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Let rage give you strength. If you funnel it correctly, it can be a secret weapon.
—Grime, "Grime's Pupil"

Captain Grimothy "Grime"[1] is a major character in Amphibia.

He was the captain of the Toad Army garrison of Frog Valley's Toad Tower until the destruction of the tower. He was branded a fugitive for abandoning his post, and planned with Sasha Waybright to overthrow King Andrias. However, after finding out that the king is a megalomaniacal tyrant that seeks to use the power of the Calamity Box to take over all worlds, Grime decides to form a rebellion against him with Sasha and the citizens of Wartwood Swamp.


Grime is a green toad with a large and muscular build. His left eye glows yellow-green and is in a constant squint, while his right eye is marked with a pink scar, pale blue, and dull due to the injury. His eyes do not have visible pupils. He possesses sharp, yellow teeth. He wears brown metal armor with a dark mauve cape.

After losing his army, Grime temporarily sports a gray beard with a line in the middle, as well as being less muscular, with a round stomach.[2] After this, he shaves and returns to his muscular frame, as well as donning a new brown cape and red armor (matching that of Sasha's). By "Commander Anne", his armor has faded and there's an x-shaped dent around his stomach.

During the penultimate episode, Grime's left arm is sliced off when he saved Sasha during the battle with Darcy. In the epilogue, he's grown his beard again and keeps it braided while now wearing white clothing with gold armor to represent his status as a delegate.


Grime feels he must always be respected with his discipline among his former crew of toad soldiers, and before Sasha told him that his army would respect and listen to him better if he were nicer, he was very rude and disrespectful to his army. He was likely this way because he expected them all to toughen up from his downplayed words, but it only ended up making the other toads feel weaker and worse off. Since then, he has been very respectful to his toads and continues to honor their loyalty to him, and in return, they strictly begin to follow his commands.

His frustration can still be shown at times after having become aware of the conflict and rebellion proceeding throughout Amphibia, with many villages beginning to rise up to the toads and refusing to pay up during their monthly tax collecting trips. But his confidence in restoring order has continued to lift as not only have his fellow toads' spirits brightened up, but he believes with someone as ruthless as Sasha by his side, he can succeed in his mission.

Though he has his bad side, he still respects those who aid or care for him. He holds Sasha with high esteem since she saved him from a heron, and even returned the favor by saving Sasha as she was falling from the crumbling Toad Tower even though he was risking his own life, and was clearly furious at the Plantars when she appeared injured. His bond and friendship with Sasha is further explored in the second season, as the two are often shown looking out for one another, working as a team effectively, and plotting to rule Amphibia together, with Grime even gifting her a second sword so she can dual-wield when they temporarily take over Newtopia. It is because of his friendship with Sasha that Grime eventually grows as a character and becomes a true hero, no longer interested in power and control but instead seeking to liberate Amphibia from King Andrias' tyranny, even working with the frogs of Wartwood that he once subjugated to accomplish this.


Capturing Sasha

Malevolent Grime

Grime and the Toad Army look down on Sasha who was captured.

Sasha was captured into the position of Captain Grime and the Toads after being teleported to the land of Amphibia.[3] Grime quickly became suspicious of Sasha, questioning her who sent her. He also brought the matching shoe of Anne, which brought him to the conclusion that Sasha has lied about there being more humans in the world.[4]

Herons attack

Grime amphibiav1

Grime is angered that the Toad Army is being disobedient.

Grime checks on the Toad Army downstairs who are all goofing off and acting disruptive. He gets angered that the toads are acting childish and punches one of the walls which makes the toads cease their problematic behavior. He then tells the Toads that he is sick of their behavior and wants them to stop. Grime goes and checks up on Sasha, who is still in her cell and proud of herself for getting a couple of Grime's soldiers to quit their jobs. He is then interrupted by Sasha, who is telling him that she doesn't know how she got there and that she wishes to return home. Just then, Percy noisily walks outside the gates of the tower which attracts two monster herons, which causes Percy to flee back to the Tower with the herons following close after.[4]

Heron fight

Sasha and Grime fight the monster herons.

