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I got so caught up in proving I was smart enough to win, I couldn't see what I was about to lose.
—Marcy Wu, "The First Temple"

Marcy Wu (currently Darcy) is a major supporting character in Amphibia. She's a 13-year old human girl who is friends with Anne and Sasha, attended Saint James Middle School. She first discovered the Calamity Box and informed Sasha about it via text message. She was seen next to them when Anne stole the box and opened it subsequently. The Calamity Box then teleported her, Anne, and Sasha to Amphibia.

She was warped within the walls of Newtopia when she arrived in Amphibia, and after doing some work for the newts, she was promoted to Chief Ranger of the Newtopian Knight Guard, where she works directly for King Andrias of Amphibia.

In "True Colors", it is revealed that she had knowledge about the Calamity Box and its power and made a deal with King Andrias to preserve her friendship with Anne and Sasha, making her the responsible one for sending the three girls to Amphibia. After Marcy ends up being tricked, she turns against Andrias and sides with Anne. In the heat of battle, Andrias stabs Marcy through her chest with a laser sword, though not before she uses the Box to send Anne and the Plantars to Earth.

Following the battle and during Andrias' invasion plan of Earth, Marcy remained in a comatose state of recuperation to heal her injuries. She was freed by Lady Olivia and Yunan, but their efforts to rebel are ultimately in vain when Andrias captures them; and Marcy becomes the unwilling host of the Newtopian Artificial Intelligence and the true master of Andrias, the Core, turning her into the combined identity of Darcy.



Marcy is a Chinese-American teenage girl who is tall and slim. She has olive skin, short, shiny black hair, and dark brown oval eyes.


In Amphibia, Marcy wears a faded gray hooded cape, complete with a white-furred collar which is held together with a brown shell. She also wears a brown metal chest plate, a stitched skirt, and grey winter snow boots which are wrapped with studded straps. Marcy has gray fingerless gloves on each of her hands; moreover, her signature primary weapon seems to be a hand-mounted crossbow (which can fold its two limbs plus hide an arrow when not in use) that is fitted onto her right forearm.

Back on Earth, Marcy wears a school uniform as her everyday outfit. It consists of a grey-blue colored hoodie with a small "SJMS" (Saint James Middle School) emblem stitched across the chest as well as a bigger one on her back and a short green skirt and a pair of brown school shoes. She also wears a green barrette in her hair. She most likely wears an SJMS shirt under the hoodie similar to Anne and Sasha. Sometimes Marcy can be seen without her barrette.

As of "Olivia & Yunan", Marcy wears armor and matching boots that is compatible with the helmet that is lowered onto her head to be possessed by the Core.

Additional features

In the sleepover during the night in "The Sleepover to End All Sleepovers", Marcy wears a white T-shirt with the words "Roll Play" (a pun on "roleplay" and the rolling of dice in many roleplay games) plus a square picture of a person with a staff in front of a castle in different grey colors. She also wears a pair of gray green pants.

In the reunion in "The Dinner", Marcy wears a dress with long sleeves and a chain around her waist color greenish blue with a short cape from a grayish blue color being held by a seashell color pinkish brown.


Marcy is a friendly, geeky, resourceful, and intellectual girl; she's always shown intently researching various subjects and taking notes. She has always received straight A's in school, implying her above average intelligence, except for Gym due to her reading during her class. She is curious and takes interest in different cultures, being the one who discovered the Calamity Box. She is also intuitive, as she is seen reusing her school outfit to craft new wear and using her skills in Amphibian biology to defeat a group of Barbari-Ants which had invaded the outskirts of Newtopia.

Nonetheless, back home, Marcy was insanely clumsy and very oblivious. This causes her to be heavily reliant on her friends—Anne and even Sasha constantly feel the need to look out for her, and she relies on Sasha to make decisions for her. In Amphibia, she has learned to manage herself better, and make independent decisions on her own without any influence from other people, although she is still fairly clumsy and sometimes dependent on Anne. In Amphibia, her social obliviousness is shown to be detrimental, as in episode "New Wartwood" she constantly tries to make Wartswood like her, and falls victim to Toadsworths's manipulation into "reshaping" the town, only for it to be flooded as a result.

Marcy is an avid fan of retro video games. Prior to being teleported into Amphibia, she was seen with a game system similar to the Nintendo Switch. When she met the Plantars, she offered them a copy of a game called "Vagabondia Chronicles", and she also likes table-top RPGs such as DnD. Back home, she wanted Anne and Sasha to play a DnD-like game called "Creatures and Caverns".

Marcy considers farm culture under-appreciated and farmers like Hop Pop "the backbone of society". She continuously displays strong interest in every aspect of Amphibia, even trying to analyze the Plantars' family home.

