrives to apprehend Grime, they attempt to flee into the woods. As they were fleeing, Grime pointed out that Sasha is training too hard to distract herself from the fact that Anne stood up to her and that nothing will ever be the same for them again. Sasha acknowledges he's right after almost falling down a cliff, and says the second explanation for her preparation was that she wouldn't lose Grime, whom she now sees as her only remaining friend, which surprises Grime, and the two of them overcome Yunan together. Grime, now inspired and motivated, decides to raise a new army and fight Newtopia; Sasha looks to the horizon as she caresses the scar Anne gave her on her cheek, promising that she and Anne are not done with their feud.

Barrel's Warhammer-01196

Sasha watches Braddock and Percy leave the scene.

Sasha, Percy and Braddock plan a presentation with Grime and he explains that Beatrix, the Captain of the West Tower, is really his younger sister whom he used to taunt and therefore their presentation needs to be flawless. They reveal their proposal that the Toads all band up to knock down King Andrias and take over Amphibia for themselves and the captains are supportive of the idea, but when Grime proposes that his team lead the revolt, the other captains turn him down. Sasha becomes enraged after hearing that Anne and Marcy are working together without her, she then starts to take her anger on some Toad Soldiers. Captain Aldo informs them that if they can retrieve Barrel's Warhammer, they can take the lead, which Sasha agrees to.

Percy and Braddock tell Sasha that Barrel was a great warrior who saved a village, and that his Warhammer was used to fight a beast that still remains in its hiding place to this day. Percy and Braddock are afraid, but Sasha advises them to send her a "kawaii signal" so they can return home. The party arrives at a marsh and easily locates the hammer, only to find it stuck on the head of a Narwhal Worm that has awakened and is moving about. Despite Percy and Braddock's signal, Sasha persists on continuing and hopping onto the worm's back. Sasha decides to use a rope to take the worm's horn and control it, sending it in the direction of the tower wall, much to the Toads' horror.

Sasha is told by Grime to just cease, but she is enraged and insists on getting the hammer to show that she can do it without Anne and Marcy. Activating her gem from the Calamity Box, she pulls it off safely, and she and Grime use it to save the worm from crashing into the tower, despite the fact that its horn cracks a glass. The other Toads applaud them on a job well done and offer their help. Percy and Braddock, however, are hurt by the adventure and inform Sasha that she neglected them and that they no longer want to help or interact with her. Grime says it's for the best since they've hit their max. However, Sasha visibly begins to questions her actions. After a melancholy goodbye to Percy and Braddock, Sasha continues her plans with Grime. The Narwhal Worm sleeps outside the tower while the Toads plot their invasion of Newtopia.

The Third Temple-00826

Sasha happily reunites with Marcy for the first time.

Sasha and Grime find Anne and Marcy in a volcanic temple and save them from lava worms. The only reason they followed them into the temple, according to Sasha, was to reassure Anne that she was sorry for all that happened at Toad Tower. Sasha is taken aback by the idea of a real way home, but when Marcy explains that each temple's trials have a theme, and this one's is determination, Sasha is convinced that she is the right person for the job.

The Third Temple-00863

Sasha "apologizes" to Anne for her actions.

The final test for the party is a giant stone toad monster that has the ability to raise the gravity in the room, and all of the amphibians are too small to approach it. Sasha tells Anne that even though she apologized, she can tell she really doesn't believe her when they get closer to the beast. Despite acting Sasha begins to have a genuine heart to heart with Anne. Anne points out that it wasn't just the Toad Tower that was indecent; Sasha had moved her around her whole life, and Sasha, much to Anne's dismay, acknowledges she was right.

When it looked bleak, Anne gives Sasha a motivational speech. Anne tells Sasha that even though she has her faults, Anne and Marcy can't help but to admire Sasha's determination, and even after everything She's done Anne still believes in her. Sasha manages to shed her cape, pauldron, and boots, reducing her weight enough to combat the monster in the heavy gravity, and Anne allows her to charge the third and final gem.

The Third Temple-01252

Sasha looks down anxiously after Grime walks away.

Marcy quickly forbids them from opening the box and recommends that they return it to King Andrias so that they can properly use it. Sasha says thank you Anne for trusting in her as they depart, and Anne assures her that they can have a fresh start which makes Sasha glad. Grime ensures that Sasha doesn't forget that they are only using her mates to get a safe way into Newtopia. Sasha claims that Anne and the gang bought her act hook and sinker, but she still displays traces of real regret over what may be coming to Anne and Marcy. This marks another moment of growth for Sasha, as she begins to genuinely want to fix her relationship with Anne, however it's too late to stop the rebellion. Once again questioning her actions, she continues to aid Grime.

Regaining Anne's trust

For their stay in Wartwood, Felicia Sundew rented a spare room to her and Grime. When Anne asked her to supper at the Plantars' farm, Grime reminded her that she needed to keep up the pleasant act for the plan to succeed; Sasha is certain that she can keep Anne and Marcy in the palm of her hands and, once they fight Amphibia, she can regain control of her friendship with the girls. Anne, Sasha, and Marcy are all overjoyed to see each other again when they arrive. Sasha was thrilled with Hop Pop's cooking at dinner, and she and the girls reminisced about skipping theater practice to hold a wild party on the school roof, but things become awkward for Sasha when she was reminded that Anne took the fall and was punished when they were found. The Plantars irritate Sasha when they constantly reminding her of the Toad Tower incident during a game of Drawsidoodle, which leads to a furious dispute with Anne.

The Vol-cake-no Grime had brought over has now grown to gigantic heights, and hot chocolate lava is flowing out all over the place. Grime explains that toads have a grand battle during desert just he was paralyzed by giant hornets that started flying out of the cake. When the hornets began buzzing all around them, the human girls banded together after discovering that their stingers could penetrate the insects' strong exoskeletons. Sasha apologizes and admits that she is not sure she wants to change since she loves herself the way she is. Anne informs Sasha that though she understands how difficult it is for her to change, she must acknowledge that Anne has. Sasha recognizes the truth in Anne's words and embraces her. Grime emerges and invites everyone to taste the chocolate-covered hornets, which they do and find to be rather tasty.

Battle of the Bands-00431

Sasha watches her friends having fun.

The girls get together to reconstitute Sasha and the Sharps when Mayor Toadstool arranges a Battle of the Bands competition. Sasha, on the other hand, demonstrates her domineering character when Anne offers a different song, and she storms off in a fuss. She tries to establish a band with Toadie, but she soon finds that Toadie has no views of his own and that being in charge is stressful. Sasha agrees to join Anne and Marcy in playing Anne's song when Toadie reminds out that sometimes it's genuinely pleasant to encourage someone you care about. Before Anne, Marcy, and Sasha leave for home, Anne proposes that everyone in Wartwood take a group photo, which everyone does.

Taking control

True Colors-00746

Sasha guards herself from Anne.

