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All this time, I thought you had forgotten me. Like I tried to forget you, my dear friend. But you're too late. The things I've done. The pain I caused. There's no going back!
—King Andrias, "All In"

King Andrias Leviathan is the main antagonist of Amphibia. He is the original monarch of Amphibia,[4] who lives in the Newtopia Castle in Newtopia. Hailing from a lineage of conquerors, Andrias sought to use the Calamity Box to conquer other worlds just as his ancestors did long ago. To accomplish this, Andrias took up the appearance of a benevolent ruler and ally to the human girl, Anne Boonchuy, to get the music box, only to drop the façade once he got the box and initiate plans to invade Earth as his first world conquest. Meanwhile, Andrias concentrates his invasion efforts on Los Angeles, before the rest of the world, as well as the destruction of Anne, who became a major obstacle to his goals.

Andrias and Darcy launched their invasion of Earth during which, Sprig shows him a letter written by his former friend Leif. The truth of her feelings for him weakens his will to fight and convinces him to allow Anne to defeat him in battle; revealing that he had partially turned himself into a cyborg to prolong his life. Andrias was taken prisoner and brought back to Amphibia. After he redeemed himself and the Core was destroyed once and for all, Andrias abdicated the throne and became a gardener, restoring the environment he once destroyed.



King Andrias is a large newt with bluish skin and a lighter underbelly. He has pale yellow eyes. He is so tall that he towers over Anne, Marcy, Sasha, and his armored guards. Andrias is stocky and muscular, with white hair and a full beard, along with crows feet.

When he was younger, Andrias was smaller than he was as an adult with a small mustache, but did not have crows feet or a beard yet. He also kept his hair in a bun.

After enduring a powerful blow from Anne, Andrias' cybernetic body was revealed, losing his left arm, leg and the tip of his tail. The damage to his body remains during the series' epilogue, where Andrias is still missing his arm and leg and his eyes have gone dim as a consequence of his sight failing, due to his implants losing functionality and refusing to get them repaired.[5] His appearance is now disheveled, with leaf clutter present on his beard like those on Anne's hair.


Andrias wears a dark purple metal suit of armor that has an X shaped battle mark on the left abdomen over a lighter colored shirt with cuffs similar to a Victorian aristocrat. He wears a crown that has the Core's eye attached to his head and has pauldrons shaped like snail shells; the right pauldron has a smaller X shaped battle mark on it. He also wears a gold snake belt and a purple and yellow tunic.

During the epilogue, he sports a tan robe and brown trousers, and wears a stained purple robe that is attached to a dark purple hooded cowl, with the stumps of his missing limbs buttoned up. However, he keeps one of the metal boots he wore as a king. He has a leaf broach and Marcy's robot pin pinned onto his cowl.

Additional features

His post-timeskip outfit has several accessories that came from his friends: he wears the brooch Marcy gave to him during their first meeting and another brooch resembling Leif's. He is also wrapped up in chains as part of his exile and uses Barrel's Warhammer as a cane.


As shown in "The Core & The King", Andrias, as a prince, was a warm and friendly person who deeply cherished the friendship he forged with Leif and Barrel, who he had known since he was a child. However, as the crown-prince of Amphibia, Andrias felt the weight and responsibility of invading Earth, and seemed to hold his father, King Aldrich, in high regard through his desire to make him proud, which also caused him to wonder if Leif and Barrel would still remain his friends after he takes the throne. He cared enough to give Leif an audience with his father to warn about misusing the Calamity Box, but after it fell on deaf ears, Andrias' doubt regarding Leif's intentions continued to deepen. This ultimately led to Leif betraying Andrias and stealing the Calamity Box, preventing the invasion, while also infuriating Andrias and causing him to sever his ties with Barrel as well. Ultimately, his father's gaslighting and manipulation turns him into the power hungry and ruthless tyrant he later becomes. Even after Aldrich has assimilated into the Core, he still continues to manipulate him for years.

When he first appeared, Andrias portrayed himself as a goofy, fun-loving monarch who dislikes following royalty mannerisms and etiquette that Lady Olivia follows and tries to make him act upon. Yet at times, he shows he has a serious and calm side to him as well. He has taken a liking to many human customs and slang. Andrias has a strong affinity towards puzzles and games, which was first evident when he gave Marcy a scavenger hunt with a hidden message. However, his true nature was forshadowed when he was having a conversation with the Core.

In "True Colors", Andrias revealed his true nature as a dictator who believes that he should rule all worlds. He mocked Marcy for trusting him blindly, and continued to act with a cheerful demeanor while doing it. He has shown great ferocity in battle, even roaring at times. He is able to manipulate both Anne and Marcy into charging the gems on the Calamity Box, whilst keeping it a secret that the powers given to the three human girls would be removed. Andrias is also cruel in his authority, with some of the best examples of this being when he went as far as destroying a tower with people in it to demonstrate his abilities, later ordered his Frobots to strip Amphibia bare of its resources, and forced frog villagers to work in his factories.

