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All I wanted was this town's respect. But just because these people treated me crummy doesn't mean I'm gonna do the same to them. I'm done with this. I don’t care if they've broken the law. You can't treat people like this!
—Anne, Toad Tax

Anne Savisa Boonchuy (boon-choy) is the main protagonist of Amphibia. She is a 13-year-old Thai-American human girl in 7th grade who stole the Calamity Box for her friends Sasha and Marcy on her 13th birthday; the same night that took them to the mystical and dangerous world of Amphibia.

While lost on a strange continent in the shape of a lily pad, Anne finds a new best friend, an enthusiastic young 10-year-old frog named Sprig Plantar. Together they start seeking adventures and exploring the secrets of the world of Amphibia. Anne and her new frog family try to uncover the mystery behind the Calamity Box and a way to get Anne back home, along with trying to find her two other friends who were transported with her.




Anne is a Thai-American teenage girl with a slender build, and has light brown skin and messy auburn hair. She is noticeably taller than Marcy but shorter than Sasha. Anne also has dark brown eyes which only appear when she is feeling fear. Anne has two small leaves and a stick stuck in her hair for the duration of her time on Amphibia. Even when she removes them when she changes outfits, they always reappear once she wears her normal outfit again or by the next episode. The leaves and stick are no longer present upon Anne's return to her world.

When she was younger, her hair was braided into a tuft on one side.[1]

After awakening her blue gem calamity powers in "True Colors", Anne now has the ability to activate a super mode of sorts. When she does so, her hair and eyes become a neon blue color and she obtains antler like twigs in her hair which have flowers growing on them.



During season one and two Anne wore a school uniform as her everyday outfit. It consisted of a pale blue t-shirt with a purple collar and an "SJMS" (Saint James Middle School) crest embroidered on it, a short purple skirt, a pair of yellow sneakers with white lining, and white socks. She also carried a magenta pink backpack with a TUFSTUF logo on it, which contains all of her personal belongings. Following her transportation to Amphibia, she lost her right shoe, and her shirt has a stain on the right front side.

After returning to Earth, she now wears her casual clothes instead of her school uniform. They consist of a white t-shirt with pink sleeves and an orange flame symbol on the front, light blue jean shorts, a yellow jacket with pockets and a dark frog symbol at the back that she ties around her waist, a pair of white socks with pink colors at the toe areas and a pair of purple and white sneakers.

In "Bessie & MicroAngelo", "The Third Temple" and "True Colors", she began wearing a gold chest armor with blue trim and frog symbol.

Anne has several other clothing appearances throughout the show:

In "Lily Pad Thai", she wears traditional Thai attire known as a "Sabai", consisting of a green wrapped skirt with geometric print, a cream breast cloth draped over one shoulder, a chain of flowers in her hair, and an elaborate flower bracelet on her wrist.

In "Anne Hunter", she imagines herself in a black suit with black boots and a chestplate. The leaves are also gone from her hair. She has a black bow and a blue-tipped arrow.

In "Hop Pop and Lock", Anne wears her bun on her head with a green ribbon tying it together, with a light pink headband. She also wears a green undershirt with a slightly darker pink T-Shirt. She also wears dark brown athletic shorts complemented by fuzzy pink legging cuffs. During the dance, she wears a dark marine blue dress with her hair tied onto one side with a blue ribbon.

In "Girl Time", she wears her cleansed hair flat reaching her shoulders after a spa and haircut treatment. She also wears a dark lime and yellow knee-length dress with a cross-stitched across the chest. She also wears light brown shoes with black laces.

In "Best Fronds" and “Sprig vs. Hop Pop”, Anne wears her swimming kit which consists of a sleeveless black shirt, with cyan linings across the sides. She wears lilac-colored shorts and dark aquamarine sandals, which contain yellow straps.

In "Flood, Sweat & Tears" and "The Sleepover to End All Sleepovers", she wears her sleeping attire which include a plain white T-shirt along with dark purple shorts with a violet-colored stripe.

In "Stakeout" during her hallucination, she wears her normal clothing, however, her hair doesn’t have the leaves that are typically shown in the series. Instead, her hair glows many shades of blue, purple, and pink, as her entire body, including a small twig in her hair, glows with a blue and purple hue, which almost resembles her calamity powered hair from "True Colors".

In "Anne of the Year" for her Frog of the Year party, her hair is cleansed, straightened, and styled in a way that resembles a pixie cut. She wears bachelor clothes consisting of a white tuxedo, a black bowtie, a powder blue undershirt, light gray lapels, a small gold button that pins the coat together, and a purple sash that wraps from her right shoulder all the way to her back. Her dress shoes are peanut brown and of a darker shade near the toe, heel, and tongue and have black hidden knot laces.

In "The Big Bugball Game", she wears black shorts and a Team Farmers shirt with purple and yellow stripes, and a yellow 'F' on the front. She also wears a blindfold at the end of the episode.

In "Reunion" during the flashback on Earth, her design is identical except that she has her right shoe, meaning this was before the series started. During the battle, Anne wears her normal outfit but along with brown metal breastplate armor, a green metal pauldron that has a frog foot symbol on her left shoulder and leather bands.