Sasha and Grime put their hoods up as the gang arrived in Newtopia, due to Grime's criminal status, and Marcy swore to persuade the king to pardon them. Sasha and Grime made their move and snatched the music box just as Anne was ready to pass it over to Andrias. Andrias reminded Sasha that the music box was her only ticket home, but Sasha replied that she doesn't want to go home when she can lead an actual kingdom instead of some middle school. Grime was able to incapacitate the gigantic newt king with Barrel's Warhammer while Andrias was busy with Sasha. The city gates were now open for the remainder of the toad army that would arrive within the hour, now that Andrias was locked up and the concealed toad troops were wreaking havoc. Sasha continued to remain friendly with Anne and Marcy, even inviting them to join her, but Anne declined, calling her a horrible person and thus ending their friendship, but ignore Marcy's pleas. Sasha tried to send Anne back to earth to be separated from her surrogate frog family forever, but she couldn't make the box function, so she ordered the guards to put Anne, Marcy, the Plantars, Lady Olivia and Frobo to the dungeon until she could.

Grime gifted her a second blade to dual wield when they were hanging out in the royal chamber. Sasha was ecstatic, but when she saw herself in the blade, she was heartbroken. She began to question whether Anne was correct about her, and she no longer knows what she wants. Grime tried to cheer her up by assisting her in redecorating the castle, but when they tore down a tapestry, they discovered a mural behind it depicting the king utilizing the box for destructive reasons, causing Sasha and Grime to realize that Andrias may not be the kind ruler he seemed to be. They see Anne and the others have fled and rush over to prevent Anne from closing the gate. Sasha attempts to warn Anne about Andrias, but Anne, naturally, is blinded with anger and rage so much that she refused to believe her and violently strikes her. Anne defeats her by covering her face with her own cloak.


True Colors-00882

Sasha tries to warn Anne about Andrias for the second time.

Sasha and Grime were taken before the king with their wrists bound in rope after the toad invasion failed. Sasha tried to warn Anne yet again, but Yunan covered her lips with her tail. When Anne presented Andrias with the box, he informed everyone there about a period when his friends abandoned him, that the music box was taken from him, and that no one remembers what Amphibia was like 1,000 years ago, but now that he has it back, he will utilize its power to return Newtopia to greatness. Andrias utilized the box to power up his castle, allowing it to fly. He then reactivated old factories, resulting in a large robot army that arrived to the castle in a matter of seconds. Andrias stated that he intended to invade other worlds, beginning with Earth. When Anne and Sasha warned the king that they would stop him, he decided to demonstrate his might by destroying a neighboring toad tower with his castle's gigantic laser cannon. Andrias surprised Anne and Sasha by revealing the truth: Marcy purposefully stranded the human girls in Amphibia.

True Colors-01412

Sasha tells Anne to run as she tries to slow Andrias down.

Marcy then stated that on Anne's birthday, before they would meet up together, her father told her that he had gotten a new job out of state and that they were moving away, and that she had discovered about the music box beforehand, and that she intended to use it to transport the three of them to a place where they could be together forever, at which point Marcy broke down in tears. Anne swears to defeat Andrias, and Sasha finally resolves to fight beside her; Grime also joins the conflict. Sasha watched as Anne's sadness forced her to unleash the power of the blue gem stone within her, and she was surprised by the new talents she possessed as she destroyed countless frog-bot soldiers and beat Andrias to the ground. Sasha and Grime fought off Andrias as Anne and the Plantars fled inside the portal, only for Andrias to subdue them to the wall, just as the portal closed after Andrias driving his flaming blade into Marcy, engulfing them in a beam of light.

Path to redemption

Turning Point00031

Sasha and Grime watch as Marcy falls to the ground and Anne and the Plantars teleport to Earth.

After Marcy is stabbed and Anne and the Plantars are sent home, King Andrias orders a nervously willing Lady Olivia and General Yunan to take Marcy's body away to a rejuvenation tank. Having gotten the Calamity Box, he plans to move forward. Meanwhile, Sasha and Grime are hiding from Andrias and are nearly caught by his Frobots, but jump out the window to flee from them. They are rescued by Joe Sparrow and fly away where they witness the rest of the toad army getting captured. With no other option, they cannot return to Toad Tower and decide to go the place he is least likely to look: Wartwood. However, Andrias sees them and orders a Frobot to follow them.

Turning Point00107

Sasha stares into the Plantar home, feeling too ashamed to enter.

Sasha and Grime arrive to the confusion of the townspeople who want to know what is happening and why the castle is floating. They tell them the truth about King Andrias being a "ruthless tyrant of unspeakable power" much to the townsfolk's' shock, but that Anne and the Plantars are on a new mission and sent the two to protect them. The people of Wartwood are relieved to hear this, but Sasha feels guilty. After sleeping at the Plantars' barn for the night Sasha is further perturbed when the Wartwood citizens offer her things and compliment her closeness to Anne. Grime gets word from his sister Beatrice that some of the Toads escaped and are regrouping so they can plan an attack. Sasha and Grime encounter the Frobot take out, but it was sending a signal for backup before it was destroyed. Grime says they need to leave, believing Wartwood won't stand a chance against the upcoming war, but Sasha refused to leave the townsfolk as she is done with her controlling and selfish ways. Grimes tells her whatever she is dealing with, she needs to face it and move on by going into the Planters house to face her demons. Grimes decides to leave and join Beatrix, and Sasha can catch up when she's ready.

Turning Point00404

The residents of Wartwood comfort Sasha after the battle.

Sasha musters up the courage to go inside the house and finds Anne's room, where she reads an entry in her journal where she learns that Anne was truly happy having Sasha back in her life, bringing Sasha to tears. Realizing that trying to be in control of her friends ruined everything, Sasha makes amends by telling the townsfolk the truth. A Giant Frobot that spews smaller Frobots attacks the town and Grimes arrives and helps, saying Beatrix may have a lot of things, but she doesn't have Sasha, and begins to fight alongside her. Soon, the rest of the townsfolk join in in defeating the the smaller Frobots; Sasha and Grimes are surprised by the skill of the townspeople (with Grime even remarking that they are better than any soldier he's ever seen). Sasha and Grime use the giant Frobot's own missiles to blow itself up. After the battle Sasha way extremely grateful to the frogs she once wronged for helping her while the Townsfolk were grateful to her for taking on the giant Frobot just to protect them just like Anne would have and seeing that Sasha has become a much kinder person, much to Sasha's delight and she promises to be a real protector. As they wonder what to next, Sasha looks at Grime as he nods his head, taking the lead, she tells them that they will fight back.

Reuniting with Anne

Commander Anne - Underground Base

Sasha shows Anne and the Plantars the underground base where the citizens of Wartwood was located.

Sometime later Sasha found the secret catacombs underneath Plantar farm and made it the base for the Wartwood Resistance.

When Anne and the Plantars return to Amphibia, they discover that Wartwood has been invaded and virtually destroyed by Andrias and his army, as well as some mind-controlled creatures. When Anne and the Plantars are attacked by one of these monsters, unknown strangers appear and save them both, removing the creature's mind control device and revealing themselves to be some of Wartwood's familiar residents, headed by Anne's friend Sasha.