Grime watches as one of the herons bursts into the side of the cell and Sasha screams and gets lose from the chain that held her to the wall. Grime then tells Sasha to help him fight, but is unamused as she runs right past him. He is shocked as Sasha runs back with a barrel and throws it at the heron and it flees. Grime, stunned in Sasha's ability asks how she was able to do that which she answers "cheerleading." They then travel to a bunker, where a bunch of whiny toads are scared for their lives.[4]

Grime gets frustrated but is quickly interrupted by Sasha and she takes him behind one of the flags. Grime believes he must be very respected and demanding to his army. Sasha then tells him that if he is nicer, his army would comply and listen more, as Grime is generally cruel and insulting to his army. Quite certainly that he thought using his less impressive vocabulary would toughen them up. However, this just made the other toads feel worse, and Grime has been doing his best ever since, continuing to show more regard for his soldiers' loyalty, resulting in them solely following his orders.[4]

The "banquet"

Short time later, Grime, Sasha, and the toads arrive in Wartwood,[5] pretending to be holding a banquet for everybody. Sasha informs Anne that the toads have devised a strategy to put down a revolt that has recently surfaced, with Hop Pop's actions being the cause of it, so Grime would feed him to a giant plant creature outside.[6]


Grime chuckles as Anne disrespects Sasha's orders.

Sasha starts talking down to Anne by manipulating her and convincing her to lay down her sword, but Sprig gets through to her by hitting her with a mud ball and calling her a bully. Anne eventually battles back after learning that Sasha has been using her to manipulate her. Grime is impressed and orders the two to duel. They can all go home if Anne wins, but if Sasha wins, Hop Pop will be fed to the giant plant. Anne defeats Sasha in the fight but Grime, never intending to honor his word, still attempts to throw Hop Pop off the edge, only to be interrupted by Wally's boomshrooms. Anne tries to save Sasha from the collapsing tower while everyone else evacuates, but Sasha lets herself go, admitting that she is better off without her. Grime saves her when she falls. As the toads take Sasha away and Anne cries with the Plantars soothing her, everyone manages to escape successfully.[6]

Branded as a traitor

Sasha and Grime

Sasha is angered at Grime and his lack of cooperation.

Sometime later, Grime becomes depressive, after becoming a refugee to Newtopia due to the destruction of the South Toad Tower. He and Sasha decided to relocate in an old mill house to hide from the Newtopian guards on the lookout for him. While he stayed in the mill house, he used Sasha's phone to binge watch Suspicion Island. Sasha has tried to get Grime back on his feet as she is worried that one day they could be ambushed by a Newtopian guard. Little to his knowledge, General Yunan of Newtopia located Grime and Sasha after eavesdropping on Percy and Braddock who revealed Grime's whereabouts. Angered, Sasha then taunts General Yunan and her lack of an army which causes Yunan to slice down numerous trees from behind her causing Grime and Sasha to flee the scene.

Toadcatcher (342)

Grime develops a plan and insists on finishing the rest of Suspicion Island.

As Grime was running beside Sasha, he told Sasha he wasn't able to do this and for her to leave without him. She denied that offer and informed him that she cared for him and he was the only friend she had left. This fueled Grime's positivity which played as Grime and Sasha were able to defeat Yunan by working together. They celebrate in which Grime thinks of a new plan, which is to forget Toad Tower, forget working for the king, he wants the toads to rule Amphibia. Sasha agrees and Grime goes off to watch the rest of Suspicion Island.[2]

Conquer plans

In the North Tower, Grime and Sasha are gathering support for their rebellion against King Andrias, and agree to go on the risky proposition to get the mythical Barrel's Warhammer. Arriving to find it, it is stuck on a narwhal worm. Grime is unable to remove the hammer at first, but after Sasha removes it, they both hold it and hit the beast, knocking it out before it destroys the tower. While the duty is complete, an unhappy Percy and Braddock depart Sasha, with Grime consulting her not everyone is willing to take the risk.[1]

At the last temple, he and Sasha arrive mysteriously as cloaked figures, which Frobo simply shrugs off. Due to the conditions of the heat, he gets dehydrated and weak but continues on with Sasha, Marcy, Anne, and the Plantars. As Sasha explained, they went hiding and lost everything after the Toad Tower incident. Approaching the final chamber, a giant rock monster changes the gravitational force, rendering him and the Plantars unable to proceed to the final challenge. After Sasha destroys the beast, he is freed. At the entrance, he makes sure Sasha hasn't forgotten the plan to use the two so they can get back into Newtopia, which she shows hesitation towards.[7]


Captain Beatrix

Beatrix is Grime's older sister, but they don't seem to get along very well, most likely because Grime picked on her when they were younger. Even when Beatrix commends her brother, she acts condescending towards him; mockingly calling him by his real name "Grimothy".