Despite her positive disposition, Marcy has the capacity for selfishness, which manifests through her negative traits, particularly her obliviousness and her overconfidence. The self-focused nature of such holds sway over Marcy's grasp of sense and sympathy, having a hazardous effect on herself and those around her, as portrayed in "The First Temple", especially in her ability to strategize and utilize her intelligence; her obsessive focus and hyper fixations on her interests, to the point of failing to notice when her friends or she herself are in danger; and her unwillingness to intervene in friends' arguments, ignoring them completely in the hopes that they will resolve it themselves.

Apart from these actions, the most critical display of her tendency to put her interests before others came to pass in "True Colors"; Marcy not only knew about the Calamity Box, but was responsible for the girls' transference to Amphibia from the start, in order to keep her, Anne, and Sasha together forever. While having sympathetic intentions, genuinely treasuring her friends and not wishing to be alone, Marcy's one-track thinking, not taking into consideration how her friends felt and how she took them away from their own lives and families, led to her friends rejecting her. Even when she was called out on the deception, Marcy nearly failed to see the error of her ways, denying that her actions were selfish until this cost her the trust of both of Anne and Sasha.

Ultimately, Marcy's care for her friends brought her to her senses, with her last act being sending Anne back home and apologizing for everything she did to them.


Arriving at Amphibia

Sasha and Marcy smile from outside the Thrift Store window at Anne, who is stealing the Calamity Box.

Marcy shared much of her time on Earth with her two childhood friends, Anne and Sasha. She was a top pupil, but she was so clumsy that Anne had to constantly keep an eye out for her, and she was used to Sasha deciding what to do. One day, Marcy was studying for the SATs in the library when she receives a text from Sasha reminding her it was Anne's birthday. As she was about to leave, Marcy notices a mysterious book the librarian drops and reads through the book, which contains notes about a magical music box that can transport people to other worlds. Marcy mocks the book's contents before receiving another message from her father to come home immediately, as they had something important to discuss. When Marcy arrives at home, she learns that her father got a new job out of state, and her family would have to move. Devastated about leaving her friends behind, Marcy runs out of the house in tears.

Arriving in town and coming across a thrift shop, Marcy recognizes a music box the shop is selling as the same one from the book at the library. She then receives another message from Sasha asking where she is. Sparked with inspiration, Marcy sends Sasha a picture of a magical music box for Anne's 13th birthday, decalaring it as a present for Anne. The three friends arrange to meet at the thrift store. The three friends went to a park to investigate the chest after Sasha tricked Anne into stealing it. The human girls were taken to the realm of Amphibia as soon as the chest was opened, but they were separated into three different locations.

Marcy is teleported to the city of Newtopia, almost immediately she injures herself when she loses her balance off a flight of stairs. After being discovered by the residents of Newtopia, she is taken to the hospital and recovers with only a broken leg, where Lady Olivia properly welcomes her to Amphibia. Being grateful for the Newts taking her in, Marcy promises to do her part by helping the city grow. She rapidly garners a positive reputation in Newtopia, from developing plans to improve Newtopia's infrastructure and architecture to being promoted to chief ranger of the Newtopian Night Guard. She soon gains a high rank within the royal court as the close aide of King Andrias. But little does she know, Andrias harbors a dark secret about himself and is plotting to undo an ancient prophecy which involves the girls charging the Calamity Box's gems.

Reuniting with a friend

Marcy removes her cloak after hearing Anne.

During the Barbari-Ant Attack, she is reunited with Anne four months later when she came to Newtopia in search of a way home. Anne presented Marcy to the Plantars after hugging her (and throwing out her cape, which had caught fire). Marcy then happily introduces herself to the family, even deducing that they are from Frog Valley based on Hop Pop's cranium and the soil attached to him, which fascinated Hop Pop and she quickly won him over by complimenting him on his farmer status. Marcy then begins to examine Polly, finding out that her legs would most likely expand out of her in two months, which piqued Polly's attention and won her over. Marcy then introduces herself to Sprig, who welcomes her with suspicion because of his family's prior fight against Sasha and her toad army.

As Anne inquires about her whereabouts, Marcy reveals that she had warped right into the heart of the city of Newtopia, where she became acquainted with them after discovering the newts were identical to the "sephilons" she heard about while playing the video game Creatures and Caverns. Anne asks Marcy if she can get them into Newtopia, however she is unable to do so before the ants have been dealt with; however, she has a scheme and leads them out.