As a result of his broken friendship with Leif and Barrel, Andrias has an overall bitter opinion on friendship, and he dropped Sprig out of a window even after Anne gave into his demands, attempting to teach the human girl a "lesson" about friendship and didn't show remorse for his actions. He had no problem revealing Marcy's darkest secrets to her friends just to break their friendships apart, and he ultimately allowed the Core to possess her.

Although he shows himself to be quite a skillful tactician, as he makes it clear to the Cloak-Bot to dispose Anne and the Plantars discreetly on Earth to avoid attract unwanted attention from the human about his upcoming invasion, he is impatient in terms of getting results, resulting in him "motivating" his Cloak-Bot to finish off Anne and the Plantars at any cost by activating the self-destruct sequence inside the Cloak-Bot. This eventually caused the Cloak-Bot to recklessly attack Anne and the Plantars wide open in public, which causes the US government to be aware of the existence of the Plantars and the Cloak-Bot, destroying his original intention of a discreet assassination. Furthermore, he also doesn't take losing very well, for after Anne bested him in a duel with her Calamity Box powers, Andrias became intent on eliminating the girl by any means necessary to get back at her, and later he destroyed the drone's remote and headsets with his sword in a tantrum when he failed to eliminate Anne once more.

For all his negative traits, though, he would later admit to Marcy that he had become fond of her, and even tried to convince the Core to pick someone else to be its new host. As the Core is painfully possessing Marcy, he looks away in shame while he does nothing to help her out. Even after the Core becomes "Darcy", he would show a somber look when interacting with her and is clearly still haunted by the breakdown of his past friendships. Still, he suppresses these feelings in favor of finally starting his long-planned invasion of Earth.

It isn't until his invasion begins in "All In" that Andrias starts to doubt his actions, as watching Darcy terrorize the resisting human army makes him flashback to the day he first met Marcy, how similar she was to Leif, and how he tried to convince The Core at the time to let him remove the power of the Calamity Box's stone rather than straight-up kill her. But when he fights Anne again inside his power suit, Anne guesses that he chose to shut himself out from others because like her once, he couldn't love himself anymore, though he vehemently denied it until Sprig read to him a message Leif left behind for him that caused him to breakdown in tears in regret. As a result, Andrias allowed Anne to strike him down, and afterwards, asked her to save Marcy from The Core, allowing the love he chose to shut out show itself again.

In "The Hardest Thing", he decide to change his ways by helping the Calamity Trio fight against the Core and stands up to it and his father, as he finally gets fed up with their abuse and manipulation he inflicted. After the Core's destruction, he was finally relieved that his family's reign of terror has ended once and for all. Before Marcy went back home to Earth, he remorsefully wishes her to take care. He later happily accepts his punishment of doing community service to fix the damage he and the Core caused, showing that he finally found peace and happiness inside of him.


Ancient times

Life as a prince

1,000 years before the events of the show, Andrias was the heir to the throne of Newtopia with his father, King Aldrich at rule. He spent most of his time having fun with his friends Leif Gardener and Barrel the Brave with his father criticizing their friendship, saying it will not last long.[6][7]

The "Betrayal" of Leif

Young Andrias and Pink Female Frog

The council meeting.

One day, his father introduced him to the Core, an entity comprised of minds of their ancestors and the other greatest minds of Amphibia and informs him that he has a mission to mine a planet known as Earth and that they can continue their way of life with Aldrich giving him the key to the chamber of the Calamity Box with his friends following him. When Leif touches the box's gems however, she has a vision that if Newtopia continues to misuse the power of the box, Amphibia might become destroyed. She then tries to explain the vision to Aldrich with Andrias trying to trust her but the latter does not believe her.[7]

Later, when Andrias enters the box room, he catches Leif in the act of stealing the box as Andrias attempts to chase her down. In the midst of the chase, Andrias collides with Barrel as he then informs him of the situation, leading to both of them pursuing Leif. While Andrias is chasing her on a different path, Barrel takes a secret entrance and manages to cut Leif off. Leif attempts to convince Barrel she's doing what she's doing for everyone's sake, causing Barrel to hesitate for a moment, allowing her to hop over him and towards the frobot armory as Andrias soon arrives. Leif then grabs one of the frobot arm prototypes and begins firing at Andrias long enough for him to be distracted, as she hops into one of the vents and makes her way to the castle's garden. From there, she rides on top of one of the Moss Men and using a frobot arm, she blows a hole through the castle walls and soon after the walls of Newtopia, as she escapes the city with the box in her possession. Leif informs the Moss Man about prioritizing finding the Olms, believing they will know what to do with the box. She then silently apologizes to Andrias for her actions, but believes this to be for the best and the box shouldn't remain in Amphibia.[7]

