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Ever since then, I swore I'd never let my family down again. That I'd do anything to protect them.
—Hop Pop, "After the Rain"

Hopediah "Hop Pop" Plantar is the tritagonist of Amphibia. He is the traditional and over-protective grandfather of Sprig and Polly, and the guardian of Anne Boonchuy, until she finally returned back to her home.



Hop Pop is an elderly anthropomorphic frog of small stature. He has mostly reddish-orange skin with a light orange chin and chest.

His casual frog-like body structure consists of slightly reddish-orange eyes with black pupils, a dark green tongue, four short limbs with four-fingered hands, and two-toed feet and white tufts of hair on the sides of his head.


As his everyday clothing, he wears a grayish-green waistcoat with a buttoned yellow shirt and a light blue ascot and grayish-brown trousers with light brown socks that slightly cover his feet.

On Earth, Hop Pop wears a trenchcoat, a fedora, red glasses, a fake nose and a pair of slip on shoes.

During the episode "Froggy Little Christmas", Hop Pop wears antlers, a Santa outfit, Santa boots and a beard.


Hop Pop is described as a traditional and over-protective of his grandchildren. He also tends to have a high sense of paranoia whenever he feels something is, or something is bound to go chaotically wrong. As seen in cases such as "Best Fronds", when he woke up from his nap in his study, he feared that Anne might've eaten Sprig, Polly, and practically the entire town.

He also seems to mistrust the other Amphibians, saying that they are small-minded and paranoid, an ironic statement since he seems to be like that as well. He is also shown to be very dishonest.


Hopediah Plantar was born to Hop Poppity Pop Plantar and an unknown woman in the Plantar Farm in Wartwood, Amphibia.

In his young adult years, Hop Pop was a wagon driver (as seen in "The Shut-In!") before becoming a farmer. The Plantar Farm was still a farm, but it was after he lost his hair that he started working on the family farm, eventually having grandchildren and years later meeting Anne. He also met a frog named Sal whom respected tradition like him and was famous for his sandwiches but his friend decided to move to Newtopia and start a sandwich restaurant and he swore to visit the restaurant when he would go to Newtopia.

Hop Pop serves as the group's paternal figure. His fear of change and the world around him is at the root of much of his conflict. He does all he can to keep Anne, Sprig, and Polly anchored in his wisdom, hoping that they will be able to put everything he has told them into practice. Hop Pop seems to know more than he lets on, as seen in "Anne Vs. Wild", where he picks up details about the Calamity Box but fails to tell Anne and his grandkids about it to shield them, and then burying it out of fear in "Bizarre Bazaar".

As seen in "Hop-Popular", Hop Pop becomes more of a hero to the people of Wartwood for sticking up for them. He gains enough clout that the Toads outside of town begin to see him as a threat. He doesn't know he's made such a big deal about it until the episode "Reunion", which really scares him.


Sprig Plantar

Hop Pop is overprotective of his grandson and considers him to not be responsible enough, an opinion that drives Sprig to prove him wrong. He and Sprig go fishing every year as shown in the episode "Family Fishing Trip".

Polly Plantar

Hop Pop is overprotective of his granddaughter, though he still thinks she's much more responsible than Sprig. He does, however, prevent her from going out on her own because she's not old enough yet while letting Sprig and Anne do dangerous things there.

Anne Boonchuy

Anne and Hop Pop bonding.

Hop Pop initially saw Anne as more of a thing rather than a person upon first meeting. As a matter of fact, Hop Pop borderline disliked her due to her reckless nature, but as time went on however, he began to appreciate her presence and admitted to her that she reminded him of a younger version of himself. The two truly started to bond during the events in "Stakeout". Since then, Hop Pop has accepted her as a surrogate granddaughter of sorts; opting to give her advice whenever she needs it or, more precisely, when it suits her. He in turn has grown to listen to her in return such as when he needed advice on dancing in "Hop Pop and Lock". Much like his own grandchildren, he is unsure of what to do with himself once Anne leaves Amphibia. Hop Pop feels really guilty about lying to Anne about hiding the music box, which got worse when she found out and ran away. Through Sprig and Polly's encouragement, Hop Pop went looking for Anne in order to explain and apologize to her. After finding her, Hop Pop attempts to explain to Anne his reasons for lying to her, but got interrupted when they hear Sprig and Polly in trouble. Hop Pop convinced Anne to work together with him in order to save Sprig and Polly, which she agreed. Once Sprig and Polly are safe, Hop Pop explained to Anne, who decided to leave his family for good, his reasons for hiding the box was because of what happened to Sprig and Polly’s parents. Hop Pop tells Anne that he vowed to not let his family down again, even hiding the box and lying to her about it.

Anne forgives Hop Pop

However, Hop Pop realized that he was wrong as he tells Anne that she's his family too, then breaks down. Hop Pop apologized to Anne, who changed her mind about leaving and understands his intentions, for lying to her as she not only comforts him, but also forgives him. However, Hop Pop still feels that he has to make things right with Anne because he realized that his actions really caused a strain in their relationship. Hop Pop is trying to make it up to Anne and even asked what he had to do in order to make that happen. However, hearing that Anne doesn't know and needs time, Hop Pop not only understands her confusion but also tells her to take all the time she needs, which she appreciates. Also, Hop Pop apologizes to Anne for putting a lot pressure on her as she accepts his apology and they both admit that there still some issue that need fixing before they can fully put what happen between behind them.

