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Bibsy is a fictional media character in Amphibia. He is a fictitious rabbit that is very popular on Earth, generating a lot of media related to him.



Bibsy is a light purple rabbit with long ears, off-white eyes, and black pupils. He also has long legs and arms.


Bibsy wears a small red ribbon.

In some media such as t-shirts[1][2] or posters,[3] he is seen wearing sunglasses or a train driver's uniform.[3]


Bibsy is a fictional rabbit, which is quite popular in Earth's popular culture. It has generated several products inspired by him, such as an amusement park called "Bibsy World" which has T-shirts for its promotion,[1][2] a movie titled "Memorial Day",[3] stuffed animals,[2] and even animations of him dancing humorously.[4]


Behind the scenes[]

Name and basis[]

According to Matt Braly in the Gallery Nucleus Q&A panel, Bibsy is inspired by Mickey Mouse, Kermit the Frog, and Bugs Bunny, being a combination of the three. He also considers Bibsy as Amphibia's Mickey Mouse version.[5]


Bibsy had a first appearance in "Adventures in Catsitting" on a t-shirt, before making a formal debut in "Fixing Frobo".


  • Bibsy became an inside joke among the show's crew during the third season, having cameos in different ways in several episodes.[5]
  • Cassie Zwart owns a Bibsy puppet, made by herself.[6]
  • The Bibsy-inspired theme park, "Bibsy World", appears to be based on Walt Disney World, reinforcing Bibsy as a parallel to Mickey Mouse.
  • The Bibsy's animation "Bibsy_busts_a_move.gif" from "Fixing Frobo" is based on the popular meme of Kermit the Frog, Dancing Kermit, with the exact same idea.


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