Marcy reaches a nearby tent and introduces Anne and the Plantars to the newts. Although the newts confess they haven't come up with a clear idea yet, Marcy tells them that she does. She then goes on to explain the plot, which is to creep into the ant hills and scare the queen out of their lair, forcing the rest of the ants to flee with her. When Sprig inquires about how they'll do this, Marcy demonstrates a stinkshroom-encrusted belt that emits poisonous pheromones capable of driving the ants clear. Anne then starts to stress the mission's risks, especially considering the fact that they will eventually have to battle their way through some of the colony to meet the queen. Since Anne has dealt with similar circumstances in Frog Valley and is well aware of Marcy's clumsiness, Anne recommends that she and the Plantars take care of the project instead. Marcy promises Anne that she'll be fine (Just as Anne points out her burning cape again).

Marcy ignores Anne as she is distracted by reading.

Marcy, Anne, and the Planter's are then ambushed when they reach the Barbari-Ant colony. Marcy notices a plant and starts studying it, combining it with additives in a beaker she took with her; this produces an explosive solution, allowing everyone to survive as Marcy drops it and blasts a hole in the wall. Marcy then drops an insta-vine potion, which starts growing vines in front of the wall, stopping any more ants from chasing them down. Marcy had unwittingly stuck Polly on the other side after discovering she had never made it through the hole, forcing everyone to tear the vines apart to let her pass. Fortunately, Marcy throws another insta-vine potion at the wall just as the ants return. They ultimately make it to the queen in the egg chamber, where they begin planting stinkshooms, with Marcy warning them that their pheromones will begin to release 5 minutes after they are planted, so they must work quickly. When everybody gets to work, Anne moves Marcy out of the way of a nearby falling rock, and the two of them duck behind the rock to avoid being noticed by the queen.

Marcy, Anne, and the Plantars are surrounded by Barbari-Ants.

Marcy then claims that she was going to get out of the way on her own, but Anne disagrees, insisting that she must ensure Marcy's safety, much as she does at home. Marcy tells Anne that they aren't back home yet, and she has managed to look after herself up to this point. After a nearby egg hatches and the larva lunges at Sprig's face, Sprig lets out a cry, prompting him to alarm the queen. The Queen then lunges at Sprig and devours him whole, screeching and summoning yet more ants. Marcy then finds out that Sprig is still alive because ants take longer to eat their food, and she goes to rescue him, but Anne stops her once again. Anne proposes that she remain put and she save Sprig instead, however Marcy tells her that she is the most experienced about Barbari-Ant biology and therefore the right choice for the role, but Anne remains in her conviction that she should do it in her place. Marcy then presses Anne for an explanation as to why she won't let her do so, to which Anne sobs as she mentions that she has just gotten her back and doesn't want to lose her again. Marcy then assures Anne that she can do it as she bounces her way towards the queen on the backs of the ants, recognizing that they have bouncy bodies as a result of her study.

Marcy's eyes glow after saving Sprig from the Queen ant.

Marcy is swallowed by the tyrant, but she manages to make her vomit up both her and Sprig, gaining Sprig's trust in the process. Marcy then fires an arrow at a nearby rock in the hopes of swinging them safely to the ground, but the queen cuts the string, forcing them to fall to the ground while they're surrounded by ants once more. The stinkshrooms then began to go off just in time, causing the queen and the rest of the ants to leave the party as they tunneled out of Newtopian grounds. Marcy praises Anne for trying to help her when the party departs, but Anne is adamant she has improved (and Hop Pop and Polly point out that her cape is on fire once more). When the party emerges from the cave, Sprig apologizes to Marcy for his previous fears of her, and Marcy simply expresses her relief that he is well, since she can see he means a lot to Anne, and the two begin to bond.

When Marcy invites Anne and the Plantars back into Newtopia, the gates are eventually reopened. After informing Lady Olivia that the assignment was a success, she introduces her to Anne, and the Plantar's. Marcy speaks with Anne alone. Marcy then proposes that they go locate Sasha, but Anne tells her that she already had, but that they had fought with blades and fires, and that she now has no idea where she is. Marcy claims that even if they find a way home, it will be for naught if Sasha wasn't with them, and she acknowledges that she has no idea what to do because Sasha always makes the decisions. Anne then proposes that they start making their own calls, and both she and Marcy agree because it has worked out so well for them. Both of them then declared to each other that they would find Sasha and find a way back together. Anne then went on to tell Marcy about all that has happened to her since she arrived in Amphibia.

Anne, Marcy, and Sprig celebrate their success in the Scavenger Hunt.

Marcy took her friends to a burger joint where she sought to impress the Planters by displaying her intellect while Anne displayed her foolishness. They then obtain a message from the king in the form of an arrow. Rather than sending them a direct message, he invented a scavenger hunt in which they would catch all of the clues to discover a secret message. Anne is becoming more doubtful of her own intelligence when Marcy uncovers the first two leads. After Sprig accidentally reveals that Anne is jealous of Marcy's intelligence while fleeing from a sewage gator, Marcy admits that she is jealous of Anne's ability to be social. The third and final hint is found by Anne; the complete message reads "Bring Me The Plantars."