King Andrias and his army have conquered Amphibia, destroying towns such as Wartwood. The citizens of the town all moved into the tunnels and joined The Resistance, and they all delighted when Anne and the Plantars returned. Hop Pop, on the other hand, is having difficulty readjusting to his former existence back home after being spoilt by Earth's amenities.

Anne and Sasha briefly discuss the happenings at Newtopia Castle, with Sasha stating that she has changed and that her days of manipulation are done. We are then introduced to Sasha's helmet of power, which she bequeaths to Anne since the town has been running on the expectation that she will return the entire time. Anne exits, and Grime arrives, taken aback that Sasha handed Anne the helmet.

Sasha blushing S3 E11

Sasha smiles after Anne said how much she had changed.

The new squad embarks on their first assignment, which is to halt the production of mind control collars seen on animals. As the operation fails miserably under Anne's direction, you can't help but wonder what Sasha is up to, especially since she allows Anne to allow the entire squad to nearly fall off a cliff. Even Anne recognizes she isn't a good commander and eventually breaks down and asks Sasha what her angle is.

Sasha confesses that there is no plot, but just insecurity. The previous time Sasha was in control while Anne was present, everything went wrong, Marcy was stabbed, and Anne was banished back to Earth. Sasha takes leadership of this mission and sees it through to completion, but she is still hesitant to lead the entire resistance while Anne is there. Anne reminds out that Sasha would have battled over the helmet in the past, therefore the fact that she doesn't want it shows that she has matured. Sasha pledges that, even though she is heading the resistance, it is still a team effort now that Anne has returned.

Leading the Resistance

Amphibia s03e12A Sasha

Sasha assuring Anne that the frogs of Wartwood mean a lot to her.

Sasha sends Sprig and Ivy on a mission alongside Stumpy and Fern to destroy Andrias' cannons, but she wants them to partner up differently. Sprig and Ivy fabricate a letter in order to remain matched together. However, this complicates Stumpy and Fern's objective, and Sprig and Ivy decide to temporarily split so they can set things right. Sasha chastises them for nearly sabotaging the mission, and Sprig and Ivy agree that, while they still love each other, they should be more cautious in their relationship. Sasha assembles a crew to assist in the destruction of a Marauders camp. They are ambushed, and everyone is arrested save Sasha and Anne, who wait and spar with each other. Toadie struggles to get out of his comfort zone and bungles an escape plot, resulting in Mrs. Croaker being knocked out. Toadie ultimately leads the crew to breaking out, destroying the camp, and reclaiming their resources after being pushed too far. Sasha informs Anne that she cares about the people of Wartwood and that she must trust her judgment even while making difficult decisions.

Journey to the Mother of Olms

Olm Town Road Sasha on second chances

Sasha relates to the twin olms.

During a briefing, Sasha reveals that while the Wartwood Resistance has wreaked misery on King Andrias, it is still not enough to thwart his plans for an invasion of Earth. Anne suddenly recalls the Vase she and the Planters discovered in the Museum, revealing the secret phrase, "Seek the Mother of Olms, she will direct you to your destiny." While Grimes claims that no one has seen an Olm in decades, Sprig and Polly prove him incorrect by sharing where they have seen twin Olms in the past. The squad goes outside and sees a group of Andrias' robots drilling. Soon after, they arrive at the door, and Polly pinches Sprig, causing him to become irritated until the two Olms, Lysil and Angwin, approach. Anne inquires about the Mother of Olms, the oldest and wisest of the olms who preserves ancient knowledge in the city of Proteus where she resides. Unfortunately, their new pals have been expelled from the city, so they won't be able to take Anne and the squad with them to see her. Of course, this does not dissuade them, and they seek to persuade the Olms to take them to Proteus in order to rescue the planet. Sasha quickly sympathizes with them because they were expelled from the city for one offense, claiming that everyone deserves to get a second chance.

While "mysterious earthquakes" continue and sunlight continues to break through the surface, instantly burning the olms and explaining why they can't surface to investigate what's going on up there, Anne convinces the twin olms to take them to Proteus, where they meet Parisia, who presides over Proteus and the group meets her. Parisia dismisses any indication that they are huge drills and war machines, and sends them away once more. The group is expelled, as are the other olms, and the drill begins to erupt. The exiled olms bring everyone to the surface, but the olms want to help as well, despite the fact that the sunlight is too bright. The gang is unable to stop the drill, so the exiled olms go into the sunshine and become severely burnt in order to save Proteus and hurl themselves into the drill, where their large worm-like body may wrap around the drill bit and stop it. Unfortunately, the drill damaged the surface and crashed through into Proteus, right in front of Parisia. She again denies that this demonstrates anything and expel them from the city, but this time Sasha takes a position. She speaks out for the exiled Olms, referring to Parisia as a dumb ruler, who then stops them on their way out. She is impressed that Sasha stood up to her, claiming it required courage she hasn't seen in years, and admits to knowing all that is going on behind the surface. Parisia promises to take them to Mother Olm and unwillingly returns Lysil and Angwin to Proteus. Sasha and Anne share a friendly fist bump as they enter the cave to visit Mother Olm.

Anne and Sasha being examined by Mother Olm

Sasha and Anne being examined by Mother Olm.

Anne, Sasha and the Plantars meet Mother Olm who has information on the prophecy, but cannot remember. The kids go into her head to rub cream on her brain while Hop Pop waits outside with Mother Olm who gives him encouraging advice on being old. The kids are attacked by batsquitos and get trapped in the nose. Hop Pop gets Mother Olm to sneeze them out, but she still cannot remember. Luckily, she wrote down the prophecy which says that "three stars" will burn brightly, implying that Sasha and Marcy also have superpowers similar to Anne and will help them regain them.

Recruiting the Toad Army

Amphibia-Season-3-Sasha Cheerleading

Sasha cheerleading for Sprig during his duel with Beatrix.

Sasha tries to get the other toads to join their cause, but the bickering between Grime and Sprig results in Captain Beatrix challenging Sprig to a duel after hearing that he defeated Grime. Grime is forced to train Sprig and while the two start off as enemies, the two of them begin to acknowledge the other's prowess and train for real. Sprig faces Beatrix in a cage match and, using what Grime taught him, manages to defeat her much to everyone's delight. Beatrix admits defeat and states that her toads will be of service to the resistance in their fight against Andrias.

Hop Pop's discovery and the resistance gets flying artillery

Reaction to hidden room

Sasha, Anne and the Plantars find a hidden room.

After Anne informs her that she recruited some rebel Newts led by Tritonio, she brings her and Sprig to a door Hop Pop found while trying to look for the bathroom. Sprig deduces that the family book with the picture of the Calamity Box would fit in it and they do so with the door opening. Inside is a small bedroom along with a red envelope, but when Sprig examines it, it is blank. The group lament that the reveal was disappointing and leave, but unbeknownst to her and them, Sprig pockets the letter before exiting the room as well.

In “Fight or Flight” Sasha is revealed to be a dog person

Sasha getting attacked by one of Domino 2's offspring.