Some days later, Aldrich informs Andrias and others present in the throne room about the box having left Amphibia. The part of the core residing in Aldrich's crown soon informs them that according to the Olm prophecy, the box will eventually return to Amphibia, but there is no way to tell when or how, so in the meantime they will bury and preserve their way of civilization until the box has returned. Due to Leif's betrayal, Andrias vows to keep the frogs of Amphibia in line, and re-assigns Barrel to the outskirts to defend other villages due to his failure to re-attain the box. these actions would lead to centuries of the frogs being oppressed and many toads becoming totalitarians.[7]

Becoming King

At some point between Leif's betrayal and meeting Marcy, his father Aldrich was dying from old age and he was assimilated into the Core so he could live forever. Afterwards, Andrias became the new king of Newtopia and with cybernetic implants he was able to extend his life for centuries.[8] Over time the inhabitants of Amphibia forgot Newtopia's dark legacy while Andrias waited patiently over the next millennium to get his hands on the box again so he could finish his ancestors' evil work of invading and enslaving entire worlds.[6]

Meeting Marcy

All In Score 2

Andrias won over by Marcy Wu's quirkiness.

Centuries later, Anne Boonchuy, Sasha Waybright and Marcy Wu were transported to Amphibia by the music box.[9] Upon being introduced to Marcy by Lady Olivia, he took an immediate liking to her and her cheerful personality and allowed her to stay in the palace as a guest. However, both he and the Core became aware that she had a connection to one of the gemstones on the Music Box, with the latter wanting to kill the girl in order to get it to full power. Not wanting to go through with killing a child, Andrias convinced the Core to use Marcy in order to bait her friends and the Music Box to him.[8] He would then go on to manipulate and recruited Marcy to get the magic relic, where she worked up to the rank of Chief Ranger in Andrias' Newtopian Knight Guard. At some point, Marcy confesses to Andrias over a game of Flipwart that she purposely intended to use the box to go on adventures with Anne and Sasha forever.[6]

Meeting Anne and the Plantars

King Andrias stands inside the palace, watching Anne and Marcy from afar before heading over to a chess-like board surrounded by other pieces. He then declares that the pieces are beginning to fall into place as he positions a figure that looks like Anne next to another figure that looks like Marcy, before announcing that the game is about to begin.[10]

Andrias sends a "puzzlegram" but rather than sending a direct message, the king scatters clues across the area, which when combined form the true message. "Bring Me The Plantars," the message said when decoded.[11]

The king extends a warm welcome to Anne and the Plantars. He requests to see the music box, which the Plantars do not have with them but Anne has a photograph of. Even though Andrias notes that the gems are gray rather than colored, he agrees to assist Anne and Marcy in returning home. Marcy would need to do some archive research in order to do so. Meanwhile, Andrias gives the Plantars a gold credit card, which they can use to buy whatever they want in Newtopia.[12]

The Calamity Box

King Andrias Caputre

Andrias meets the Plantars for the first time.

After searching through every book in the royal archives, Andrias and Marcy discover a hidden passageway leading to a secret wing of the archives; they decide to go down there and continue their quest.[13] Anne, the Plantars, and Marcy meet with Andrias, who shows them a book with details about the music box; the three gems on the box must be charged at three separate temples in order for the box to be reactivated, but the book only reveals the location of one of the temples. Then, when Marcy is watching Anne depart with the Plantars, Andrias approaches her with a threatening proposal.[14]

The First Temple-01882

The King bows down to a mysterious creature (The Core).

After learning that Marcy and her companions had completed their quest successfully, Andrias goes into an underground chamber to tell it to the Core.[15]

True Intentions

Sasha and Grime attempted to stage a coup when the human girls and their friends came with the charged music box; thankfully for Leviathan, their efforts were in fruitless owing to Anne and her pals. Anne subdued Sasha despite her warnings about what she had learned about the King of Amphibia. With Andrias out of the dungeon, he ordered the royal newt guard to collect up and imprison all of the city's toad rebels. Anne ultimately passes the box over to Andrias, who states that Newtopia was once a much larger metropolis, but that the box was taken when he lost his friends, and that no one remembers how Amphibia used to be after 1,000 years. He assures everyone that now that he has the music box back, he would restore Newtopia to its former glory: not as a city of knowledge, but as a feared invading empire. The box gives the castle the ability to rise up into the sky from the city, high enough for everyone in Wartwood to view it. The old factories were then signaled to be reactivated, and they began building robotic minions for the huge newt king, which soared to his palace in seconds. Andrias announced to Anne and the others that now that he had the music box back, he would reign over all planets from his floating castle, with Earth being the first world he would invade.[6]

True Colors-01344

The King commands the robots to fire at Anne, who is empowered by the Gem.

