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You're right. I am just a little tadpole, and I'm not ready to be alone!
—Polly, "A Night at the Inn"

Polly Petunia Plantar is one of the two tritagonists (alongside Hop Pop) of Amphibia. She is the younger sister of Sprig, and granddaughter of Hop Pop. She is a polliwog, which is one of the younger stages of a frog.



Polly resembles a real-life tadpole, albeit she has arms instead of legs and is more globular in appearance. Unlike the other Amphibians, she has a blue tongue rather than green. She also sports dark purple irises. She often moves in a wooden bucket filled with water and held together by a cylindrical steel frame. It has seen a fair amount of use apparent in its worn appearance. She also is seen without it and hops around instead.

As of "True Colors", she has grown her legs.


Polly as the head of a fake human, as mentioned.

She has a yellow bow with lighter white/yellow polka dots. As of Season 3 so far, she is seen without the bow, instead wearing a blue fisher's hat with baby blue stripes, often seen in a raincoat, rain boots, and a wig, all of which serves as her human disguise. She is also not seen with either in some episodes, like "Hop 'Til You Drop", when she wore a hoodie with Sprig as the head of a fake human.

During the episode "Fixing Frobo", Polly wears overalls and a hat.

During the episode "Froggy Little Christmas", Polly wears a green bow, a Santa suit and green Mary Jane shoes.


Polly is an outgoing and mostly fearless tadpole, although she is afraid of wax figures and olms. She loves adventure, monsters, and having fun with her family. Although she is young, she has the heart of an explorer. She is mysterious, explosive, and unpredictable, such as favoring to attack stuff using either her flail or her rolling pin she named "Doris". Even though she's usually more responsible than her older brother Sprig, she still retains infantile tendencies, namely being easily swayed by the temptation of candies. As shown in "Hop 'Til You Drop", Polly struggles to control her anger and gets into fights easily.


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Polly shouts out at Anne.

Polly, like everyone else, was initially put off by Anne's appearance and behavior, but she gradually came to accept her. Disgusted by her thinking she'd eat them. She would bounce at Anne threating her with Doris trying to scare her off. But, she later came to the realization that Anne was a friend. Though, she was bribed to join her and Sprig on an adventure with candy.

Polly and Sprig happily shout for Anne's pizza idea.

Polly, being the youngest has to be protected by her family. Commonly around Anne and Sprig due to their wild adventures. Polly doesn't like being babied, finding it unnecessary and unneeded. She tries to make herself look more brave and strong so that the family would stop treating her like that. Because Hop Pop is her only adult caregiver, it's probable that she's attempting to impress him. Even when things get difficult, Polly and Hop Pop maintain a solid connection. Polly believes she is better at handling circumstances than her elder brother, and she is roughly half of the time correct. Polly, on the other hand, looks up to Sprig and values his positive influence. While she can be a handful for him, she cares about his well-being and occasionally acts as Sprig's confidante, giving him advice, even if she can misdirect him for her own gain.

The majority of her conflicts are caused by external factors, such as when she got self-conscious over Anne's opinion of her in "Girl Time," causing her to temporarily doubt her talents. Polly proudly demonstrates her spitting prowess. Polly has spent the majority of her life surrounded by boys and has never spent time with any girls, Anne realizes. Anne declares that she and Polly will have "Girl Time" together, so she borrows Hop Pop's wallet (which he finds strange because he doesn't have any money) and the two go into town to spend time together. Anne takes Polly to the spa, hairdresser, clothing store, and restaurants in town. While Anne attempts to have a wonderful time, Polly can't seem to stop herself from behaving in a tomboyish manner that causes havoc. Anne decides to take Polly to Tuti for a massage. Polly then flees, and Anne pursues her while Constable Buck Leatherleaf gathers a posse to track them down. Buck captures Anne and Polly, as well as Sprig and Hop Pop, and orders them to collect tarantula eggs until their due to society is fulfilled. Anne advises that Polly break the spit record at the last minute so that they can win the gold award and pay the prize money.


Sprig Plantar

Polly and Sprig have a typical sibling rivalry. Polly feels that she is better at handling situations than her older brother, which she can be correct about half the time. However, Polly really does look up to Sprig and appreciates his supportive influence. While she can be a handful for him, she cares about his well being and sometimes acts as Sprig's confidant; giving him advice, though she can sometimes purposefully misdirect him for her own amusement.

