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—Ivy Sundew

Ivy Hibiscus Matcha Sundew is a supporting character in Amphibia. She is a friend, sparring partner, and girlfriend to Sprig Plantar, and the daughter of Felicia Sundew.



Ivy bears an innocent appearance and is significantly smaller than Sprig. Her skin is yellow with a pale patch under her mouth and dark spots on her cheeks and her two visible tufts of hair are orange.

In "The Shut-In!", Ivy is seen to have a large mass of wild hair that embarrasses her, though Sprig is very fond of it.


She wears a turquoise hat with ragged patches, frayed overalls, and light green farming clothes.


As in Locust Pocus, she seems to be a loud energetic character similar to Sprig, which may be the cause of his feelings. In "Dating Season", Ivy likes to "ambush" Sprig a lot and is still very loud and energetic. She is stated to be his sparring partner and seems to be very amiable towards new people she meets. She can also be forceful, as seen when she asked Anne if she likes being randomly attacked, and responded with "too bad" when told no.

In "Anne of the Year", it was revealed that she has mutual feelings for Sprig as he does for her.

In "Return to Wartwood", Ivy accepts the fact that she didn't get a shell from Newtopia and in return, Sprig would go on a date with her.

In "Ivy on the Run", Ivy becomes upset and fed up with her mother's rules and tea lessons and takes Sprig in a plan to leave Wartwood to explore beyond the valley. The plan is foiled when Felicia gets to them. Ivy expresses her feelings to her mom and that she is sick of doing what her mom asks, causing Felicia to challenge her to Martial Arts. Ivy gets frustrated as she is losing to her mom by two points, so her mom tests her tea skills, which helps Ivy defeat her. She then finds out Felicia, like her, was an explorer and that she learned all her skills on tea travels, and that her mom is going to take her on her next trip. She appears embarrassed when Felicia mentions Ivy's father, Mr. Sundew.


Behind the scenes


Ivy is voiced by Katie Crown.


Ivy debuted in the episode, "Dating Season", but prior to this episode, she was featured in the game Locust Pocus.

Foreign voice actors

Language version Actors Notes
Argentina Spanish (Latin America) Camila Díaz Fraga
Brazil Portugese (Brazil) Agatha Paulita
Germany German Kerstin Julia Dietrich
Spain Spanish (Castilian) Natalia García She is also the voice actress for Marcy in Spain.
Hungary Hungarian Csifó Dorina
Indonesia Indonesian Lady Carmelita Novita She is also the voice actress for Sasha in Indonesian.
Japan Japanese Chihiro Uno (うの ちひろ)
South Korea Korean Jang Mi (장미) She is also the voice actress for Polly and Marcy in Korean.
Malaysia Malay Shasha Masella She is also the voice actress for Sasha in Malay.
Netherlands Dutch Relinde De Graaff
Poland Polish Aleksandra Kowalicka
Portugal Portuguese Solange Santos
Thailand Thai Noppawan Haemabutra (นพวรรณ เหมะบุตร)
Turkey Turkish Burçin Artut


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  • Despite stating that he didn't have any friends before he met Anne in "Best Fronds", it's revealed in "Dating Season" that Sprig has known Ivy for a longer time and that they are sparing partners/friends, meaning that Ivy was a friend before he and Anne met.
  • Her full name, Ivy Hibiscus Matcha Sundew, is revealed by Felicia in the episode "Ivy on the Run".

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