True Colors-01428

The King impales Marcy's chest with his flaming sword to stop her from entering the portal home with Anne.

When Anne and Sasha told the king that they would stop him, he decided to show his strength by obliterating a toad tower in the north with his castle's gigantic laser cannon. Marcy was perplexed when she told Andrias that this wasn't the plan they had discussed, only for Andrias to disclose that he had duped her. Andrias then decided to tell Anne and Sasha another secret: Marcy had deliberately got them stranded in Amphibia, startling them both. Marcy admits that she was aware of the Calamity Box's capabilities all along, and that her parents were planning to move away and that she had hoped that the box would transport them to a world where all three human girls would always be together, before falling to her knees in tears of guilt while Leviathan ridiculed her for emptying her heart to him over Flipwart. This discovery hurts Anne, but she rallies her companions to battle Andrias and his freshly constructed Frog-bot army. During the conflict, both General Yunan and Lady Olivia briefly defect from Andrias. Frobo is killed while defending Polly. When he tries to smash Polly, she sprouts a pair of legs and manages to avoid his fatal strike. She dashes to the box, but Leviathan grabs Sprig and threatens to throw him out the window unless the box is returned. Anne begs Andrias to put down Sprig after the group complies with his demand, but Andrias refuses and drops him anyways. To Andrias' surprise, Anne begins to glow blue, indicating that she is still connected to the Calamity Box's second gemstone; while he is distracted, Marcy flies on Joe Sparrow to save Sprig. After a tense battle, Anne loses control of her powers and passes out, demonstrating to Andrias that the human girl still lacks full control of her abilities. He musters enough strength to get up and walk up to Anne and the Planters, despite not being fully recovered. Seeing that she's the only one left with the power to fulfill the prophecy and defeat him, Andrias ultimately decides he can't let Anne live; Marcy steals the box just as he is about to kill Anne and uses it to open a portal to Earth, where a reformed Sasha and Grime kept Andrias at bay and Anne the Planters and Frobo's head escaped through the portal. The portal closes as Andrias thrusts his flaming sword through Marcy.[6]

Mad Dreams of Conquest

With the Calamity Box back in his possession, Andrias then prepares his plan to attack Earth, starting with the invasion of Anne's home state of California. He then sharply asks General Yunan and Lady Olivia if they are on his side, to which they nervously declare they are in allegiance with him out of fear, and he orders them to put Marcy's comatose body in a rejuvenation tank. As Sasha and Grime escape via Joe Sparrow, Andrias orders his Frog Robots to follow Sasha and Grime.[16]


Andrias sends Cloak-Bot to Earth in the hopes that they will kill Anne.

Andrias was getting ready for the invasion when he gave a silver Frobot equipped with a cloaking device a mission to eliminate Anne because of the threat she was to his plans due to still having her connection with her gem (also to get the latest volume of Cynthia Coven that Marcy got him hooked on).[17]

Andrias later contacts his robot and is displeased because it had not killed yet Anne (and the fact it got the wrong book, due the book he wanted was out of stock). Andrias is done waiting and has activated the robot's built-in self destruct sequence, giving the robot one hour in which to complete his mission, or he explodes. Nevertheless, the robot was close to killing Anne and her family until she activated her Calamity powers and kicks the robot into space far away, destroying it for good and leaving her safe and sound.[18]

Olivia and General Yunan are called by King Andrias to speak with him. After witnessing him supposedly talking to no one, he instructs them to keep an eye on the workers (frogs) and terminate anyone who dares to resist. Afterwards, Olivia angrily denounces Andrias and wishes to get rid of him. Yunan agrees as well and they decide that the only person smart enough to defeat him is Marcy who is still in stasis from getting stabbed. With no other option, they resolve to rescue her. However, Andrias arrives and reveals that he has been watching them, via the eye on his crown. The entity, referred to as the Core, has also been watching them the entire time and desired a host. Marcy's intelligence was an important trait that the Core wanted and while Andrias begged it to reconsider someone else, he ultimately gives Marcy to the Core as she is placed in a chair and donned a helmet, allowing the entity to enter her body. The transference, unfortunately, works as the Core, now inside Marcy's body, menacingly greets Olivia and Yunan.[19]

Amphibia-Season-3-Andrias Froggy Little Xmas

Andrias uses Drone to get Festive.

