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Just because I seem creepy to you doesn't mean that I'm a bad person. I'll have you know, I learned magic to help people, not hurt them. Appearances aren't everything, Sprig.
—Maddie Flour, Cursed!

Maddie Flour is a supporting character in Amphibia. She is considered strange by the people of Wartwood due to her practice of magic.



She is close in age to Sprig and is roughly the same height as him. She is a light blue frog with a lighter shaded underbelly and has a red tongue. Just like the other frogs, she has four fingers per hand and two toes per foot. Her hair is a light pink with dark pink spots and bulbous in appearance with a small knot on her head, making it look like a mushroom cap. It covers one of her eyes, but the one that is visible is big and yellow with black, slit pupils similar to that of a snake.

As of "The Hardest Thing", she has grown in height and her hair has now grown to shoulder-length.


She wears very little; just a black sack dress with a brown rope for a belt and is barefoot. While part of the Wartwood Resistance, Maddie sports a suit of armor, a black leather glove on her left hand, and a red headband.

By the end of "The Hardest Thing", she now sports a stained black lab coat with a brown belt and now wears tan gloves.

Additional features

In "Maddie & Marcy", she's shown with her hair not covering her eyes for the first time, and it's shown to have a rather circular head.


She appears eerie, but in reality, she is an understanding frog, though she is merely socially awkward. She doesn't curse others unless they really deserve it. She talks in a husky, whispering voice and makes those around her uncomfortable with her presence. Whether she does this on purpose or is inept to social cues is not known, but she does try to be on friendly terms with people. She does seem somewhat self-aware as she acknowledges that some people think she is evil when really she wants to use her abilities such as magic for good. Most Wartwood residents conceive Maddie as being strange compared to other frogs in Wartwood due to her peculiar habits and interests in magic, but after understanding her deep down one would see her in a very different way, similar to Sprig's encounters with her. She's shown to take her work very seriously, and sees her witch activity as a responsibility rather than a hobby. Prior to the events of "Maddie & Marcy", she prioritized them rather than spending time with her sisters. When interrupted by her sisters she becomes irritable, and will angrily yell at them if they accidentally ruin a part of her magic activities. However Maddie does care about her siblings, and vows to be a good older sister after realizing that she hurt her siblings.


Maddie Flour is the daughter of Mr. Flour and the older sister of Rosemary, Lavender, and Ginger Flour. She used to spend time with her sisters until she became interested in dark magic and stopped playing with them. Outside practicing magic, Maddie helps deliver for the family's bakery. During the annual Pot Luck event in the episode "Hop Luck", Maddie becomes the "fiancée" of Sprig Plantar after the Plantars receive dough from her father in exchange for Sprig being engaged to Maddie, in order to make pizza for the event.

In "Civil Wart", Maddie is among those who were watching Love Choice, and she joins Sprig's side who chose Alastair over Hunter.

In "Cracking Mrs. Croaker", she is seen baking Bums, but ends up getting distracted when they burn on fire, only for her father to yell at her the Bums were burning which caught attention.

In "Cursed!", since Sprig got engaged to Maddie, things became awkward around them. Anne attempts to go talk to Maddie and help end the engagement. Upon doing so, she witnesses her baking bread that was shaped like Anne and Sprig, instead she decides to write a letter and sent it to her. When Maddie gets the Letter, she is shocked to learned that Sprig wants to end the engagement with her, leaving her upset. The next day, Anne and Sprig are cursed, and believe Maddie cursed them as revenge for breaking off the engagement. Maddie later comes to bring Hop Pop's bread order, and Sprig apologized for breaking up with her and that it was wrong to have Anne do it.

Maddie reveals she was fine what they wrote, then reveals this wasn't her curse and set out to find the person who curse Anne and Sprig. While following the trail, Maddie tells Sprig she uses her magic to help people and appearance aren't everything. They follow the trail to a shack that belongs to Barry, who cursed Anne and Sprig for bumping into him and spilling his collection of moonberries, and though Anne and Sprig apologized, Barry refused to take the curses off.