Anne takes a bunch of offspring baby kill-a-pillars back to base, much to everyone's disapproval, but convinces them to look after them while she goes and rescues Domino 2. Sprig, as usual, decides to accompany her. Sasha reveals she's more of a dog person as she then gets attacked by one of the kittens. Anne and Sprig save a bunch of captured Kill-a-moths including Domino 2 and fly back to Wartwood, who have now fallen in love with the Kill-a-pillars. Sasha and the group freak out upon seeing the Kill-a-moths until Anne arrives to inform them what happened. Sasha is impressed and announces that they now have flying artillery for the resistance, though Sprig asks that they train them better after one of them tries to eat him again.

Uniting three armies

The frogs, toads and newts don't work well together and when all their armies show up at the resistance base, there is mayhem. Luckily, they are able to control it for just a smidge of time while the leaders of the armies go into planning with Anne, the Plantars, and Sasha.

They are working on some kind of strategy but can't agree on anything. Each idea is laughed at and ridiculed by the others simply because it was said by somebody they disagree with. Anne, who has felt defeated as the award winning moderator she was finally breaks into some team building exercises, but the rivalries still continue. Each game and activity leads to more ridicule and finally Anne has had enough. She erupts into her blue powerful self with her cool anime powers and finally gets the group to see eye to eye.

Finally, the group decides on a strategy similar to that of a movie Marcy was a fan of that Anne and Sasha were forced to watch by their friend, "War of the Warlocks," where a large distraction battle took place to distract everyone while others slipped in through a back door. They'll use that method to sneak in and steal the music box and take away Andrias' main source of power.

A ruckus outside leads the crew to discover that Mother Olm herself has blown out a wall in their underground base to share that they have been feeling tremors from Andrias' army moving out, saying that the invasion of Earth was beginning tonight, and the original timeline was a lie.

Meeting a new enemy and the start of the invasion

Anne and Sasha- Look at what we have now

While Sasha has mixed feelings about forgiving Marcy, Anne reminds her of what they have.

The resistance armies are heading out to Andrias' castle in their efforts to stop the invasion of Earth and save their world. Sasha and Anne move everybody out, but enjoy some quiet time on their own to discuss what will happen after they save Marcy. After all, it was Marcy who got them all trapped there in the first place, as we learned in the season two finale. A flashback showed the three of them being subjected to another screening of "War of the Warlocks" back in their time together on Earth, but Sasha and Anne inevitably fell asleep again.

The plan from the first half of the episode is enacted with the bulk of the armies in battle in front of the castle where Andrias can see, while Sasha, Grime, Anne, and the Plantars all sneak into the castle through a back door. While they enter the castle, Anne tells her, that she and herself are partly to blame for Marcy sending them to Amphibia because the two of them weren't being good friends to her in past and they may have influenced her to that. Realizing that Anne is right, Sasha comes to terms that she and Anne are responsible for influencing Marcy and set out to rescue her.

As the group succeeds, they encounter Lady Olivia and Yunan (under mind control) and enter into a fight with them. They are too in sync with each other, but fortunately, Anne and Sasha know a bit of synchronized choreography of their own. They finally get the mind control collars off of them, and say they are there to get the music box and rescue Marcy.

The Beginning of the End- Sasha’s regret

Sasha and Anne's reaction and regret towards Darcy.

Lady Olivia and Yunan warn them that Marcy is not the same person she once was, but Anne and Sasha take this as a metaphor and say that neither are they before going into the chamber where Darcy and the music box are kept. Darcy, or Dark Marcy still has the memories of Marcy, so of course they saw the plan from "War of the Warlocks" coming a mile away. Though Sasha demanded Darcy to free Marcy, but Darcy having seen Marcy's memories calls out Sasha for being a bad friend to her. Sasha displays a face of regret on how she treated Marcy in the past even though Anne's tells her Darcy is just mocking her. Darcy captures the group and shows the armies that their leaders have been captured and they've failed, summoning Andrias back to the chamber.

The two decide that in order for the power to be restored to the music box, they must kill Anne but in a last ditch effort, Anne asks if they know that's how the power will be restored. There's no guarantee of that. This seems to thwart their effort somewhat, and Darcy decides that they don't know that for sure either. So, instead of immediate death for Anne, she now gets to watch as Andrias and his army invade Earth. Andrias then opens a portal to Earth, his ships fly through and appear in the airspace above Los Angeles.

The battle for Earth

Back in the castle, the trapped group is trying to figure out how to escape, and thanks to a little help from Frobo, they identify a weak spot beneath them that the unrestrained portions of their robot friend can use lasers to destroy. The floor drops out and they are now plummeting through the sky, but fortunately land in some rooftop pools, because Los Angeles.

Sasha and Anne head to street level to help bystanders when Mr. X’s van pulls up to help everyone and those shadowy warrior clad individuals are revealed to be Anne’s parents, ready to fight alongside Anne and her squad as they have been expecting this to happen for a while. Needing a base of operation, Anne and Sasha suggest their school nearby. There, Anne opens her old locker and finds the essay she started that was assigned to her. Sasha asks if the can beat Darcy becuse of how well they know the girls but Anne corrects her by say the Darcy only know the former Anne and Sasha. Also, Polly found the school’s metal shop and robotics lab and is set to give Frobo some enhancements. There, the group explains their battle plan. Sasha, Grime, Yunan and Olivia will fly up to the castle to power down the force fields while Anne, her parents, Mr. X, and the Plantars stay on the ground and help out civilians and those down there.

Sasha beats Darcy

An enraged Sasha finally puts her former self behind her and defeats Darcy.

Up at the castle, Sasha and her group make their way inside but are separated by a trio of Cloak-Bots. Sasha and Grime have made their way to what they think is the forcefield generator but is actually the Core and Darcy. Darcy appears and tries to out manipulate the queen of manipulation and enters into battle with Sasha and Grime. Sasha and Grime are fighting Darcy and Grime sacrifices his arm, to save Sasha. The two have a moment themselves, and Grime gives some words of wisdom, as well as the rage needed for Sasha to take on Darcy alone. An enraged Sasha now has a sword once again and viciously attacks Darcy, who laughs and seems unscathed. Except for that lone wire that is connecting her to the Core, it has now been severed and she powers down.

Anne, Frobo and the Plantars get up to the castle to a revived Marcy. She apologizes for her actions and getting them sent to Amphibia to begin with as she did not want to lose her friends. Anne tells her that no matter what happens, nothing will ever erase the good times they had together; words that hit Sprig. As everyone gets together for a big group hug, Darcy's helmet sprouts legs and crawls away. Anne makes one final phone call to her parents to tell them that they need to go back to Amphibia one last time to drop everything off before coming home, with the Boonchuys adding that they will tell Marcy and Sasha's parents what happened.

Everyone returns to Amphibia, where Polly apparently "drove" the castle into the lake surrounding Newtopia, and come out to announce that Andrias and Darcy have been defeated. When Sasha mentions the "prophecy", Marcy becomes alerted. All seems good until Sprig sees that the moon is getting closer.