Sasha Waybright

Grime kept Sasha prisoner while she in turn made his job and his life difficult by convincing some of his toad soldiers to quit. When the herons attacked the Toad Tower, Sasha helped Grime fight the herons, and he would let her leave the Tower and find her friends. Seeing how useful she can be, Grime offers her to go wander in the forest or stay in Toad Tower and become his second-in-command, and she accepts. Sasha helped Grime with his plan to execute Hop Pop for "making a rebellion", they would take all of Wartwood to a banquet to carry out their plan, plus they tracked down Anne. After Sasha and Anne's fight, and the collapse of the Toad Tower, Grime saves Sasha from falling to her demise, proving that he truly cares about Sasha. After Grime became a wanted criminal after losing control of Wartwood, she tried to convince him to fight back, but was unsuccessful until General Yunan attacked them. While they run from Yunan, Grime surmises that Sasha's training is not because they lost the fight at the tower, but because she lost Anne as her friend. Sasha admits that she is training so as not to lose another friend, which is Grime himself. After defeating Yunan, a reinvigorated Grime decides he now wants to rule the world and Sasha with new confidence supports his new goal. But between Percy and Braddock's departure because of her disregard for their safety, and her guilt at having tricked Anne and Marcy into gaining access to Newtopia, Sasha begins to doubt her loyalty to Grime's cause. However, when they discover a mural depicting the true nature of King Andrias, Sasha and Grime work together with Anne, to try to stop the king from using the Calamity Box for nefarious purposes.

They continue to support one another when starting up an underground resistance in Wartwood, with Grime even choosing to stay with Sasha to train Wartwood over going back to the Toad Army.

When "Darcy" cuts off Grime's left arm, he tells her about how much better his life had changed because of her, and he gives her the motivation to defeat the Core.

When it's time for Sasha to leave Amphibia forever due to the stones only having enough power to transport her and her friends back to earth once, both her and Grime try to exchange a tough and strict goodbye. However, they find themselves unable to do so and they break down crying, lamenting how much they will miss each other. Grime promises Sasha to find Braddock and Percy to help her make amends with them. After Sasha's departure, Grime keeps her silver heron sword, and was presumably the one who put the pink sword by the Newtopian cliffs where she went home.

Plantar family

The Dinner-00561

Grime offers a famous traditional toad dessert.

After learning of Hop Pop inspiring revolutions all over Frog Valley, he decided to eliminate the elderly Frog, only to be thwarted by Anne Boonchuy and her allies. He and Sasha pretended to be reformed so they could use Anne and the Plantars to gain access to Newtopia for their invasion plan. However, while gaining their trust he seemed to genuinely enjoy their company despite a few awkward moments. This trust was put in extreme jeopardy when Sasha and Grime staged their coup. When trying to stop Anne and her allies from foiling the siege on the capital, Grime was surprised when Sprig managed to defeat him. When King Andrias showed his real malevolent intentions the Plantars put aside their differences with Grime and Sasha to stop the giant newt king's plans of conquest. He is also shown to be noticeably shocked when Andrias threw Sprig out the window in an attempt to kill him.

When they return to Amphibia, there doesn't seem to be much hard feelings from Hop Pop and Polly. He initially still wasn't fond of Sprig due to being upset at him for defeating him in the toad rebellion, but eventually grows a soft spot for him after seeing what a capable fighter he is.

Anne Boonchuy

Grime and Anne were initially opposed, as Grime had captured the residents of Wartwood with the goal of executing Hop Pop. He proposed the duel between Anne and Sasha to decide Hop Pop's fate. When Anne wins the duel and asks to leave with Hop Pop and the other frogs of Wartwood, Grime goes back on his word, attempting to kill Hop Pop anyways.

Later, Grime claims to be reformed alongside Sasha, attempting to earn the trust of Anne as a means to enter Newtopia. After King Andrias' true intentions are revealed, Anne and Grime put aside their differences to help fight off King Andrias. He fights alongside Sasha to keep Andrias occupied and give Anne and Marcy a chance at escape. He is also noticeably shocked at the powers granted to Anne by the Calamity Box.