Marcy is excited to explore the hidden library.

Andrias Leviathan, king of Amphibia, is brought before Anne and the Plantars by Marcy. Andrias notes the gems are gray rather than colored as they were previously when Anne shows him a view of the music box. Marcy has to do some archive digging in order to discover more about the box and find her way home. She spills coffee on a tapestry during her study with King Andrias, but she also finds a button that unlocks a hidden passage leading to a secret wing of the archives with valuable knowledge.

Anne, Marcy, Sprig, and Polly bonding during their sleepover.

Marcy agrees to have a sleepover with Anne, Sprig, and Polly the night before King Andrias can announce the findings of their study. Since Sasha is the "Queen of Sleepovers," Anne and Marcy remember they have never had a sleepover without her, but they know they have enough practice to throw one for Sprig and Polly. "Pajamas, junk food and gossip galore, pillow fights, movies and tearing up the dance floor and listen up cus' this I won't repeat; never ever go to sleep" they announce. They then go on a spree in the castle, angering Lady Olivia, who advises them not to go into the cellar, but of course, they didn't listen to her.

When the gang unwinds, they find out it's just 9:00p.m., so Anne decides on a Scare Dare Contest, with the loser's name permanently sketched in the Book of Losers. Anne proposes they go down into the cellar, despite Lady Olivia's warning. The kids creep past Lady Olivia, whom Polly is drawing on, and head down, both unable to turn around lest their names be attached to the Book of Losers. They enter a corridor full of mirrors and come across a closed doorway with a sign written in ancient Newtonian runes that everybody correctly believes says "Stay Out." Regardless, they crack it open and find themselves in a flooded room full of coffins. Anne and Marcy attempt to prove their courage by taking a selfie with one of the coffins, which results in jellyfish/ghost-like monsters appearing. They figure out they're unsafe right away and leave the coffin room together. Marcy notices a room full of growing plants that don't need sunshine, and Sprig finds a ruined drawing of what seems to be King Andrias with two other individuals: a frog and a toad. The gang discovers a trap door that reaches Marcy's room right away, much to Marcy's shock and confusion, but the ghosts enter anyway. They soon realize that putting a mirror to their faces turns them solid, and they flee to the cellar. The children do not go to sleep and will remain awake until dawn. After asking so many questions, they all conclude that the sleepover was a success, and they all sign the book. Anne and Marcy admit that they've added their names to the list many times and that Sasha has always come out on top. Marcy comforts Anne and tells her that they can find her anytime she feels she wants to make up with Sasha. Then Lady Olivia marches in, shouting that their meeting with King Andrias is approaching.

Marcy watches Anne depart as King Andrias approaches with a proposition.

When the Plantars and the human girls arrived in the throne room, they are informed that the three gems on the music box need to be recharged, according to a book shown to them by King Andrias. To do so, you must visit three different temples to get each gem charged, but the book only tells you about one of them. Hop Pop is eager to return to Wartwood as quickly as possible so that the annual harvest will not be missed. Anne considers returning Wartwood before going to the first temple so she can retrieve the music box and meet with Marcy afterwards. Marcy, on the other hand, advises Anne to remain in Newtopia with her so they can not be apart. This reasoning makes Anne and the Plantars clearly depressed, so Marcy proposes they spend the day alone before they depart. Anne bids the Plantars farewell the following morning as they return to Wartwood. Marcy admits that sending a servant to grab the music box may not be the right option, and that anyone trustworthy should go instead. Anne gives her a hug and races out to visit her surrogate frog family. After Anne has left, King Andrias approaches Marcy with a proposal he thinks she will find appealing.

The Quest

Marcy meets with Anne and the Plantars and head to the first temple which is composed of a series of various puzzles and games they need to solve. Marcy continues to get "lost in the zone" and disregards the danger she is putting her friends through.

Realizing that she has put her friends in danger, Marcy tries to forfeit and rushes the board before using Sprig as a projectile and destroying her own piece, ending the game. Marcy believes that she has lost her chance at recharging the gem. The temple leads them out with glowing green arrows. However, the group discover that the arrows are leading them to the outhouse. It turns out that the outhouse is actually the recharging station and that Marcy learning humility was the test. Marcy places the gem on the pedestal and the green energy is recharged into it, with the green also draining from Marcy's eyes. The gem proceeds to point them in the next direction as the group plan to take a break for the time being before heading to their destination.