Appalled that Barry would abuse his magic, Maddie states that he should never have cursed someone unless they really deserved it. And since he does deserve it, the two enter a curse battle, and when Maddie runs out of curses, she takes samples of Anne's feathers and Sprig's hair, mixing them together and then takes Barry's remaining curse and turn him into a hairy bird, returning Anne and Sprig to normal. Maddie refuses to turn Barry back, but Sprig convinces her to, so Maddie agrees to change him back if he gives her his candy. Sprig thanks Maddie for lifting the curse and apologizes for ending their engagement, and the two become friends, albeit with Maddie taking the news in morbid satisfaction.

In "Return to Wartwood", Maddie was present when Anne and the Plantars from their trip to Newtopia. Then, later hold a celebration for their return. Unaware to Maddie, Anne and the Plantars stole her spell book to summon Chicka-lisk who arrived at the party. While Anne and the Plantars were trying to stop it, Maddie work on an antidote for those who turn into stone. After Chicka-lisk left, Anne and the Plantars admit to summoning it, but they were happy that Anne and the Plantars return. When Sprig was frozen in place after getting a kiss from Ivy, Maddie threw one of her spells at him.

In "Maddie & Marcy", after being spilled by her sisters and saved from the tree, she had a first met with Anne's friend Marcy Wu who is also a fan of spells, and asked to resurrect the dead flea Fleafy. She also learns not to neglect her younger sisters.

In "Sprivy", Maddie is seen playing with Polly.

In "Sasha's Angels", Maddie is part of the team that is meant to reclaim the supplies stolen from them by The Marauders. In this struggle, Maddie once again turns Barry into a chicken.

In "Olm Town Road", after retaking back their supplies, Maddie was discussing on a new plan to stop Andrias until Anne revealed the hidden message on the vase that Anne and the Plantars discover while on Earth.

In "The Beginning of the End", Maddie took part in the battle against the Frobot army, but retreated when Darcy had capture Anne, the Plantars, Sasha, Grime, Frobo, General Yunan, and Lady Olivia. She then witness the Frobot invasion fleet enter a portal to invade Earth.

In "All In", Maddie continues fighting along with the resistance against the Frobot Army until the Newtopia Castle appear in the sky and then crash landed outside of Newtopia. Maddie later cheer with the resistance when Lady Olivia announced their victory against Andrias and the Core.

During the show's ending, Maddie used her potions to start a pharmaceutical business with her sisters.


Behind the scenes


Maddie's voice actress is Jill Bartlett.


Maddie debuted in "Hop Luck".

Foreign voice actors

Language version Actors Notes
Argentina Spanish (Latin America) Luz Díaz
Brazil Portugese (Brazil) Flora Paulita
Spain Spanish (Castilian) Ruth Pazo Olivares She is also the voice actress in some episodes of Bessie and Yunan and the director of the castilian dub.
Hungary Hungarian Laudon Andrea
Israel Hebrew Sivan Kartzner She is also the voice actress for Sadie Croaker in Hebrew.
Italy Italian Fabiola Bittarello
Japan Japanese Ami Matsushima (松嶌 杏実)
South Korea Korean Jang Ye Na (장예나) She is also the voice actress for Sasha in Korean.
Poland Polish Anna Wodzyńska (Hop Luck-Cracking. Ms Croaker)
Justyna Bojczuk (Welcome To Wartwood-Maddie & Marcy)
Marta Dylewska (Turning Point)
Portugal Portuguese Maria Camões
Romania Romanian Andreea Găica
Sweden Swedish Cecilia Wrangel Schoug
Thailand Thai Noppawan Haemabutra (นพวรรณ เหมะบุตร)
Turkey Turkish Yasemin Ertorun


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  • She owns a voodoo doll of Sprig.
  • She likes keeping stuff for herself, such as candy acquired from Barry in the episode "Cursed!".
  • It is possible that Maddie has had some unrequited feelings for Sprig prior to the start of the series. Whether or not she still has them since the events of "Cursed!" has yet to be revealed.
  • Her fictional human counterpart is Haddie from Anne's story, Phone Mo, and a fictional character in the episode, "The Shut-In!".
  • It's unknown why Maddie has slit pupils while the rest of her family doesn't. However, the most likely answer is that her unseen mother has/had them.
  • In "Hop Luck", Maddie claims she saw Sprig's death in her mind.

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