Hop Pop Plantar

She is Hop Pop's granddaughter. He is overprotective of her. She dislikes when he tries to care for her and treat her like a baby but still loves him.

Anne Boonchuy

Anne cuddling Polly.

Anne seemed slightly perturbed by Polly when she first met her. In "Cane Crazy", Polly was reluctant to help her because she barely knew her and only agreed to help after Anne offered her candy from her world, but by the end of the episode, Polly admitted she was just starting to like Anne. By the events of "Girl Time", Anne desired to become closer to her while trying to enforce what she viewed as girlish onto Polly. By the end of the episode, she began to accept her more masculine and crass behavior and Polly grew closer to Anne. Since then, the two get along quite well and have become very close, forming a sisterly bond. Anne is usually seen holding Polly or letting her sit on her head, showing that she trusts her enough and certain episodes have shown that the two share a lot in common in terms of being adventurous. In "Lost in Newtopia", the two try to create a collective name for themselves; first with "Puh-Anne" and then "An-Olly", neither of which the two find very appealing.

Sasha Waybright

While the two don't interact much one on one, Polly generally seems to dislike Sasha much like Sprig and Hop Pop do after aiding Grime in trying to kill her grandfather in "Reunion" and also trying to do the same to Sprig in the same episode. Even when Sasha claims to have reformed in "The Third Temple", she still doesn't hold a high opinion of her and joins Sprig and Hop Pop in taunting her about the events of Toad Tower during "The Dinner", though she does seem to get along with her slightly better than Sprig and Hop Pop. Eventually, they put aside their differences with each other once they find out King Andrias is the bigger threat and fight off his forces together with the group.

Marcy Wu

When they first met, Marcy made a good first impression on Polly, being impressed by her crossbow and overjoyed when she tells her about her legs growing in two months. Overall, she is shown to share a stable friendship with Marcy even being held by her sometimes like in "The Second Temple" and assures Marcy she still finds her cool after she seemingly loses the Flipwart game in "The First Temple" despite being a bit freaked out by her tendency to be in the zone. Things do get a bit strained between them once it is revealed Marcy intentionally trapped herself, Anne, and Sasha in Amphibia due to fearing separation from them though they still fight off Andrias' forces together and while not shown, is presumably devastated by Marcy's possible death.


When she first met Frobo, they instantly got along well with the two pulling various mischievous actions throughout the town during "Friend or Frobo?" and seems to view him as a little brother to her. They are seen providing special effects for Anne, Sasha, and Marcy's musical performance together during "Battle of the Bands". Polly is devastated by him getting crushed by Andrias and his robots in "True Colors" and hopes to find a way to repair him when she gets transported to Earth with his head. In "Fixing Frobo", Polly didn't want to wait to get back to Amphiba to fix Frobo as she missed him too much after Andrias smashed him. She eventually tried to fix him up herself and by watching videos from Ally and Jess. Polly mange to fix him, but Frobo doesn’t seem to recognize her. And by the time he does, thanks to Polly's tears he realizes they're heading to the ground too fast so he put her in his makeshift body to protect her. After surviving the fall, Polly was overjoyed to have Frobo back where she promised that she'll take her time in rebuilding his body.

Captain Grime

Even though they haven't interacted much, they are presumed to be enemies after he tried to kill Hop Pop in "Reunion". She continues to distrust him (along with Sprig and Hop Pop) even after he and Sasha claim to have reformed though they do put aside their differences by "True Colors" once they find out King Andrias is the bigger threat and fight off his forces together with the group.

King Andrias

In spite of King Andrias initially making a good first impression on her when they met, they eventually became enemies in "True Colors" when he proceeded to reveal his true intentions, nearly kill her and her brother, crush Frobo, and temporarily killing Marcy with Polly even calling him a monster.