Afterward, both are shown to have gotten over the Calamity Box conflict with Anne helping him adjust to Earth in season three.

In "The Hardest Thing", when hearing that the girls can't return to Amphibia after using what power remains of the stones in the Calamity Box to get back home, Hop Pop is the first one to realize that this means that this is the last time he'll see Anne. He shares a sweet goodbye with Anne, telling her that he was happy to have a granddaughter like her and offers her a home cooked meal and her old room back in case she ever does return. When the statue of Anne is unveiled 9 months later, Hop Pop can be seen looking at the statue sadly, showing that he still misses her.

Sasha Waybright

Hop Pop generally seems to have a negative relationship with Sasha mutually due to her aiding Grime in trying to kill him in "Reunion". He appears somewhat scared of her to the point of trying to forget about her in "Marcy at the Gates". Even when Sasha claimed to have reformed, he still didn't trust her or hold a very high opinion of her during episodes like "The Third Temple" and "The Dinner" to the point where he continues to taunt her over her actions in the latter (much to her anger). However, they put their differences aside in "True Colors" after realizing King Andrias is the bigger threat and work together to defeat him. When seeing Sasha leading the underground resistance in Wartwood, he doesn't appear to hold a grudge against her anymore and is respectful of her as a leader.

Marcy Wu

Hop Pop instantly got along well with Marcy when they met due to her interest and praise about farm culture. The two generally are shown to share a positive relationship with Marcy being the most interested among the kids in farming and even nerd out about seeds together in "Friend or Frobo?" and Hop Pop even sometimes considering Marcy an honorary granddaughter much like Anne though he does get annoyed by her mistaking him for a corpse in "Maddie & Marcy". However, their relationship is strained a bit in "True Colors" when it is revealed she intentionally planned on getting herself, Anne, and Sasha trapped in Amphibia, but she does try to make it up by aiding him and the rest of the group in fighting off Andrias' forces and helps him, Anne, Sprig, and Polly escape. He is shown to be horrified and saddened at Marcy's possible death when she is stabbed by King Andrias' sword.

Captain Grime

Hop Pop and Grime fighting Andrias's robots

The two share a hostile relationship toward one another due to Grime attempting to kill him in "Reunion" for the frog uprisings he inspired. This continues even when Grime claims to have reformed (only a manipulation tactic to get to Newtopia) where Hop Pop tells an insensitive joke about toads in "The Dinner" (though Grime claims to find the joke funny presumably to maintain his cover) and proceeding to insensitively bring up the destruction of Toad Tower when trying to guess what Sasha's drawing is. The two do put aside their differences in "True Colors" when they find out Andrias' true nature and fight off his robots together.

Sylvia Sundew

Hop Pop has had a history with Sylvia Sundew. Supposedly, the two of them were very close. While their initial separation is not explored, the fact that the two of them, now single, still love one another shows that their bond has been unbreakable. As seen in "Hop Pop and Lock", Hop Pop was concerned that she would turn him down due to his eccentric tastes and habits, but fortunately, she loves him for being a "weird one" as he danced with her. By "Family Fishing Trip", the two of them have officially become a couple.

Sadie Croaker

Hop Pop has a great deal of respect for Sadie Croaker, due to her being around longer. Out of all the people of Wartwood, Hop Pop tries to please her the most as she knew his family and believes that he retains the same moral code that his father and grandfather held. This is tested in "Plantar's Last Stand" where Hop Pop tried to lie his way through selling phony drinks. He ultimately realized that he could not betray Sadie's trust and admitted that he was lying, which Sadie appreciated.

Leopold Loggle

Hop Pop is shown to share a stable friendship with Loggle and is shown to value his opinions on the best kind of glue in "Family Shrub" though he accidentally gets Loggle glued to his back and drags him into the hidden rooms in the house against his will. He and Loggle team up with Sprig and Wally to form a jug band in "Battle of the Bands".

Mayor Toadstool

Initially, Hop Pop seemed to have a low opinion of the mayor due to his being responsible for raising the rent on the stand (causing him to go out of business initially) and later on embezzling the town's paid taxes in "Toad Tax". He would even prove to be his biggest opponent and run against him for mayor in "Hop-Popular" even when Toadstool tried to bribe him into losing the wrestling match. Hop Pop seems to have put his grudge with the mayor aside by the time of "Toad to Redemption" and helps him look bad in front of Jacinda at his request.

King Andrias

Hop Pop started off thinking highly of the king, even feeling nervous about looking good in front of him when preparing to meet him. However, this all changed when he found out Andrias' true nature and has seen him as an enemy since then especially after he nearly killed his grandchildren.

Mr. Boonchuy

After his grandchildren and him failed to help out the Boonchuys in bringing their family cat to the vet, he apologized to Mr. Boonchuy but the latter told him that there's no need to afterall he and his family took good care of his daughter when she was stuck in Amphibia.