Fulfilling The prophecy

Seeing the moon getting closer, Andrias explains one of the Core's pet projects, ramming the moon into Amphibia's surface. An angered Sasha asks in a furious tone that this thing is a "sore loser" to which he replies as more or less. The trio meets up with Valeriana, and get their full calamity powers. Sasha tests them out and breaks the roof, asking Anne if she could do that this whole time. They soon reach the moon, The Core unleashes it's defense robots, taking them out in a quick sweep. To their surprise, Andrias' frobots appear to help them out. Despite their efforts, the Moon approaches more and they drain fast. Anne reluctantly brings up about calling on the power of all 3 Stones, and may not make it. Sasha, along with Marcy, tells her to come back alive, before going back to Amphibia's atmosphere. They tell the Plantars that she may not make it, and causes Sprig to meet up with her and say their "final" goodbyes. After Anne meets the The Guardian, they are glad she is still alive. As the final scenes, Sasha and Grime try saying strict goodbyes, before breaking down in tears. The trio finally leaves to earth, as the music box fades away, being gone for good.


The Hardest Thing final scene

Ten years after the invasion, Sasha, Anne, and Marcy met up once again, affirming themselves to be best friends forever.

Anne and Sasha kept in contact with Marcy after she moved away maintaining their friendship. During high school Anne and Sasha made new friends, but still hang out from time to time showing their friendship is still strong.

Ten years later Sasha has gained a psychology degree, using it to help kids who have emotional baggage. She still keeps in touch with her childhood best friends from time to time who are living their own lives but are still the best of friends. She meets Marcy at the airport and they go to the Aquarium where Anne works at and they celebrate Anne's birthday. During their meeting, Terri calls Anne to tell her about "exciting news" for her, Sasha, and Marcy, setting up a reunion at the lab with the three for the next day.[13]


Anne Boonchuy

Sasha and Anne have been known to be well acquainted with one another ever since kindergarten. During Anne's 13th birthday, she encouraged Anne to ditch school for the day and have fun. She is also indirectly the reason Anne was brought to Amphibia, because had she not forced her to go with her to get the box their friend Marcy texted about as a mocking present, Anne would've gone home for her birthday party, and thus still be on Earth. While Sasha was locked away at Toad Tower, she still had the hopes of finding Anne and their friend Marcy and getting back home together. However, it is implied that Sasha holds a manipulative relationship with both girls after having suggested to a toad named Grime to "Get them to love you, and they'll do anything for you," which she most likely learned during her friendship with Anne and Marcy.

Even so, in spite of here manipulative traits and the fact she pressured Anne to steal the music box, it's none the less showed that she genuinely loves her friends very much, and has deeply missed them and worried for their safety after their separation in the world of Amphibia and has sworn to find them. Later in "Anne of the Year", she was excited to see Anne and they embraced their reunion with open arms.

However, in the special episode "Reunion", Sasha attempted to manipulate Anne into joining the Toad Army and execute Hop Pop, as she knew Hop Pop was one of the main reasons citizens of Amphibia were rebelling against the toads. She also didn't care about the Amphibian citizens of Wartwood, believing they were nothing but a bunch of slimy frogs. Because of these circumstances, Anne refused, breaking the friendship between the two and causing them to fight, choosing the Plantars and Wartwood citizens over her. Anne proved to be victorious and stated to Sasha that she wasn't going to let her push her around any longer, while Sasha does nothing but glaring at her spitefully after she lost. But as that was happening, the Tower began to collapse and Sasha was about to fall until Anne had caught her just in time. Knowing Anne and the Plantar family couldn't hold her weight for all of them to climb back up, Sasha said to Anne with parting words and tears in her eyes "Maybe you're better off without me," and willingly let go to fall to her death. Luckily, Grime had caught her before she reached the ground, and Anne could only tearfully watch as Grime took the unconscious Sasha away into the forest followed by the Toad Army.

After regaining consciousness, Sasha began repressing her true feelings/emotions towards what happened between her and Anne.

The Third Temple-01222

Sasha regains Anne's trust.

They would encounter each other again in "The Third Temple" where Sasha apologizes to Anne in an effort to use her and Marcy to get into Newtopia for Grime's invasion plan. During the trial Sasha tells Anne that she can tell that she still doesn't trust her even after she apologized. Anne then points out that it wasn't just the Toad Tower incident; it was the fact was that Sasha had pushed her around her whole life and Sasha, with the few scraps of humility she had left, agreed, much to Anne's shock. When it seemed hopeless, Anne gave Sasha the motivational speech she needed, and told her that she still trusts her despite all that has happened. After the temple's trial had ended, Anne finally accepts Sasha's apology. Even though her ruse worked, Sasha is shown to have true remorse for her deception towards Anne. In "The Dinner", Sasha explains that she is not very sure about herself because she doesn't believe she is capable of becoming a better person, and expresses shame that her friends have found ways to change and grow while she herself could not figure out how. Realizing that all Sasha wants is to be there for them, Anne and Marcy assure her that neither of them want to leave her behind and agree to be there for each other. Sasha sees that Anne is no longer the shy girl who she needed to protect back on earth and the two agree to try and make things work between them. In "Battle of the Bands", Sasha starts to feel more comfortable with Anne making her own decisions.

Their rekindled friendship shatters, however, in "True Colors" once Sasha reveals she was only using her and Marcy to get to Newtopia to overthrow King Andrias and take over Amphibia while refusing to accept her friends are growing backbones, with Anne calling her a horrible person and ending their friendship to the point where she refuses to believe her when she warns her about King Andrias' true sinister nature, which causes Sasha to reflect later on and take in consideration Anne being right about her. Once Anne finds out Sasha was right about Andrias, she puts aside her differences with her, freeing both her and while Grime frees himself from the ropes, afterwards they fight off Andrias' robots together.

After retreating to Wartwood, Sasha went along with Grime's lie towards the citizens of the town so they can lay low. However, Sasha became guilty for lying to the citizens of Wartwood as they kept being nice to her and reminding her of Anne, which overwhelmed her because of how she lied and hurt her. Through the consequences of her actions, Sasha realized that she doesn't want power anymore as she had enough of lying, controlling others and being selfish to them as well. After Grime encouraged her to enter the Plantar home, due to hesitating before, Sasha was convinced to do so as she finds Anne's journal and reads about the day before they arrived to Newtopia as she breaks down and realized what she threw away just so she can be in control again. Sasha not only decided to find a way to set things right with Anne but protect Wartwood for her sake.

Sasha Waybright S3E11A real reconciliation

Sasha and Anne finally reconcile.

Once Anne returns to Wartwood in "Commander Anne", the two do become friends again with Sasha initially wanting Anne to lead the resistance as a way of making amends and fearing her toxic nature would make her unfit to be leader, though Anne helps her realize she really has changed in not being a controlling person as before and decide to co-lead the resistance together, thus reconciling each other while accepts Anne that she has changed for the way she is. While they do have their bumps here and there such as disagreeing on Sasha's decision to let the Resistance team handle themselves in "Sasha's Angels" when the Marauders capture them and Anne assuming Sasha's attempt at letting her lead in "Commander Anne" was manipulation, the two get along better than before.

