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Polly, I will save you.
—Frobo's last words, "True Colors"

F0-R1, later named Frobo,[1] is a rogue Frobot that made his debut in the episode "Fort in the Road". He was accidentally created in an abandoned factory by Sprig after pulling a lever and initializing the production sequence in the abandoned factories. After following Anne and the Plantars to Newtopia, he got stuck in a hole on a cliff near the outskirts of the capital of Amphibia. After the Plantars began to make their journey back home, Frobo again pursued them and becomes their ally and part of the family after Polly takes responsibility of him.

During the episode "True Colors", Frobo is destroyed by King Andrias after trying to fight him. He is later reactivated by Polly in "Fixing Frobo", with only his head functional. During the episode "Escape to Amphibia", Frobo got upgraded with RC car parts to allow him to travel quickly without the need for limbs.

During the episode "All In", Polly finally fully fixes Frobo giving him a new complete body full of weapons using Anne's school's metal shop and robotics club.


Frobo was a large robotic frog with elongated, gray metal arms ending in slender fingers. His main body consists of overlapping metal sheets with a shiny frog foot sign along the middle. Placed upon his shoulders are brown, darkly shaded metal pauldrons with three metal studs. His head was mounted atop his body via bar extensions, featuring two brightly glowing optics representing its eyes with darker yellow pupils capable of turning red based on his emotions. His mouth consisted of a crescent speaker incapable of moving but allowing minimum speech, however in "Friend or Frobo?" it is introduced that through learning, he was capable of talking to a certain extent.

When he is repaired in "All In", he has a pink, purple, gold, and white color scheme. His general shape is quite similar to his original design, but with some changes. He also has a rainbow sticker on his wrist.


Although he is a robot, he doesn't appear to be very smart/intelligent when compared to Earth's 21st century counterparts, as he kept bumping into trees while walking, as seen in "Anne Hunter".

He also seems to be particularly caring, showing care for Polly in "True Colors", and "Fixing Frobo".

Due to being fairly newly created, he is shown to have a childish personality by looking up to Polly as an older sister.


While scouring the "Ruins of Despair" and stumbling into a factory, Sprig activates the factory's robot assembly line, starting the production process of Frobo's creation. After managing to stop the machine by putting Hop Pop's Road Rules in the disk slot, the factory proceeded to explode as the AI deemed Sprig, Hop Pop and Anne intruders and initiated a destruction phase. After the Plantars left the area and continued on their journey, Frobo climbs out of the ruins and watches them before pursuing them himself.

After secretly following the Plantars for weeks, Frobo finally reaches Newtopia, where he gets stuck in a crest atop a cliff on the outskirts of the city in "Lost in Newtopia".

Somehow, he got unstuck sometime during the group's adventures in Newtopia and continued following Anne and the Plantars who were heading back to Wartwood. He eventually caught up to them by the end of "Night Drivers" where his arms can be seen briefly reaching out to Sprig and Polly as they attempt to ride Bessie by themselves.

Eventually, he reaches them in Wartwood in "Friend or Frobo?" where he is befriended by Polly, who decided to name him "Frobo" based on his appearance and his similarity to a robot from Anne's video game. Throughout the day, Polly attempts to teach Frobo how to have fun like her only for him to cause destruction due to his bigger size. The townspeople attempt to attack him, but retreat when Frobo attacks them after Polly gets hurt. Frobo subdues Anne and Sprig and prepares his final blow when Polly stops him and takes responsibility for his actions; because of this, everyone begrudgingly lets him off the hook. The moment Marcy and Hop Pop meet the robot, Marcy immediately starts examining him while Hop Pop agrees to let Polly keep him due to his skills in farm work.