Powers and abilities

  • Strength: Despite her small size, Polly possesses incredible strength.
  • Expert Loogie Spitter: As seen in "Girl Time", Polly displays excellent spitting skills and can spit much farther than Hop Pop and Sprig, even breaking the town's record.
  • Super Sonic Singing: As seen in "Fiddle Me This", Polly apparently has the ability to sing at such a frequency that it can disrupt things and is capable of breaking a snail's shell.
  • Vocal Mimicry: As seen in "Quarreler's Pass", Polly has a talent to perfectly imitate other voices. She shares this talent with Sprig.
  • Speed: As seen in "After the Rain", Polly is able to move fast by rolling around like a ball. In "Friend or Frobo?", she is shown once again to roll around like a ball quickly along with Frobo. In "Adventures in Catsitting", Polly used her same spin dash technique to trick Domino into chasing her.
  • Fast Learning: Polly has been shown to be intelligent and a fast learner multiple times, such as when she demonstrates in "Temple Frogs" that she learned how to speak Thai fluently from watching Mrs. Boonchuy's entire Thai romcom collection, and how she grasped a general understanding of robotics in a day from watching videos online in "Fixing Frobo".


Behind the scenes

Name and basis

Polly's name is a pun on the word, polliwog, in which her species is the said creature. Her name also comes from her ancestor, Polliana Plantar.

Early concept art by James Turner suggests she would have been originally named "Pollyannamarie".


Polly is voiced by Amanda Leighton.


Polly made her debut in the series premiere, "Anne or Beast?".

Foreign voice actors

Language version Actors Notes
Argentina Spanish (Latin America) Gisela Viviano
Brazil Portugese (Brazil) Mariana Evangelista
Czech Republic Czech Martina Kechnerová
Germany German Farina Brock
Denmark Danish Özlem Saglanmak
Spain Spanish (Castilian) Consuelo Díaz
France French Nancy Philippot
Greece Greek Danai Dimopoulou (Δανάη Δημοπούλου)
Hungary Hungarian Pekár Adrienn
Indonesia Indonesian Maria Cicillia
Israel Hebrew (Israel) Noa Lapidot (נועה לפידות)
Italy Italian Giulia Franceschetti
Japan Japanese Yuri Yoshida (吉田優利)
South Korea Korean Jang Mi (장미)
Malaysia Malay Suriani Binti Samsudin
Netherlands Dutch Fleur Van Der Water
Norway Norwegian Agnes Fasting
Poland Polish Natalia Jankiewicz
Portugal Portuguese Vânia Pereira
Russia Russian Ekaterina Tikhomirova (Екатерина Тихомирова)
Sweden Swedish Josefine Götestam
Thailand Thai Lakkana Naksiri (ลักขณา นาคศิริ)
Turkey Turkish Gözde Kısa
Ukraine Ukrainian Kateryna Butsʹka (Катерина Буцька)


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  • She likes candy enough to be easily bribed with it, as seen in "Anne or Beast?" (where Sprig gave her some) and in "Cane Crazy" (where Anne gave her a chocolate bar from her world).
  • When she was delirious from Anne's energy drink Blam Berry Blitz, she fancied herself being the queen of Boulder-tron the stone monster, a figment of her energy drink-addled imagination.[1]
  • She has muscles far beyond what would be normal for a child of her size and age.[2]
  • She named her rolling pin "Doris", which she uses as a weapon.[3]
  • She was disappointed that Anne claimed not having the intention of attacking her or her family, highlighting Polly's violent character, as she was disappointed because of the lost opportunity for a fight.[3]
  • Oddly enough, she seems content to have people not like her, as revealed in the episode "Cracking Mrs. Croaker".
  • Her name fits her current stage of physical development, as she is still a pollywog i.e. tadpole.
  • While Polly is sometimes seen in a small bucket of water, she will often travel around without it by hopping or sliding on the ground.
  • Despite being Sprig's younger sister, Polly's voice actress, Amanda Leighton, is much older than Sprig's voice actor, Justin Felbinger, by almost 9 years.
  • In "Truck Stop Polly" it is revealed her middle name is Petunia.
  • In "Amphibiland", she does not make an appearance. This was before production was made.
  • In "Marcy at the Gates", it was stated by Marcy that her legs would come out in two months. This finally happened in "True Colors".
  • Matt stated on Reddit that Polly is probably 5 years old.[4]
  • Her fictional human counterpart is Molly from Anne's story, Phone Mo, and a fictional character in the episode "The Shut-In!".
  • She is the only character to have a drastic design change, growing legs.
  • As of "Temple Frogs", it is confirmed she can speak Thai fluently.



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