Marcy apologizes for the destruction of Wartwood.

Marcy was eager to visit the townsfolk of Wartwood after recharging the first gem and living in the wagon outside the Plantar family house, but they are distant and suspicious of her. To persuade them to welcome her, Marcy and Anne make changes to the area. Mayor Toadstool notices this and gives her the opportunity to renovate Wartwood as a tourist attraction. Despite Anne's protests, Marcy goes on with Toadstools proposal, eager for the town's support. However, it is a tragedy, and Wartwood begins to collapse into the swamp on which it was constructed on. Marcy and Anne then enlist the aid of Joe Sparrow to save the day. Marcy expresses her regret for the devastation. Mrs. Croaker, already enraged, tells her she's exactly as Anne was when she first arrived at Wartwood, and One-Eyed Wally says that means they'll end up liking her sooner or later. Everyone laughs and tells Marcy to be careful, that Wartwood will finally adapt to her, and a resurgent Marcy begins to reconstruct the area.

Marcy slides into the scene to save the day.

Marcy, who was researching the flora and fauna, sees Maddie restore the tree to its former glory and scolds her siblings for the upheaval. Marcy introduces herself after they depart and shows an interest in learning spells as well. Maddie is enthralled by Marcy's passion, and the two head out to collect charms, much to the tadpoles' displeasure. Maddie tells Marcy that she used to play with her siblings all the time before she found her interest for magic and now has little time to play for them. Marcy advises her to allow time, but Maddie considers her work to be more significant. When Marcy and Maddie are bonding, Rosemary, Lavender, and Ginger decide that they need to be older in order for Maddie to play with them again. They steal her spell book and cast a spell in the morning, but Maddie chastises them for scribbling in her book. Despite this, the tadpoles feel they have finished the spell they need to use. Maddie and Marcy are successful in resurrecting Fleafy, but their triumph is short-lived due to the arrival of Rosemary, Lavender, and Ginger, who have risen to be giants. The three end up causing mayhem all over town. Maddie realizes that they haven't mastered the growth spell meaning they did all wrong and that they made their decision based on her advice to "grow up." Maddie, now that she realizes she's to blame for the crisis, has Marcy work on a cure as she grows to giant proportions to settle them down until they learn they can't stop rising. Maddie juggles her sisters as Marcy administers the cure to them. Maddie then apologizes to her sisters for not being a proper sister, taking Marcy's advice.

Marcy stuck between the beak of the cardinal trying to eat her coat.

To find the second temple, Anne, Marcy, and the Plantars fly to the Amphibian arctic. When they arrive, they quickly find the entrance only to discover that there is nothing there. As they walk through it, Anne and Sprig see a parrot that they instinctively recognize as Valeriana's from the Bizarre Bazaar. Before she shows herself and declares that she is aware of the temple. Valeriana seems to know how to get there, but that it would be difficult because it is dangerous. They plan to go anyway, and she gives the party new caterpillar fur coats because the weather is expected to be bitterly cold. Valeriana criticizes the party for being sluggish when they climb the side of a mountain. She then summons a cardinal to target the party in secret. Marcy tells the gang that they don't eat frogs, just caterpillars, so the cardinal threatens to eat their warm clothes, prompting Anne to throw her coat aside so the cardinal can go after it. While Anne was recharging the gem, Marcy and the Plantars were searching for Anne but later gave up. Marcy then showed them funny cat videos, causing them to scream getting the attention of Anne, who interrupts the gem charging to go and save them.

Marcy overjoyed to see Sasha again.

Marcy pointed out to Anne that her clothing was tacky and worn out and that she required new gear before heading to the third and final temple, so she fetched Newtopian armorer Bernardo. Anne ultimately received a new appearance after Bessie rescued everyone from blowing up, with simply a breast plate over her old clothes, because she was now happy with who she was. Anne's decision was accepted by Sprig, Marcy, and Bernardo, however Marcy believed Anne would look lovely with a new hairdo, much to Anne's disgust.

Marcy, Anne, and the Plantars quickly discovered that the temple's routes were all about strength when they arrived at the third temple. Sasha, who had hunted them down with Grime, saves them. Marcy was overjoyed to see Sasha and gave her a warm hug as they exchanged compliments on their new attire. Unlike Anne and the Plantars, she was delighted to have Sasha assist them as she explained their goal to replenish the gems. Marcy was made powerless due to the tremendous gravitational pull, but she witnessed Sasha beat the stone guardian. When Sasha recharged the gem and Anne proposed opening it, Marcy intervened, advising them to wait and bring it to King Andrias so they could learn how to properly use it. Marcy, Anne, and the Plantars were correct to be skeptical, for Sasha's change of heart turned out to be a ruse, as she and Grime planned to invade Newtopia and were using them as a means of entry.