In "True Colors" Frobo accompanies the Plantars and their allies back to Newtopia to present King Andrias with the Calamity Box. However, things go awry when Sasha and Captain Grime double-cross them and overthrow Newtopia for the Toad Army. After General Yunan ambushes the guards escorting them and helps them escape, Frobo later assists Yunan and Polly in a frontal assault on the toads as part of the groups' plan to liberate the city, and later, he helps keep the toads from the tower containing the winch. After defeating Sasha and Grime, Frobo is present when Anne gives King Andrias the Calamity Box, only for Andrias to reveal his true nature as a tyrant and channels the Calamity Box's energy to the abandoned factories, which produces many frobots within moments. Frobo then gives Sasha and Grime their weapons back, and together, they battle Frobo's advanced counterparts. But when King Andrias attempts to crush Polly with his foot, Frobo wraps his arms around Andrias and stops him, proclaiming he will protect Polly. Irritated by Frobo's rebellion, King Andrias crushes Frobo with his fist, destroying him and leaving only his head.

In "The New Normal", Frobo's head is still in Anne's backpack following the Plantars' transfer to Earth. While the Plantars hide in garbage cans, Polly promises Frobo to bring him back online using Earth's technology.

In "Fixing Frobo", Polly has been trying to bring Frobo back online by using some appliances, but Anne, Hop Pop, and Sprig tell her not to fix Frobo until they get back to Amphibia. Using Anne's laptop, Polly looks everything up about robotics until she came upon a series of videos called the "IT Gals" belonging to Ally and Jess. Polly watches every one of their videos on how to build robotics and after a failed attempted using batteries, she decided to contact them. Using one of the Power Packs, Polly put it in Frobo and managed to bring him back online. However, Frobo acting with his original programming, took off and flew in the air with Polly to contact Andrias, only to suffer a booster malfunction. Just as they fall, one of Polly's tears restored Frobo's memories, and he placed Polly into his chest before crashing in the backyard. Frobo survived, but only as a head so Ally and Jess decided to help Polly fix Frobo.

In "Anne-sterminator", Polly is sitting on his head while they were watching a movie called Fumigator 4 with Sprig, Hop Pop, and Anne's parents. However, his reactivation causes the Cloak-Bot to locate Anne and the Plantars. When Cloak-Bot attacked the house, Anne, her parents, and the Plantars took off in the van, leaving Frobo behind.

In "Froggy Little Christmas", Frobo is in the basement watching Anne begin working on the float for the Christmas Parade. In the credits, Domino is lying on his head.

In "Escape to Amphibia", Polly brings Frobo to SpendCo and puts his head on a set of remote control car wheels. However, he and the Plantars were captured by Mr. X. Later, when X interrogated Polly if Frobo was a bomb he spit oil in his face. He and the Plantars are then rescued by Anne, her parents, and their friends and Ally and Jesse were impressed that Polly sort of fixed him. He and the Plantars later escape through the portal and back to Amphibia. However, when he, the Plantars, and Anne arrived in Amphibia, they see that most of Amphibia has become a wasteland as they see King Andrias' fortress in the sky in a distance.

In "Commander Anne", Frobo, Anne, and the Plantars saw what Amphibia has become, Frobots are patrolling the area, industrializing is polluting and destroying the land, and buildings are being crush. They return to Wartwood swamp, only to find it in ruins and then they're attack by a giant centpiede with a mind-controlling collar on it, but are later rescued by Sasha, Leopold Loggle, Sadie Croaker, and Wally Ribbiton who blasted the collar off the centipede using a Plasma cannon from a Frobot. Frobo later followed them to the basement which has become the resistance headquarters.

In "Olm Town Road", Anne puts her cellphone into Frobo to project the message that she and the Plantars found on the vase back on Earth and show it to the resistance.

In "Grime's Pupil", Polly used him as a bell during Sprig and Grime's battle against Grime's sister: Captain Beatrix.

In "The Beginning of the End", he snuck into Andrias' castle with Anne, Sasha, Grime, and the rest of the Plantars to steal the Calamity Box. However, they were all captured by Darcy along with General Yunan, Lady Olivia, Domino 2, and Joe Sparrow, who ordered them all fitted for mind-control collars and Andrias to open the portal to Los Angeles.