10 years later, even after fell into different friend groups during high school they are still Best Friends and as close as ever hanging out whenever possible. After meeting up with Marcy, the three of them Retook their "BFF" photo as adults from many years ago.

Marcy Wu

Sasha and Marcy have also been friends since childhood, as she met her alongside Anne. However, Sasha gets annoyed with Marcy's clumsiness and being in the zone. Also, Sasha pushed Marcy around, just as she does with Anne. Despite this, Sasha does care about Marcy, as she was determined to look for her alongside Anne when they were brought to Amphibia. According to Matt Braly, Sasha and Marcy, on Earth, had a very understanding and focused relationship, with both knowing the other's strengths. While Anne proved to be the heart of their group, and therefore needed to be manipulated by Sasha into doing what she wanted, Sasha could be very open with what she wanted with Marcy, with the smart girl always ready to follow through on her friend's plans. In effect, Sasha almost saw Marcy as more of an adult than Anne despite her clumsiness. At times, Anne almost became a messenger between the two. Ultimately, Marcy and Sasha saw each other as equals.[14]

After reuniting with her friends in Amphibia, and she learned that Marcy and Anne were working together without her, Sasha was visibly upset as she believed that she now lost both her human friends. Despite this, Sasha was relieved to see that Marcy was okay, and they compliment each other's new outfits. Although Sasha was actually using Marcy and Anne to get into Newtopia, she shows guilt about deceiving both of them. However, Sasha fears that Marcy would stand up to her like Anne did, and is secretly determined to make sure that doesn't happen. Despite this, Sasha does notice Marcy's growth as a person and understands that even though she has changed, this doesn't mean she's not her true self.

After finding out that Marcy stranded her and Anne in Amphibia on purpose with her, Sasha was angry and hurt at Marcy for taking her away from her life back home. However, Sasha still cared for Marcy after seeing her getting injured and captured by King Andrias and also blamed herself for it. Although she is still upset with her for sending her and Anne to Amphibia in the first place, she does understand that she never meant to cause serious harm towards them. Sasha also intends to rescue Marcy from King Andrias, and make amends with her as well. In "The Beginning of the End", though, she admits to Anne that while she understands why Marcy did what she did, she began to have mixed feelings if she could forgive her, or even believe their friendship will go back to the way it was, but Anne reassures her that making amends with her is possible, which helps regain her confidence to believe that too. She is later horrified to discover that the Core has taken possession of Marcy.

After saving Marcy from the Core, Sasha tells Marcy that she and Anne forgive her for everything and is overjoyed that Marcy is alive and back with them.

10 years later, despite separation, Marcy and Sasha are still close friends and Marcy visits whenever possible. During the reunion 10 years after the move, Marcy contemplates staying in California longer than she initially planned and Sasha welcomes her to stay at her place as long as she wants.


Sasha & Grime

Sasha and Grime fight monster herons.

Sasha was Grime's captive for a little over a month among the other toad warriors at Toad Tower. Initially, Grime despised Sasha for her encouragement on other toads to leave the tower, but he began to see her as a useful ally during an attack on the tower by large flesh-eating herons. She also taught him a tactic on how if you say nice things to others, they would do anything for you in return. Grime decided to use that tactic on the other toad warriors, which gave them the courage to fight back against the herons. After the battle was won, Grime encouraged Sasha to stay at Toad Tower for the time being as his second-in-command, believing they could not only restore order to the Valley, but can also help Sasha in finding her friends in the process, to which Sasha agreed.

Sasha was the one who suggested the banquet idea to Grime, believing it to be a good tactic to lure the frogs of Wartwood to Toad Tower to ambush them and kidnap Hop Pop, whose actions resulted in rebellions spreading across the Valley. However, the plan ended up in failure instead and the tower began to collapse due to One-Eyed-Wally's boomshrooms. As the tower was collapsing, Grime noticed from below of Sasha's predicament on top of the tower and jumped to save her from hitting the ground as she fell. It is unknown whether or not he did this because of their grown relationship, or because he simply needed her for his future plans although it's implied that it's the former. He then carried the unconscious Sasha into the forest with his remaining soldiers, leaving Anne with a disgusted stare from afar. When Grime was carrying Sasha, he looked up at Anne while growling with an angry expression like he was outraged at her because he thought that she may have pushed Sasha off the tower and caused Sasha's accident.

She doesn't want to lose Grime, since he's currently the only friend Sasha believes she can count on. She tries to do the best for him and protect him from harm. Sasha goes extreme preparing for trouble now that Grime is considered a traitor and now wanted over Amphibia. She feels that Grime shouldn't be lazy, even having the last two Toad Army recruits start a fake duel in front of him. Later, General Yunan entered the scene after overhearing Grime's current location. Sasha and Grime flee and Grime knows Sasha is distracting herself from the fight with Anne. Sasha tells Grime she's not only preparing and distracting herself because of the fight, she is preparing so she can keep Grime safe and she doesn't want to lose another friend. This makes Grime fueled up, and they team up and defeat Yunan and start on a plan to take over Newtopia and let the toads rule over all of Amphibia. They continue to support each other throughout season 2 and 3. Grime even gives her a second sword as a gift once they do take over Newtopia briefly and both end up fighting off Andrias' forces together alongside Anne and the Plantars as well as starting a resistance in Wartwood.

Grime initially planned to ditch Wartwood when receiving his sister Captain Beatrix's invite to join her underground toad army, but would not leave without Sasha, especially while she was dealing with the guilt of her actions. He sends her into the Plantars's home to face her inner demons, sincerely asking her to join him when she's done. When she takes a stand against a large frobot sent to destroy Wartwood and her, Grime joins the fight since Beatrix, despite having her own soldiers and equipment, did not have Sasha.

When battling Darcy (a.k.a. Marcy controlled by the Core), Grime willingly puts himself in harm's way to save Sasha, losing his left arm in the process. He then tells her how much his life improved since they met. Once the time comes for the girls to return home, Sasha and Grime attempt to stoically say their goodbyes, but fail miserably and openly bawl about how much they will miss each other, with Grime promising to find Percy and Braddock for her and tell them that she will miss them too, ending with more hugging and bawling.

Percy and Braddock

Sasha had befriended the two during her time at Toad Tower and were the only ones besides Grime who joined her after they fled from Frog Valley. However, in "Barrel's Warhammer", when trying to get support for Grime's rebellion, she put her friends in terrible danger, which caused them to leave her, causing a regretful Sasha to waver and question her ideals. Before heading back to Earth, Grime agrees to fulfill Sasha's request to apologize to Percy and Braddock for her and tell them that she'll never forget them.

Plantar family

Sasha was unsympathetic towards the Plantars when she first met them. Sprig tried to befriend her and was cordial towards her, but she reacted cold and uninterested in him. Sasha was willing to sacrifice Hop Pop to the Toad Army to reach her goal. When Sprig called her out as a bully for how she treated Anne, she did not hesitate to attack him, only to be stopped by Anne. After the duel at Toad Tower, she has great resentment towards them because Anne sided with them over her and she believes they turned Anne against her. Even after Sasha claims to have turned a new leaf in "The Third Temple", she still doesn't hold a very high opinion of them especially during "The Dinner" where she is annoyed by them taunting her over her previous actions to the point where she loses her temper during a game of Drawsidoodle. They eventually forgive her and become put aside their differences with one another once Andrias' true nature is revealed in "True Colors" and team up to fight the bigger threat. When they return to Amphibia in "Commander Anne", her relationship with them does improve with her being more respectful to them and them respecting her as a leader and overall get along fine with one another aside from being annoyed at Sprig for prioritizing spending time with Ivy over the mission in "Sprivy".

