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Say, Mr. Ponds, do you ever get the feeling that we exist simultaneously in multiple parallel universes? Completely unaware of the other's very existence?
—Frog Soos to Curator Ponds, "Wax Museum"

Frog Soos is a minor character of Amphibia. He works for Curator Ponds in the Curiosity Hut.



He is a large swamp-green frog with a lighter underbelly and yellow eyes. He is rather obese, with a wide build and a large chin.


His attire consists of beige shorts and an old, dark green T-shirt, depicting a question mark.


Frog Soos is an employee who works at the Curiosity Hut owned by the Curator Ponds, who captures rare wild creatures and turns them into wax figures. One day, a human girl named Anne Boonchuy came to the shop and spotted a Skip Man on display. After making a deal with Anne, the Curator tells Frog Soos that he hit the big dirt. While sweeping the floors, Frog Soos asked him if he had that feeling that they exist in different parallel worlds, each unaware of the other's very existence, but the Curator dismisses it as Frog Soos having licked himself again, and he giggles that his boss caught him, and then started licking himself.[3]

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Behind the scenes

Name and basis

Soos Ramirez

Frog Soos serves as an homage to the character Soos Ramirez from the Disney Channel series Gravity Falls.[1] He resembles Soos in appearance and attire, as well as sharing name, occupation, and voice actor. Soos, in turn, is inspired by Jesús Chambrot, a friend of Alex Hirsch while a student at Cal Arts University.[4]


Frog Soos is voiced by Alex Hirsch,[1] the creator of Gravity Falls and the voice of Soos himself, Stan, McGucket, and Bill Cipher in the same show. Hirsch also voiced King and Hooty from The Owl House, another Disney Television Animation produced series.


Frog Soos made his debut and only appearance in "Wax Museum".

Foreign voice actors

Language version Actors Notes
Argentina Spanish (Latin America) Gustavo Dardés
Brazil Portugese (Brazil) Marcelo Salsicha
Spain Spanish (Castilian) Sergio Rodríguez-Guisán
Poland Polish Jakub Szydłowski
Thailand Thai Rattanachai Lueangwongngam (รัตนชัย เหลืองวงศ์งาม)


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  • According to a cryptogram in the episode, there is a Soos in every dimension. This is referenced by his philosophical rant, which addresses the topic of counterparts in alternate dimensions unaware of the others' existence.
  • Frog Soos's species could be a poisonous dart frog, or possibly a hallucinogenic toad, as the Curator asks if he's been licking himself again suggesting that the poison may affect his thinking, referring to the common media trope of toad-licking.
    • Frog Soos licking his elbow is a reference to the real Soos trying to lick his elbow from the Gravity Falls episode, "Dreamscaperers".
  • According to Matt Braly, after Curator Ponds' death, he took over the Curiosity Hut.[2]
    • This references the finale of Gravity Falls, where Stan left Soos in charge of the Mystery Shack, so that Stan along with Ford could embark on an adventure to the Arctic Ocean.


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