Bonding with Friends

Marcy happily playing the drums in the Battle of the Bands.

Marcy was at the Plantars' farm when Sasha and Grime were invited to supper. It began off well, but quickly devolved into an embarrassing confrontation between Anne and Sasha. Marcy attempted to remind them of their relationship, but the desert Grime that had been brought over began to damage everything. She shed a few tears of pleasure as she witnessed her two closest friends reunite after everyone was saved, and then everyone savored chocolate covered hornets.

The human girls reconstituted their band "Sasha and the Sharps" to compete in Wartwood's Battle of the Bands; despite a few setbacks, they put on an incredible show that the audience adored and they adored them more.

True Colors

Marcy justifying her actions by telling the two girls that she gave them everything.

The three human girls, the Plantar family, Grime, and Frobo all arrived aboard Joe Sparrow at the gates of Newtopia. Marcy requested Sasha and Grime to keep their hoods up before handing over the music box to King Andrias, so she could put in a good word for them and clear them of any wrongdoings, but just as Anne was about to give it over, Sasha and Grime made their move and seized the king, signaling their concealed toad warriors to create rioting across the city. Marcy attempted, but failed, to bring the conflict to a peaceful conclusion. General Yunan saved Marcy, Anne, the Plantars, Frobo, and Lady Olivia as they were being brought to the dungeon. Marcy glanced through her telescope when the gang reassembled and calculated that the remainder of the Toad Army was less than an hour away from Newtopia, and that once they arrived, the city would be fully overrun. Anne gave a motivating speech, inspiring everyone to fight back, and then she revealed the plan to put an end to the uprising. Marcy, Olivia, and Hop Pop would rescue King Andrias from the dungeon, while Polly, Yunan, and Frobo would assault the Toads head on in order to distract them, and Anne and Sprig would close the gate to keep the invading toad army out.

Marcy looks down as she is impaled in the chest by Andrias.

After Anne and Sprig fought Sasha and Grime, Anne handed the box to Andrias, who then showed his real malevolent intentions by using the box to power his castle, causing it to rise into the air, and then activating the old factories all around Amphibia to build a robot frog army that flew to the flying castle. Andrias intended to conquer other worlds in the same way that his forefathers had, and he planned to conquer the Earth. But before the group could fight, Marcy stood out, claiming that this was not part of the plan he had given her, only for the insane king to acknowledge he had been lying to her all along. When Anne and Sasha inquired about what they were talking about, Andrias revealed that Marcy had purposefully left them all stranded in Amphibia, shocking both Anne and Sasha. Marcy then told her friends about her family's impending move and how she planned to use the box to keep the three of them together. Marcy then tried to justify her actions by reminding them of their fun adventure, how Anne and Sasha have grown as people in Amphibia, and Anne's friendship with Sprig were all because of her, only for a distraught Anne, Sasha, Sprig, and everyone to back away, leaving Marcy on her knees crying and saying she didn't want to be alone. Marcy pulled herself together and joined Anne and the others in fighting the robots. Marcy rode on Joe Sparrow to save Sprig from his dying when Anne triggered the power of the blue gem and fought Andrias, Marcy then pulled the Calamity Box off its pedestal and used it to open a gateway to Earth. Andrias stabbed Marcy with his flaming sword as Anne and the Plantars jumped through the vortex. Accepting her fate, Marcy apologized to Anne right before falling to the ground due to her wounds and the gateway closed.


Marcy as she is in a containment unit with wires attached to her body.

With Marcy fatally injured, Andrias ordered Yunan and Lady Olivia to bring Marcy to a rejuvenation tank to save her from death, still needing Marcy alive for the next phase in his plans. She is seen in the tank inside Andrias' throne room, incapacitated and with wires attached to her body, while Andrias sends a stealth-model Frobot to Earth and eliminate the Plantars, but mainly Anne. Eventually, Marcy's tank is transported to the castle basement.

Weeks past the incident, Amphibia is in a dystopian state, and Andrias has closed himself off from his subjects. Incited by Andrias' tyranny, Olivia conspires with Yunan to rescue Marcy who would help them stand a chance against Andrias. They journey to the basement and release Marcy from her stasis, drowsy at first, just as all three of them get trapped inside a virtual manifestation of their worst nightmares, hers being Anne and Sasha rejecting her after betraying them. Despite being able to destroy the simulation, Andrias finds the three and reveals he was aware of their presence courtesy of his master, a large robotic entity known as the Core. It grabs Marcy and places her in a chair, where Andrias explains its intent on possessing her due to her being the only one who can best Andrias in intelligence, despite him caring for her and previously begging the Core to pick someone else to be the host. A helmet lands on to Marcy, causing her to scream in agony as the Core transfers its being into her body and possesses her. Now under its control, she wakes up, greeting the three ominously.