In "All In", he and the rest of Darcy's captives arrived on Earth as the invasion began. He used his laser eyes to break them all out of the castle, after which he went to Saint James Middle School with the rest of the group, where Polly upgraded him into Frobo 2.0. He would later assist Anne and the rest of the group in the battle against the Frobots and Wartwood herons, helping Polly shoot numerous Frobots and freeing her and Hop Pop from one of the herons, whose legs and wings they would later tie up. After Anne defeats Andrias in battle, he flew with her, the Plantars, and Domino 2 to save Marcy, after which they returned to Amphibia.

In "The Hardest Thing", he is seen carrying Andrias to the ground outside the castle. Later, after Anne absorbs the full power of all three Calamity Gems, Sprig orders Frobo to fly him up to Anne to prevent her sacrifice. He later takes Anne back to Earth after she destroys the Core, mourning her death with everyone else. When Anne is resurrected, he joins in on the group hug with Sasha, Marcy, the other Plantars, and Grime. Some time later, he is among the party bidding the girls goodbye as they return to Earth, hugging Anne with Bessie and the Plantars. Nine months later, he is still living with the Plantars and helping on their farm, last being seen watering some of the plants.

Powers and abilities

  • Lasers: He can shoot two extremely lethal high concentrated laser beams from his optics.
  • Enhanced Durability: Being made of some kind of unknown durable metal, his enhanced durability meant Anne's racket couldn't even scratch him at all. However, his body was unable to survive an attack by King Andrias.
  • Toast Compartment: He has a toaster in the back of his head.
  • Projection: Frobo can project movies with his eyes when playing a DVD.
  • Sphere Morphing: He can transform to a metal ball form, in which he can use as transformation for faster speed or as a literal wrecking ball.
  • Enhanced Jumping: Thanks to the thruster packs acting like a jetpack in his back, he can launch himself very high in the air.
  • Enhanced Strength: His enhanced strength lets him easily pull out and send Stumpy's Diner into midair then put it right back to the ground without any problems.
  • Enhanced Speed (via sphere transformation): He can roll around quickly.
  • Fog Generation: He can produce fog like a fog machine as shown in "Battle of the Bands".
  • Tool Generation: He can change his hands into different types of tools for different types of purposes, such as a hoe, or a battleaxe.
  • Stretchy Arms: He can stretch and increase the length of his arms, even wrapping them several times around an opponent to restrain them.
  • 360 Vision: He can spin around his head to see the surrounding area.
  • Machine Guns: After being upgraded and rebuilt by Polly, Frobo now possesses a bunch of machine guns to use as weapons as well as smaller ones for Polly herself to use.


Behind the scenes


Frobo debuted in the season 2 episode, "Fort in the Road".

Foreign voice actors

Language version Actors Notes
Italy Italian Antonio Viola
South Korea Korean Nam Doh-hyeong (남도형)
Poland Polish Mateusz Kwiecień


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  • His name was revealed in the official Instagram for Disney Television Animation.[2]
  • His friendly demeanor and friendship with Polly was also revealed in a Instagram story post on the DTA Instagram channel. This was during the hiatus between "A Day at the Aquarium" and "Night Drivers", meaning his role (which was a mystery upon this point) was revealed before the episode "Friend or Frobo?" aired.
  • His sphere transformation might be a reference to Sonic the Hedghog.
  • His arm design is similar to the Robots shown in the film Laputa: Castle in the Sky.
  • Frobo is immune to the Calamity Box's activation due to being rogue manufactured beforehand, which severed him from the other Frobots' network.
  • His name was a portmanteau of "frog" and "robo".
  • Marcy's Journal: A Guide to Amphibia reveals that his original programming was overridden by Hop Pop's Road Rules book when Sprig jammed it into the "ruins of despair" factory disk slot.
    • This also reveals that Andrias's assessment in "True Colors" that Frobo was defective was technically correct.
    • It is unknown if the book stayed in Frobo after being rebuilt by Polly in "All In".


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