Powers and abilities

  • Agriculture: Hop Pop is a professional farmer with ample experience from running the farm around his house and also selling the produce at the town market.
  • Zoology: Hop Pop is an expert in the indigenous fauna of Amphibia as he knows the behavior and physiology of every species he so far encountered.
  • Sound Mimicry: As shown in "Adventures in Catsitting", Hop Pop is skilled at mimicking the sound of a fire alarm that's very convincing to humans.
  • Great Stamina: As shown in "Fight at the Museum", Hop Pop is able to outrun the two security guards at the museum, even though he is 68 years old.


Behind the Scenes

Early Development

In "Amphibiland", Hop Pop was originally going to sport much different clothing, a rounder head, and smaller eyes than his final design.

Name and Basis

Hop Pop’s name references the fact that he’s the "poppa" of Sprig and Polly and the fact that frogs are known for hopping. His appearance also suggests that. His full name is Hopediah Plantar and Hop Pop is his nickname. The name Hopediah is a portmanteau of the verb "to hop" and the suffix "iah", which translated from Hebrew would be a diminutive of the name of the Abrahamic religions's God. Several other names, such as Obadiah, Jeremiah, Jedediah, Melchiah are formed from this suffix and are very popular among traditionalist farming communities in the United States. As such, Hop Pop's full name matches his farming background quite well. His last name, "Plantar" is the Latin term for the sole of the foot.


Hop Pop is voiced by Bill Farmer, known best for the voice of Goofy. His voice is high-pitched with a slight southern accent, a common stereotype for farm characters.


Hop Pop made his debut in the series premiere, "Anne or Beast?".

Foreign voice actors

Language version Actors Notes
Argentina Spanish (Latin America) Sergio Bermejo
Brazil Portugese (Brazil) Jorge Lucas
Czech Republic Czech Martin Zahálka
Germany German Christoph Jablonka
Denmark Danish Tom Jensen
Spain Spanish (Castilian) Santiago Salorio
France French Patrick Waleffe
Greece Greek Yannis Yfantis (Γιάννης Υφαντής)
Hungary Hungarian Csuha Lajos
Indonesia Indonesian Adith Siddiq Permana
Israel Hebrew Zvika Furman (צביקה פורמן)
Italy Italian Carlo Reali (Season 1)
Luca Dal Fabbro (Season 2-Present)
Japan Japanese Atsuyoshi Miyazaki (宮崎 敦吉)
South Korea Korean Lee Min-gyu (이민규)
Malaysia Malay Azizul Sani Salleh
Netherlands Dutch Lucas Dietens
Norway Norwegian Dennis Storhøi
Poland Polish Marek Robaczewski
Portugal Portuguese Ricardo Monteiro
Romania Romanian Pavel Bârsan
Russia Russian Alexander Luchinin (Александр Лучинин)
Sweden Swedish Anders Öjebo
Thailand Thai Thongchai Chanchamni (ธงชัย ชาญชำนิ)
Turkey Turkish Sait Seçkin
Ukraine Ukrainian Maksym Kondratyuk (Максим Кондратюк)


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  • Other residents of Wartwood see his dancing as weird and disgusting.[2]
  • He is a failed actor.[3]
  • He grows really spicy peppers called Pain Peppers which, according to Sprig, will "make you wish you were dead".[3]
  • Hop Pop once had a roommate that drove him bananas with his whistling and his disapproval of Hop Pop's need to clean his web crusties out.[4]
  • He reveals he is a "crisp 68".[1]
  • He and Anne come to a better understanding of one another after spending the night defending the Plantars' crops - they share a similar desire for the lives they used to live and protect each other when they encounter the culprit.[1]
  • His shoes have a similar appearance to Scrooge McDuck's spats.
  • In "Reunion", a frog was shown on the dissection table that looks very much like Hop Pop.
  • He is the mascot/symbol of an Amphibia-wide rebellious group, but he had no idea of it.[5]
  • Hop Pop is shown to be broke and creates I.O.U.s as a form of payment.[6] Nonetheless, he's able to sell the food that he harvested from his farm at his food stand.
  • Hop Pop has a hobby of model shipbuilding, as seen in the episode, "Children of the Spore".
  • Hop Pop luckily escaped a heron attack that occurred in Wartwood that killed Sprig and Polly's parents when he was on a travel. Unfortunately, this has resulted in survivor's guilt.
  • Throughout the second half of season 1, Hop Pop's strong Western accent has slowly disappeared compared to earlier episodes.
  • In the The Owl House episode, "Escaping Expulsion", one of Willow's books Lifestyle of the Common Swamp Toad has a picture of Hop Pop (with green eyes) on the cover.
  • Sometimes in the closed captions, his name is misspelled as "Hopadiah."
  • At the end of the "Broken Karaoke" short "Sidekicks", Hop Pop looks at Goofy, who is filming the video, and asks him, "Do I know you from somewhere?" This is a reference to Bill Farmer being the voice of both characters.
  • Hop Pop and Sylvia are the last characters from Amphibia to appear in the series.



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