After King Andrias failed to defeat Anne and the Plantars and destroys the drone headset and remote in a fit, Marcy, still controlled by the Core, appears with an extensive cord connected to her helmet. After the Core mocks him for his failure, Andrias reassures it nothing would stop his massive army, not even Anne and Earth.


Anne Boonchuy

Marcy and Anne happily reunited.

They are quite close friends. However, Anne is usually responsible for making sure Marcy doesn't get herself injured, due to her clumsiness. It isn't until Anne sees Marcy fend for herself, that she realizes that Marcy has truly changed since they arrived in Amphibia and she's more than capable of taking care of herself now. After Marcy learns that Anne and Sasha had a fight, she and Anne both agree that it's time they made their own decisions and promise to find Sasha, as well as a way home, together. The two are shown to be quite close and supportive of one another. However, friendship is strained a bit in "True Colors" when Anne finds out Marcy intentionally planned on getting the two of them and Sasha trapped in Amphibia because her parents were planning to move. Marcy does come to realize her mistake in siding with King Andrias though and helps Anne and the Plantars escape back to Earth. When King Andiras proceeds to stab her, she uses her last breaths to apologize to Anne for her actions. Her greatest nightmare in "Olivia & Yunan" is her fear of being rejected by her and Sasha because of the incident.

Sasha Waybright

Not much is known about Sasha and Marcy's relationship except the fact they are friends. Sasha is at times annoyed with Marcy's clumsiness and once even jested to Anne that her clumsiness might get her killed. Marcy, like Anne, used to let Sasha decide everything for her to do. Despite this, however, she still wants to find Sasha before returning home. They are both overjoyed when reunited in "The Third Temple" with Marcy being quicker to trust her than Anne and the Plantars are. Marcy does end up having to serve as the mediator between her and Anne during "The Dinner" and "Battle of the Bands" during their conflicts in both episodes but generally tend to have a solid friendship. The events of "True Colors" end up straining their friendship quite a bit though due to Sasha revealing she only used her and Anne to get to Newtopia to begin the Toad rebellion with Grime and trying to imprison her along with Anne when they refuse to join her in ruling Newtopia as well as Sasha being angry and disgusted when finding out Marcy intentionally planned on getting the two of them and Anne trapped in Amphibia because her parents were planning to move. Her greatest nightmare in "Olivia & Yunan" is her fear of being rejected by her and Anne because of the incident.

King Andrias

Marcy initially looked up to him and seemed to consider him a parental figure to the point of confiding her problems to him over a game of Flipwart and even making a deal with him at the end of "A Day at the Aquarium" to bring him the box with the three loaded gems to carry out his plan, and in exchange, he would take the three girls with him to the new worlds. When Marcy does get the charged box to him in "True Colors", Andrias reveals he had no intention to follow through on it and was just manipulating her and when Marcy falls to her knees crying with remorse for what she had done he even taunted her for spilling her heart out to him over Flipwart. Along with his attempt to kill Sprig, this causes Marcy to turn on Andrias and fight him which eventually leads to him stabbing and critically wounding her at the end. However, in "Olivia & Yunan", Andrias still had her respect towards her and had begged to choose someone else for the Core to host, causing him to look away as she is about to be possessed.

Lady Olivia

Olivia and Marcy seem to get along well, as Olivia shows Marcy respect and praises her for her accomplishments. Even so she does become irritated by Marcy's childish antics as seen in "The Sleepover to End All Sleepovers", but does not hold to it against her because she is aware Marcy is still a child and needs to have fun.

Plantar family

Marcy got along with Hop Pop and Polly instantly when they first met when they were impressed by her knowledge and interest in farming. While Sprig was initially distrustful of her due to previous experience with Sasha, he came around to trusting her and considering her a friend after she saved him from the queen Barbari-ant. Marcy in general is shown to share a close friendship with all three of them, even bonding with Hop Pop in "Friend or Frobo?" over their interest in seeds, carrying Polly in episodes like "The Second Temple", and including Sprig and Polly in her and Anne's sleepover in "The Sleepover to End All Sleepovers". She is even shown horrified and remorseful when finding out how much pain and suffering she was causing them during the Flipwart trial in "The First Temple". Their opinion of her becomes strained a bit in "True Colors" when finding out she intentionally planned on getting herself, Anne, and Sasha trapped in Amphibia with Sprig even growing uncomfortable and backing away when she tries to justify her decision and how much Anne benefited from Amphibia. She is noticeably remorseful over her actions especially when Andrias throws Sprig out the window with her having a tearful expression. This does not stop her from trying to make amends by saving Sprig from falling while Andrias is distracted and helping them and Anne escape from Andrias. They are shown horrified and saddened at Marcy's possible death when Andrias stabs her.