During winter, Bartley, Branson, and Blair present Andrias that the army was finished ahead of schedule and under budget, but he questions why are they dressed like, and they explain they are celebrating the Earth holiday Christmas which Marcy told them about. They give him a present, a remote-controlled moth which Andrias is immediately eager to use it despite it being untested. Andrias transports the drone to Earth where it hijacks a Santa Claus float during a Christmas parade in order to destroy Anne and the Plantars. However, he is defeated by Anne and Sprig who launch a Christmas tree on their float into the Santa float, puncturing through the drone, destroying it. Enraged, Andrias destroys the headset and the controller to the drone and the three newts leave. Andrias then gets mocked by the Core, calling him "pathetic," but he assures his master that nothing would stop his massive army, not even Anne nor Earth.[20]

The Core continues to upgrade itself while absorbing much of Marcy's personality. It chooses to call itself Darcy, short for "Dark Marcy", much to Andrias' confusion. As they prepare for the invasion, Andrias looks over an old portrait of himself and his friends. Andrias has his childhood portrait burning in the fireplace, yet can't help but remember Leif's words of having his back and using his powers for good. After he awakens Darcy after it has rebooted and upgraded itself, it tells him that they are now close to starting their invasion of earth so that they can claim its resources. As Andrias agrees with it, it is revealed that the dominant personality in Darcy is that of King Aldrich.[7]

The Invasion

Hey Earth, congratulations on getting invaded

Andrias broadcasting his fleets' arrival on Earth.

With the completion of his invasion fleet, King Andrias is about to enjoy some sparkling cider when he is surprised by the arrival of the rebellion and sends his robots to go and fight them. Eventually, Andrias hops down to fight the rebellion himself. After Darcy announces their victory, he returns to the castle. However, Anne realizes that Darcy and Andrias are just as clueless about the music box as they are and just as they are about to kill her, Anne suggests that doing so might destroy what is left of the box's power. Darcy realizes that this might be true and decides to keep her alive for now. Andrias then opens a portal to Earth, large for his fleet to cross through. Andrias starts his invasion by sending drones and two mind-controlled herons on the populace.[21] While Darcy is enjoying the carnage they are causing, Andrias begins to have doubts about the invasion, especially when he recalls his first meeting with Marcy. After Anne and her allies incapacitate most of the Frobot forces, Andrias dons the Dyoplosaurus, his robot armor, and calls out to Anne with the intent to face her one on one for the fate of Earth. Anne, now knowing who she wants to be, unleashes her blue energy to face off against Andrias, whose armor nearly seems impenetrable. Anne's blue energy runs out until Mr. X begins using hidden sound speakers to blast K-Pop while everyone in L.A. cheers her on, empowering her.[8]

Amphbia All In -Anne Beats Andrias

Fueled by the power of K-pop, Anne battles Andrias.

Just as Anne was tiring out again and Andrias is about to deliver the final blow, Sprig arrives and reads him a message from Leif telling him even after everything that happen between them, she still valued their time together as friends and asks Andrias to not close himself off and open his heart. Realizing that Leif never stopped loving him and remembering how fond he was of Marcy, Andrias becomes overwhelmed with guilt and falls to his knees weeping. Darcy, disgusted by this, tries to control him with his crown to continue the fight, and nearly succeeds, but Sasha slices the neural link on their helmet; freeing Marcy from the Core's control. Anne powers up one more time and blasts through Andrias's armor as he repentantly allows the blow to hit; with his cyborg body severally damaged and exposed, he then begs Anne to see if Marcy is alright. Andrias is later taken prisoner and the castle is transported back to Amphibia. But the victory doesn't last long, as Sprig suddenly notices that the moon is heading closer towards Amphibia, leaving everyone in shock.[8]

Beginning The Path To Redemption

With the Core beginning it's final stand against everyone, Andrias explains to everyone that the moon was the area of the Core's "pet projects" of several beasts that were made should it's multiverse-conquest were to be interfered with. As the Calamity Trio finally gets their powers, King Aldrich communicates with Andrias through his crown, begging him to help the Core. But with all the pain the Core has caused him for centuries, Andrias refuses and finally does something he should've done to his father before: standing up to him. Andrias eventually crushes his crown, destroying the only way of communication with his father, and finally redeems himself by sending out his Frobots to help the Calamity Trio hold off the Core.[22]

After the Core's defeat at the hands of Anne, the following day, everyone says their goodbyes as Andrias musters regretfully "Take care, kiddo..." as he watches Anne, Sasha and Marcy walk through the portal back to Earth as the Calamity Box crumbles to pieces and is carried by the wind.[22]


Build a Better World, Together

The former king Andrias finally found peace as he is doing his part undoing the damage he and the Core had done.