General Yunan

Sasha mocked Yunan when she first met her, but soon realized how skilled and dangerous the Newt general was and tried fleeing with Grime, but then decided to make a stand and fight. Yunan proceeds to join the effort to stop her and Grime's plan to invade Newtopia in "True Colors" and silences her when Sasha tries to warn Anne once more about Andrias, but when Sasha is proven to be right she teams up with her and Grime to stop the king and his Frobots.

King Andrias

True Colors-00665

Sasha and Grime discover information about King Andrias' dark past

Sasha was the first of the 3 human girls to learn of King Andrias' true intentions. Sasha supported Grime's goal to overthrow King Andrias and was pleased to invade his home. However, when Sasha realized King Andrias' true sinister motives after finding a mural hidden under a deceptive tapestry, she did everything she could to stop him from putting his plans into motion only to fail due to her losing the trust of Anne yet again. When Andrias reclaimed the throne and revealed his true intentions to follow in his ancestors' footsteps by journeying to other worlds and conquering them, beginning with Earth, Anne and Sasha informed the king that they would stop him, which led to him showing off his might by destroying a toad tower with his castle's gigantic laser cannon; witnessing this Sasha declared the giant newt king insane and after Anne gives her another chance, she decides to oppose him for all the right reasons this time.

In many ways, King Andrias is a dark reflection of what Sasha could've been had she not reformed and made amends with Anne, because he also had friends who he felt turned their back on him, most likely due to his misdeeds.

Citizens of Wartwood

Sasha originally felt nothing for the villagers in the small farm town, even help Grime hold Wartwood prisoner. She was very condescending towards them, not even bothering calling them "slimy little frogs" without any hesitation whatsoever unlike Anne who considers them as her friends. But after fleeing from Newtopia Castle, she was amazed at their kindness and now knowing the consequences of her actions she became overwhelmed with guilt. Not wanting to make the same mistakes again and realizing that she truly needs to change herself, Sasha takes her first step in becoming a better person by telling the citizens of Wartwood the truth. However, much to her surprise, Sasha was easily forgiven by the citizens of Wartwood as she was honest with them and for defending them from invading Frobots. Through those events, Sasha becomes Wartwood's newest protector in Anne's absence and inspires her newfound friends to fight back against King Andrias' tyranny alongside her and Grime. Through Anne's influence, Sasha has complete confidence and trust in the Wartwood Frogs as she comes to care for them, even though she has to make tough decisions with them.

Lysil and Angwin

Sasha, Anne and the Plantars came the the twin olms to see if they knew anything about Mother Olm. When She heard they were banished from the city of Proteus, the human girl sympathize with their plight because Sasha has come to believe in second chances and feels sympathy for those who have also done selfish choices and mistakes, which she shows to Lysil and Angwin and stood up for them.

Powers and abilities

  • Athleticism: Sasha has shown she is a natural athlete, claiming to be head cheerleader back on Earth. Before its destruction, a statue within her chamber in Toad Tower depicts her skateboarding, suggesting that she has enough skill to ride one. She has the ability to do numerous flips, cartwheels, and stunts. She has used this to her ability when she defended herself from monster herons and when in a duel with Anne at Toad Tower.
  • Charisma: Even before she arrived in Amphibia, Sasha has a natural charm that helps successfully manipulate many people into doing whatever she wants. Whenever manipulations didn't work on her opponent, Sasha uses a more forceful tone and stare to force her opponent to stand down. This was used when Anne spoke against Sasha's orders, and Sasha would give a glance and say "End of discussion" making Anne very nervous and allow Sasha to control her. She used this move again on Anne on before Sprig came to her aid and pelted her with a mud ball.
  • Strength: Sasha had shown that she is very strong, much before her calamity powers kicked in. She has enough strength to slice wood blocks in half, smash an entire watermelon with her head, and breaks boulders on impact. She can resist a gravitational pull better than Marcy, Anne, and the other amphibians and swing a warhammer quite easily. Sasha was also shown to use her athleticism despite wearing heavy armor as shown in "The Third Temple".
  • Swordsmanship: Sasha is trained in dueling with a sword, she has the ability to take down others in a match using dodging skills and can manage using both a sword and dagger simultaneously.
    • Dual wielding: After given her second sword by Grime, Sasha has also shown to be competent with handling both her old and new sword during battle as demonstrated during her battles in Newtopia.
  • Leadership: Ever since the Wartwood resistance against King Andrias and his army was formed, Sasha has proven time and again that she was a competent military commander.
  • Formerly:
    • Calamity Box Powers: Sasha possessed powers pertaining to the red Calamity Gem of Strength. In "Barrel's Warhammer", because Sasha wanted to prove herself after finding out that Anne and Marcy are getting by without her, she exerted far greater strength than she could normally, allowing her to pick up Barrel's Warhammer before needing assistance from Grime to properly use it.
      • Full Calamity Powers: In "The Hardest Thing," Sasha accessed the full extent of her powers when all three Calamity Gems were together in her final fight against The Core-controlled Moon. In this form Sasha was clothed in pink and red armor that a golden breastplate with pink embedded, spikes on the shoulder guards, gauntlets, and poleyn, a purple skirt and a golden horned tiara. Sasha's hair is tied in a fiery ponytail and is brimming with with pink and red-orange energy. Moreover, her powers were far more intense than in her previous uses with them.
        Amphibia - Full Power Calamity Sasha Energy Pom-Poms

        Sasha creating a powerful energy pom-poms and wings with her new powers.

        • Energy Constructs: With her producing a greater amount of energy, Sasha had the power to create any object of her choosing out solid pink energy. During her fight against the Core, Sasha created pink pom-poms out of pure energy and used in the same fashion as gauntlets. The pom-poms yielded physical power great enough to smash and tear through the armor of the Core's robots. Sasha also created energy wings on her back to increase her already immense flight speed.
          Amphibia - Full Power Calamity Sasha Energy Pom-Poms 2

          Sasha using her energy wings to increase her speed and enhance the power of her energy pom-poms.

        • Immense Strength: Sasha's already impressive strength was boosted with her full power, allowing her to destroy destroy many of the Core's robots and hold back the moon in part with Anne and Marcy.
        • Immense Speed/Flight: With her powers boosted, Sasha was much faster than before, allowing her to leave the planet's atmosphere in seconds and destroy the Core's monstrous robots at faster-than-light speed.
        • Immense Durability: Sasha was able to survive her own explosions, as well as the force of the Core's final gambit being pushed against her alongside Anne, Marcy and the frobots.