Maddie Flour

Marcy and Maddie quickly became great friends as of "Maddie & Marcy" and bond over their shared interest in magic. Maddie even took Marcy in as her apprentice, as Marcy wanted to learn to do magic herself. Though their friendship sparked jealousy upon Maddie's younger triplet sisters, and when Marcy suggests that she should make time for them, Maddie brushed off the idea as she believed that being a witch was more important. Marcy was proven to be correct as Maddie's negligence led to her sisters growing to gigantic size after she told them to "grow up" and Marcy and Maddie worked together to save them from exploding. Maddie takes Marcy's advice to be a better older sister to them.

Powers and abilities

  • Intelligence: Marcy has shown to be very intelligent, even being an A student. She has a high intelligence, that she was even able to learn the Amphibian Alphabet, know the various amphibian species, and use Amphibia vegetation and her knowledge of chemistry to achieve various effects, such as an explosive formula to defeat the barbari-ants.
  • Archery: Marcy has shown to have the ability to use a crossbow, being able to use it perfectly during combat, as well as being able to use it as a grappling hook.


Behind the scenes

Name and basis

Marcy's surname, Wu, is Chinese. It can have several meanings depending on the ideogram and tone, although Wu as a surname is commonly written as "吳" in Chinese (Traditional) and "吴" in Chinese (Simplified). On Reddit, Matt stated that Marcy's surname inspiration is because he knew a Wu.[1]


Marcy is voiced by Haley Tju. Tju was announced as a guest star in the second season on June 23, 2020,[2] with her role as Marcy being announced on July 21, 2020.[3]


Marcy made appearances during the flashback in "Best Fronds" and was mentioned multiple times throughout the season.

She made a full-time appearance in the second season, with her debut in the episode "Marcy at the Gates".

Foreign voice actors

Language version Actors Notes
Argentina Spanish (Latin America) Nicole Apstein
Brazil Portugese (Brazil) Bianca Alencar
Spain Spanish (Castilian) Natalia García She is also the voice actress for Ivy in Spain.
France French Cathy Boquet
Indonesia Indonesian Jheni Rinjo
Italy Italian Emanuela Ionica
Japan Japanese Arisa Date (伊達 朱里紗)
South Korea Korean Jang Mi (장미) She is also the voice actress for Polly in Korean.
Malaysia Malay Shireen Haji Salehuddin
Poland Polish Katarzyna Domalewska
Thailand Thai Quankamon Boonjub (ขวัญกมล บุญจับ)
Turkey Turkish Özge Çecen


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  • Marcy did not have any speaking lines in the first season and only appeared in flashbacks.
  • Clothing similar to Marcy's school uniform was shown by Carbon Costume for fans who want to cosplay as her.
  • Her voice actress Haley Tju also voiced Karmi from Big Hero 6: The Series, another Disney Television Animation produced series.
  • Her last name, Wu, is revealed by Lady Olivia in the episode, "Marcy at the Gates".
  • She played a video game console that's almost identical to the Nintendo Switch.
  • When she saves Sprig from the Barbari-ant queen, her eyes briefly glow green for a second, similar to how Anne's eyes glow blue and Sasha's glow pink.
  • Marcy is ambidextrous.
  • Marcy's cloak catching on fire and her panic every time it happens are a running gag in the episode "Marcy at the Gates".
  • Marcy has currently been living in Amphibia for more than 4 months as of "Marcy at the Gates".
  • Marcy has shown traits of possibly having ADHD, but it hasn't been officially confirmed.
    • When asked about if Marcy has Autism in a reddit thread, Matt responded, "She was not written with that intention but I think we get to know our characters better as we write them. In many ways they tell us who they are, not vice versa. I am so happy to see people identify with her in this way."[4]
  • In one of her concept arts when Marcy is on Earth, she seems to play violin due to her left hand carrying a black violin case filled with different colored circles, squares and rectangles.
  • Marcy is a self-proclaimed "master" of RTS (real-time strategy) games and has beaten King Andrias at the game Flipwart, which is like "chess to the max".
  • Marcy is a straight "A" student in every class other than gym, which she is too busy reading to partake in.



  1. "I'm Matt Braly, creator and executive producer of Amphibia - Ask me anything!!!". Reddit (August 22, 2020). “I knew a Wu, and Sasha's last name was the maiden name of one of the show's development executives, Elizabeth Taylor. There would be no Amphibia without Elizabeth so it felt right.”
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