Perhaps due to his last-minute change in allegiance, Andrias and his followers got off for their crimes with the relatively mild punishment of community service by restoring the land that they had desolated whilst building the Frobot army, a task that was still underway nine months later.[23] At this point in time, Andrias has not recovered from his injuries, covering up his missing limbs, and has even begun losing part of his eyesight, refusing any more mechanical augmentations.[5] However, the former king has seemingly found peace with himself and enjoys his new life as a farmer. He also kept several mementos of those close to him, including Marcy and Leif's brooches and Barrel's Warhammer, which he now uses as a cane.[22]


King Aldrich

Andrias looked up to his father and tried on many occasions to make Aldrich proud of him. However, Aldrich was very disapproving his son's actions, even disapproving of his friendship with Leif and Barrel. Andrias felt weak to stand up against his father out of fear of disappointing him and not living up to his family legacy. Aldrich's mistreatment of Andrias is what caused the eventual fallout between him and his friends. Even after Aldrich died and joined the other Newtopian minds in the Core, Andrias still felt subjugated by his own father. It wasn't until after reading a note that Leif had left him that Andrias was finally able to gain the courage and confidence he needed to stand up to his father and the Core. This was proven when he crushed his crown, thus severing his connection to both Aldrich and the Core forever.

The Core

Andrias meets the Core

Andrias meets the Core for the first time.

Andrias refers to the Core as "My Lord", implying that the large multi-eyed creature is his master. After the Core became one with Marcy he decides to let his master explain the destiny it will lead Amphibia to. He seems to show some reluctance in his master's decisions. When being informed that the Core wanted to use Marcy as it's host, he begged them to choose an alternative, but once he realized he couldn't change their minds, he was forced to go along with their plans much to his dismay. And when Darcy notices Andrias reminiscing at the tattered painting of him and his old friends, they then say they may not be the only one who needs to let go of unwanted memories, but he coldly denies their assumption. When it beckons him to stop Anne, Sasha and Marcy from preventing the destruction of Amphibia, Andrias decides to finally sever his connection to the Core, claiming it to be something he should have done years ago, while sending out a Frobot army to help the girls push the Core back.

Marcy Wu

True Colors-01021

King Andrias admits to Marcy he has been lying to her all this time.

Marcy was the first human that King Andrias met and his first real friend in over a thousand years. However he downplayed their connection because of his past experiences with friends and followed the core's demands. He was able to convince the core, to keep Marcy alive so she could return the power to the box, from her and her friends. At first, Andrias had great confidence in Marcy, making her work directly with him, even allowing her to make changes in Newtopia. In "A Day at the Aquarium", he proposed to Marcy that, once the box was recharged, she should take it with her and help him use it to travel to other worlds so she could always enjoy adventures with her friends. In "True Colors", it is revealed that everything he proposed to Marcy was just a ploy so that she would take the recharged Box to him, he also decided to reveal to Anne, Sasha and the Plantars that Marcy knew much more than they thought; Andrias spitefully told them of Marcy's selfish action of stranding them in Amphibia on purpose to her friends. As he watched Marcy tried to justify her actions, saying she helped Anne form a friendship with Sprig and Sasha grow as a person, only for her friends old and new being disgusted with her actions, he mocked her for her naivety as she fell down in tears with remorse. Marcy tried to make amends by stealing the box back from Andrias and using it to help Anne, the Plantars and Frobo's head escape to Earth, but before she and Sasha can go through the portal as well, King Andrias drives his laser sword through Marcy.

Andrias moved by Marcy

Andrias shocked and moved by Marcy's kindness.

The giant newt king kept her on life support in a rejuvenation tank until she was ready to become a host for the Core. Andrias admits to her that he always have liked her and even didn't want her to be chosen to be the mysterious entity's host, but stood down when it was adamant on it. He attempted to have it consider an alternative host but the Core had spoken. Andrias looks away possibly out of shame or guilt as just as the Core proceeds to plug itself into Marcy's new suit and possess her. Though he tried to deny it, he cared for Marcy, as she was his first true friend in over a thousand years. After surrendering himself to Anne, he begged her to go save Marcy from the Core. When Marcy and the others left Amphibia for good, he went to see her off but couldn't meet her eyes out of shame. Marcy gave a peaceful parting to the former king, surprising Andrias. He mustered up a regretful goodbye, telling her to take care of herself. 9 months after his abdication he would wander the land of Amphibia as a farmer, wearing the pin that Marcy gave him when they first met.

Lady Olivia

Although Olivia is visibly upset by Andrias' total disregard for etiquette, she remained very loyal to her king. However, after King Andrias reevaluated his sinister motivations, she defected from him. But after the Plantars escaped, he wanted to make sure she stayed in line after seeing her trying to escape. He then "promotes" her and sap takes she will now be the overseer of the refineries that are draining Amphibia of it's resources. But because of the vow she made, she doesn't hesitate to decline the offer behind his back and wishes to betray him in order to stop him from destroying the world she vowed to protect. Once he becomes aware of her true motives, he expresses disappointment in her. When asked about how he knew of her plans, he informs her that his master had told them of their snooping.