Behind the scenes

Name and basis

Sasha's name is an anglicized form of German Saskia, where it originally meant "a Saxon woman". It is also a commonly used Slavic name. Her middle name, Elizabeth, is a variation of the Hebrew name Elisheva (אֱלִישֶׁבַע), meaning "My God is an oath."

Sasha's surname, Waybright, is an anglicized form of German Weibrecht or Weybrecht, from a Germanic personal name composed of the elements wig ("battle" or "war") and berht ("bright"). This fits Sasha, seeing as she is a warrior/soldier. According to Matt Braly, her middle and surname is a tribute to Elizabeth Waybright Taylor, one of the show's head development executives.[15][6]

In a reddit AMA, Matt revealed that Sasha was based on a friend of his, who was similar in terms of personality.[1]


Sasha is voiced by Anna Akana.


Sasha first made a cameo in "Best Fronds". Her formal introduction to her character was in the episode "Prison Break".

Foreign voice actors

Language version Actors Notes
Argentina Spanish (Latin America) Noelia Lestani
Brazil Portugese (Brazil) Isabella Guarnieri
Giulia de Brito
Czech Republic Czech René Slováčková (Season 1)
Klára Sochorová (Season 2-Present)
Germany German Maresa Sedlmeir (Seasons 1-2)
Katharina Friedl (Season 3)
Denmark Danish Thea Iven Ulstrup
Spain Spanish (Castilian) Sara Couce
France French Élisabeth Guinand
Hungary Hungarian Tamási Nikolett
Indonesia Indonesian Lady Carmelita Novita She is also the voice actress for Ivy in Indonesian.
Israel Hebrew Maya Mittelpunkt (מאיה מיטלפונקט)
Italy Italian Joy Saltarelli
Japan Japanese Sayaka Kitahara (北原沙弥香)
South Korea Korean Jang Ye Na (장예나)
Malaysia Malay Shasha Masella
Netherlands Dutch Isabel Commandeur
Norway Norwegian Gulla Martine Lia Nordmoen
Poland Polish Julia Kunikowska
Portugal Portuguese Helena Montez
Romania Romanian Alexandra Mirescu (Season 1-Episode 25)
Adina Lucaciu (Season 2-Present)
Russia Russian Ekaterina Tikhomirova (Екатерина Тихомирова) She is also the voice actress for Polly in Russian.
Sweden Swedish Mikaela Tidermark Nelson
Thailand Thai Noppawan Haemabutra (นพวรรณ เหมะบุตร)
Turkey Turkish Melissa Melis Toklu


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  • Sasha is the only girl in the Calamity Trio:
    • Whose name is not used in the title of her debut episode.
    • Whose surname is not revealed in her debut episode.
    • Whose eyes do not glow her gem color in her debut episode.
    • Whose home on Earth wasn't shown onscreen.
    • Whose sexuality was revealed and confirmed.
  • In an interview with the website Medium, Matt Braly said that Sasha's parents never appeared on the show because the team was approaching max capacity when it came to characters and story elements to pay off, and unlike Anne with her parents, Sasha didn't really need them for her story and arc to be satisfactory.[16]
  • It is confirmed in Marcy's Journal: A Guide to Amphibia that Sasha's parents divorced when she was around four- or five-years-old.
    • Her father remarried and her mother is currently dating a man with kids of his own.
    • Nevertheless, they reunited to celebrate their daughter's return to Earth.
  • Sasha, Anne, and Marcy are the only humans to visit Amphibia.
  • Sasha is of German/Slavic heritage.[6]
    • Despite this, her voice actor is of Filipino and Japanese descent.
  • Matt Braly confirmed in Twitter that Sasha is bisexual.[8] He confirmed later that she realized not long after the events of the series.[16]
    • This was implied in "The Hardest Thing", when a heart-shaped symbol with the colors of the bisexual flag can be seen on the rearview mirror of Sasha's car.
      • Although the writing decision was made fairly early, the decision to confirm it in "The Hardest Thing" was made quite late.[16]
    • Her voice actress, Anna Akana, is also bisexual.
  • In "Toadcatcher", Sasha reveals that back home she's the captain of the cheerleaders in her school and top scorer in Super Dance Fusion.
    • Curiously, in "Reunion", Sasha is seen playing the game with Anne when Anne yells "top score" before Sasha kicks the machine for tokens.
  • In the opening sequence for the first two seasons, Sasha's physical appearance differs from the final. This is possibly due to it being a completely different animation studio.
  • Sasha, Anne, and Marcy are featured in one of Matt Braly's very first drawings for Amphibia,[17] with Sasha holding Anne and Marcy close as they share a nap on a couch sometime before their journey to Amphibia with the caption "Its Complicated".[18] As he revealed, the drawing served to remind him that, no matter what happened over the course of their journeys, the three girls "cared for each other no matter what they went through on the show."[19] He revealed that the caption stood for their complicated growth; each of the three had a role in what made their friendship toxic, and each of the three had a role in repairing it into something healthy. As he stated, "None of them is a cartoon villain; they all have very nuanced motivations for what they do" and that, once the girls were separated from each other into different regions of Amphibia, they all had a chance to grow in such a way that would ultimately help to repair their friendship.[17]
  • Sasha has shown to be resistant to pain as her boot was full of hidden daggers as shown in "The Dinner". However, this may have just been for a gag, as they are cartoon characters.
  • She was the only other human character to appear in the present of the first season along with Anne. The third human character, Marcy, would debut in the Season 2 episode "Marcy at the Gates".
  • In "Best Fronds", when Sasha was locked up she was seen without her jean jacket, but it returned in "Prison Break".
    • Another error similar to above occurred at the beginning of "Best Fronds" during the flashback. Sasha is seen without her jacket during the pan over the three girls, with the jacket appearing after Anne opened the Calamity Box.
  • Sasha, like Anne, has been repressing her emotions ever since the events of "Reunion". When asked about this on on a Reddit AMA, Braly responded: "Sasha has been shown through her expressions to have guilt, remorse, trauma, and sadness over what occurred between her and Anne at Toad Tower and has realized she's been a bad friend. She's repressing those feelings because "It's easier than facing reality"".[20]
  • Sasha is a B student.[4]
  • Her favorite food is orange chicken.[4]
  • Anne and Sasha's next encounter after "Reunion" was described by Matt Braly as being "volcanic", referring to the episode "The Third Temple".[20]
  • With the Sasha Theme Song Takeover, she got her own version of the main theme.
  • According to her Theme Song Takeover, she is a practitioner of tai chi.
  • According to a Reddit AMA, Matt Braly has stated that other than DDR, Sasha doesn't usually play video games unless Marcy gets her to.[4]
    • Although she doesn't play video games regularly, Braly has stated on Twitter that she owns a handheld PSVita.[21]
  • In the Amphibiland pilot, Sasha's hair was slightly different from the one she had while her school uniform was a darker shade.
  • Sasha considers herself to be more of a dog person.[22]
  • According to Marcy's Journal: A Guide to Amphibia, Sasha is an Aries, due to in one of the photos drawn, the Aries symbol is above her in magenta, revealing that she was born between March 21 and April 19, 2006.



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