When Anne returns to Amphibia, the two seem to get along fine and help Sasha in leading the resistance as well as delivering the good news and bad news in town meetings. When Anne dies and later returns to life, Grime is shown to have respected her enough to be among the many who shed tears of sadness and joy respectively.

Marcy Wu

Grime and Marcy have not had much interaction, and Grime seems to consider her irrelevant, except for the fact that he and Sasha needed her to gain access to Newtopia. He does fight alongside her in "True Colors" after Andrias reveals his intentions.

Toad Army

Initially, Grime was very negative towards his army, issuing harsh punishments and speaking to them demeaningly. After taking Sasha's advice and using praise to win their favor, he begins to treat them better, seeing them improve in turn. By the events of "Barrel's Warhammer", he has realized the limitations of his troops and allows Percy and Braddock to leave after Sasha puts them in too much danger. When Sasha had to leave Amphibia forever, Grime promised that he'd apologize to Percy and Braddock for Sasha and tell them that she'll never forget them.

King Andrias

After losing leadership of Toad Tower, Grime decided to overthrow King Andrias and take over Amphibia. He was able to grant support from the other Toad Towers in order to stage his invasion. In "True Colors", Grime finally met Andrias and fought the king where he ordered the royal guard to surrender as he threatened to kill Andrias. Then, when sending Andrias to the dungeon, Grime taunted the king of the coming invasion. However, upon discovering the true nature of Andrias, depicted in a hidden mural, Grime was horrified to see the king was not as benevolent as everyone thought and was possibly even worse in personality than him. After Andrias blew up the Northern Toad Tower as a demonstration of his power, Grime was horrified and worked with Sasha, Anne, Marcy, and the Plantars in stopping the king from invading Earth. Once Anne bested Andrias with her Calamity powers, Grime and Sasha fought Andrias to give Anne and the Plantars time to escape to Earth before the two were defeated by him.

However, Grime and Sasha were able to escape from Andrias where they retreated to Wartwood and started to rally the town's citizens in forming a second rebellion against Andrias.

In "The Hardest Thing" Grime is the first to witness Andrias's active redemption efforts. Initially, he demanded to know what Andrias is doing after the latter receives a plea to help from the Core, but Andrias vaguely answers he is doing "what [he] must" and sends his last frobots to the battle between the Core and the fully powered Calamity Trio. When the frobots are revealed to be helping push back the moon, Grime is amazed that Andrias was "finally doing something useful".


Behind the scenes

Early development

In Amphibiland, the pale pupil of Grime's scarred eye was outlined, while his other eye appeared more orange than green or yellow. The texture on his clothes was more simplistic, and his voice was much deeper.

Name and basis

The word Grime means 'dirt, soot, or other filthy matter, especially adhering to or embedded in a surface'.


Grime is voiced by Troy Baker. He has an Austrian accent.

Bill Farmer originally voiced Grime in the "Amphiland" pilot before Baker was cast.


Grime debuted in the episode, "Prison Break". Prior to this episode, he made a speaking cameo at the end of "Best Fronds".

Foreign voice actors

Language version Actors Notes
Argentina Spanish (Latin America) Santiago Maurig
Brazil Portugese (Brazil) Mauro Castro
Germany German Gerhard Jilka
Spain Spanish (Castilian) Gonzalo Failde
France French Pierre Bodson
Indonesia Indonesian Juni Faif
Italy Italian Roberto Draghetti (season 1)
Pasquale Anselmo (season 2 and 3)
Japan Japanese Masaomi Yamahashi (山橋 正臣)
South Korea Korean Lee Hyun (이현)
Malaysia Malay Shazali Shamsudinq
Netherlands Dutch Marcel Jonker
Poland Polish Jacek Król
Portugal Portuguese João Vicente
Romania Romanian Tomi Cristin
Sweden Swedish Andreas Nilsson
Thailand Thai Phichapop Pattarakulniyom (พิชาภพ ภัทรกูลนิยม)


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  • Grime enjoys Suspicion Island.[2]
  • Prior to becoming captain, Grime was a gladiator, fighting in the Newtopian coliseum.[2]
  • Grime plays the harp extremely well.[8]
  • It is revealed during the episode "True Colors" that Grime is blind in one eye (blue).
  • In the The Owl House episode "Thanks to Them", a boy is dressed up as Grime in the Gravesfield's Halloween festival.
  • His green eye is his "good eye".


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