General Yunan

General Yunan was King Andrias' general, though she was loyal to him and would report him on any situation happening. Then when King Andrias reveal his evil nature that he wants to conquer other worlds including Earth, she defected from him and will no longer serve him. Although, she is forced to stay in line for a while, but once Olivia decides to betray him. She decides to help her, declaring she refuses to be the servant of a mad king. She even called him a "maniac" when he was fixing to have Marcy possessed by his master: the Core.

Anne Boonchuy

All In Epic Showdown

Anne and King Andrias in a final epic showdown.

When King Andrias met Anne and the Plantars, he behaved in a friendly and kind manner, to quickly gain their trust. He offered his help to help the girls return home, and Anne accepted without question, not knowing his hidden agenda. He told them how to recharge the Calamity Box while leaving out the part that in the process would sever the link between the gems and the human girls hoping it would break the prophecy. With Sasha and Grime incapacitated after their failed coup, Anne gives Andrias the box and he comes clean about his true purpose for having it. Newtopia was once a thriving city and he ruled it alongside great allies, but when he was betrayed by his closest friends and music box was stolen from him, the city lost its glory. With the box returned, he can finally bring Newtopia back to what it was, not a place of explorers but a city of conquerors. Anne was horrified that she helped a a megalomaniacal tyrant who was planning to invade earth. When Anne and Sasha said they would foil his plans the giant newt king showed of his might by destroying the north toad tower with his castle's giant laser cannon to strike fear into them then he revealed to them both that Marcy got them stranded in his world on purpose which caused a heartbreaking scene between the human girls, much to his amusement. When he threatens Sprig's life in return for the box; after hear Anne say the young frog was her best friend he drops Sprig anyway to demonstrate that the more you love friends the more it hurts when they go. To Andrias' shock, Anne starts to glow blue meaning she was still connected to the stone. After an intense battle, Anne powers down and passes out, showing Andrias that the human girl doesn't have full control over her powers yet as he chuckles with relief. Andrias, while surprised by Anne still having "The Gift" and hadn't fully recovered from the fight, he concludes that he can't allow her to live but she managed to escape but not before causing more pain to Anne by stabbing her friend Marcy with his laser sword. Seeing her as the only obstacle to his quest to conquer the Earth he sent Cloak-Bot to eliminate her but the silver Frobot failed.


Leif All In(15)

Leif, Andrias, and Barrel laughing together.

After playing around with the music box, she unintentionally touches all three gemstones and has a horrible vision of what would become of Amphibia should King Aldrich continue to use the box. She sees Amphibia in ruins, the Olm's prophecy, and a mysterious planet in a direct collision course with Amphibia. She tries to warn King Aldrich of this and how the constant use of the music box is upsetting the balance of the multiverse, but is dismissed. At the cost of betraying Andrias and Barrel, she steals the music box and uses one of the Moss Men to escape Newtopia. Knowing that they'll be after her and the music box now that she's a full blown traitor to Newtopia, Leif heads to the Olms and with their help, she escapes from Amphibia to Earth. Leif then wrote a letter to Andrias saying that she valued their friendship and that her actions were for the good of all worlds, including their own. She also advised him not to let himself get closed off by greed and wrath. This invoked the change of heart in the king, which he needed, and he finally turned against The Core. Later, Andrias wears a leaf brooch, just like the one Leif had.


Andrias% 2C Pink Female Frog and Toad Warrior (1)

Barrel and Andrias being concerned for Leif.

Barrel was best friends with Andrias and Leif. But things changed after Leif had a vision involving the destruction of Amphibia. After Leif's concerns were ignored by King Aldrich, Leif stole the music box. Barrel tries to stop her under Andrias' orders, but is stumped when Leif tells him that what she is doing is for the best, and when Barrel hesitated, Leif escaped. Due to his failure to apprehend Leif, Andrias angrily banishes Barrel from Newtopia and reassigns him to defend the villages on the outskirts of Amphibia; ending their friendship and thus establishing the future role toads would have as enforcers. A thousand years later, after reading Leif's letter, Andrias finally regretted the falling out he had with Barrel and later, seeing Grime wield his old friend's warhammer ended giving his the final push he needed to betray the Core. Nine months after the war in Amphibia, Andrias uses Barrel's hammer as a cane and memento of the memories they had together.

Powers and abilities

  • Master Manipulator
  • Enhanced Strength:
  • Enhanced Durability: Andrias has shown the ability to take a beating throughout his multiple fights with Anne in her blue form.
  • Enhanced Speed
  • Enhanced Jumping
  • Cyborg Anatomy: Through his life for over 1000 years, he was forced to replace most of his aging body with mechanical parts which would extend his life. Not only that, but having a mechanical body would save him from fatal injuries such as when Anne rammed herself through his body which, in most cases, would have killed him by blood loss.
  • Energy Shield: Apparently due to his robotic body, Andrias was able to summon a giant, yellow, energy shield during his first battle with Anne, the shield managed to stop her charge for a few seconds, but was soon destroyed as she pushed harder. The shield was never used again.
  • Sword Proficiency: When in combat, Andrias was shown to be a fierce fighter with his Laser Sword, using slashes and even energy shockwaves through the battles. Andrias was so skilled with the blade that on his own, he managed to take on both Grime and Sasha at the same time and later fight a huge number of newts, frogs and toads making up the Wartwood Resistance.


Behind the scenes

Name and basis

His name is a reference to the genus of the real-life giant salamander, Andrias. His surname, Leviathan, is a reference to the mythological sea monster often depicted as a humongous whale or serpent.

On Reddit, series creator Matt Braly stated Andrias is inspired by King Vendrick from Dark Souls II.[3]. This is reinforced by King Vendrick's voice actor, William Houston, portraying Andrias's father.


King Andrias is voiced by Keith David.

Zeno Robinson voices a teenage version of King Andrias in "The Core & The King". The announcement came from Disney Branded TV PR and Zeno's Twitter on April 15, 2022.[1][2]

Foreign voice actors

Language version Actors Notes
Argentina Spanish (Latin America) Gonzalo Espina
Brazil Portugese (Brazil) Wellington Lima
Antonio Moreno
Czech Republic Czech Jiří Valšuba
Germany German Thomas Albus
Denmark Danish Michael Hasselflug
Spain Spanish (Castilian) José Carlos Sansegundo
France French Claudio Dos Santos
Indonesia Indonesian Nanang Kuswanto
Muhammad Guritno
Darmawan Susanto
Hermano Suryadi
Several Indonesian voice actors have voiced King Andrias, such as Nanang Kuswanto in "Marcy at the Gates", Muhammad Guritno in "The Plantars Check In" to "Lost in Newtopia" and returned in "True Colors" onwards, Darmawan Susanto in "A Day at the Aquarium", and Hermano Suryadi in "The First Temple".
Italy Italian Alessandro Ballico (only in Marcy at the Gates)
Simone Mori
Alessandro Ballico also voices Sheriff Buck Leatherleaf and Robert Otto
Japan Japanese Hayato Fujii (藤井 隼)
Fukushima Jun
South Korea Korean Nam Doh-hyeong (남도형) He is also the voice actor for Wally Ribbiton in Korean.
Netherlands Dutch Ruben Lürsen Name is Andreas
Norway Norwegian Fredrik Steen
Poland Polish Robert Tondera (Adult)
Szymon Roszak (Young)
Portugal Portuguese Diogo Mesquita
Romania Romanian Mihai Munteniță
Russia Russian Gleb Gavrilov (Глеб Гаврилов) He is also the voice actor for Leopold Loggle, Mr. Boonchuy and Mayor Toadstool in Russian
Sweden Swedish Adam Fietz
Thailand Thai Rattanachai Lueangwongngam (รัตนชัย เหลืองวงศ์งาม)
Turkey Turkish Mazlum Kiper


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  • Andrias is part-machine with his cybernetic implants, as he used technology to prolong his life since Leif's "betrayal".[22]
  • Throughout Season 2, there are several hints to Andrias' villainous nature:
    • As Anne and Marcy reunite, King Andrias watches from afar and walks over to a chess-like board surrounded with other pieces. As he places a figure based on Anne beside another figure based on Marcy, he declares that a "game" has begun.[10]
    • During Andrias's proper introduction, his entire body is darkly shadowed against the sunlight and has a sinister expression.[12]
    • When he and Marcy find a secret wing in the library, Andrias smirks before following Marcy down the stairs.[13]
    • While lying about descending from "peaceful explorers" and "scientists," he looks away from Anne, Marcy and the Plantars for a brief moment while speaking suspiciously.[14] When he approaches Marcy with a proposition for her, ominous music is heard playing.[14]
    • After being informed about Marcy and the others completing the first temple, Andrias enters an underground chamber, telling a mysterious entity about a prophecy being undone and getting their revenge soon enough.[15] The music that plays in the scene is also ominous in nature.
    • The poster for Season 2 also places Andrias far in the background, noticeably more shaded than the others. He seems to be looking sinisterly at Anne with interest.
    • A meta example appears when Marcy flips through Dr. P's Extraordinary Guide To Magic & Mystery in the opening flashback in "True Colors". She first flips to a page containing depictions of Bill Cipher (the main antagonist of Gravity Falls) and Goliath (a character from Gargoyles who was also voiced by Keith David).
  • His final line to the Core is a word-for-word parallel of Anne's speech when she stood up against Sasha in "Reunion."


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