In part of "Civil Wart" and "New Wartwood", Anne is seen wearing a dark gray zipped hoodie with darker hems and cuffs and a small "SJMS" (Saint James Middle School) crest on the front. In "Wally and Anne", she's seen wearing a similar hoodie, but with no crest and no zipper.

During the episode "Thai Feud", Anne wears a green apron, a red bandana and a barrette.

During the episode "Temple Frogs", Anne wears a Thai Go hat.

In "Fight at the Museum", "Temple Frogs", "Fixing Frobo", "Anne-sterminator", "Mr. X", "Sprig's Birthday", "Hollywood Hop Pop", "If You Give a Frog a Cookie", and "Froggy Little Christmas", Anne was shown without her yellow jacket.

In "Sprig's Birthday" and "Spider-Sprig", Anne wears her yellow jacket that she ties around her waist.

During the episode "Froggy Little Christmas", Anne wears a Santa hat, green sweater, a yellow scarf, a red plaid skirt, a candy cane and misletoe hairclip and a pair of brown ugg boots.


Anne running as seen in "Anne Hunter".

Anne was described as "Self-Centered" by the official series description and as "fearless and independent" by her voice actress. As an example, in "Anne or Beast?" she was brave enough to hold back the red praying mantis that was twice her size, in the hopes that Sprig and the Wartwood townsfolk could flee unharmed. Also judging by her appearance, she is seemingly filled with an adventurous spirit, curiosity, and excitement. Anne would show a dislike to pineapples (especially as a pizza topping) and will threaten anyone mentioning it.

She is also a bit of a rule-breaker, not respecting the limitations on her freedom within both Amphibia and the human world. As seen in episodes like "Best Fronds", Anne not only stole a music box while knowing it wasn't right to, but she also showcases somewhat of a stubborn personality, this was shown throughout the series from when Anne pushed Sprig to go to the lake even though Hop Pop specifically told not to as he was still having doubts with Anne - thinking how he shouldn't let a "monster" that is Anne wander outside and might terrorize the town (however, both of these instances had the underlying context of Anne's insecurity and lack of social confidence influencing her poor decisions out of fear of damaging the bonds with those close to her).

Anne is also shown to have a particular desire for friends, so much so that she did anything back on Earth to be friends with Sasha and Marcy, as she believed they wouldn't want to be friends with her if she didn't listen to their requests. Despite her wild nature, she also shows to be caring to her friends and can take a favor, one being as how she was willing to break up Sprig and Maddie because of how anxious and stressed Sprig is. Sometimes called "Angel of Death", it was also implied that she had done this to her other human friends. Oftentimes, Anne knows the wrong decisions she makes aren't right, but she isn't willing to admit it unless she was under massive amounts of pressure. In an episode such as "Contagi-Anne", she learned her mistake when she knew it wasn't the right idea to fake her sickness, as it was likely the reason the rest of the Plantar family became sick due to an extra workload during a storm. She did attempt to make up for her mistake by taking care of the Plantars in their sick state, but she didn't admit her errors to the family until she believed they were going to die from the "disease" they caught.

Anne is a child of the modern era. Anne is a pop-culture enthusiast with a love for young-adult romance and adventure movies and TV and also reads manga. She has sometimes said slang words and internet acronyms such as "Lit", "IRL" "BRB" and used the shrug emoji when she wrote a letter to announce Sprig's breakup. Whenever she has downtime, she's pretty much always seen on her phone, listening to music, watching shows and films she downloaded and sometimes looking at or showing others pictures of her home. Anne's obsession with her phone has been implied to be more sentimental in nature - as she is shown to seems to care most for the uses and memories the phone contains.

Anne's true selfless nature comes out when others are in danger. In these situations, Anne is willing to do seemingly anything to protect others, such as climbing entire mountains, fighting giant monsters and even standing up to entire armies. A natural athlete, Anne is great at several athletic activities, such as basketball and swimming. She's also seen to be interested in and to participate in sports such as Tennis and Baseball (or a variation of it played by the Plantar Siblings). Being in shape, and as Humans are naturally stronger than most frogs and frog prey, Anne has proven herself time and time again to be a selfless and heroic defender of her people.

Anne is kindhearted and warm with a romantic heart. Though her actual romantic relationships haven't been mentioned much, she takes great interest in the romantic lives of her loved ones - going far out of her way to try to make Sprig and Hop Pop confess their feelings to their crushes respectively. Despite this, she can be downright brutal with her breakups, giving her the title of "Angel of Death" back on Earth. She's also a practitioner of easy-break ups, advocating Sprig break up with over a letter.

Anne cares about her adoptive family very much and greatly enjoys hanging out with them, especially Sprig and Polly. Within the first few months of her stay, she started referring to them as her family and after the Battle of the Tower, she told them all that they were family to her. After she became famous, she off-handily told them all that she loved them as she pushed them out of her room.

Anne standing up to the Tax Collectors in "Toad Tax".

She is also sometimes naïve, depicted in how she is easily manipulated by her human friends so she's a pushover. In "Best Fronds", it was implied that she used to have an unhealthy relationship with Sasha, stating that when someone needs something, that said friends give it to him/her. However, in "Reunion" she stood up to Sasha stating that Sprig was a better friend to her than Sasha as it was seen throughout the series.

Anne realizing the events of "Anne or Beast?" were not a dream.

Anne comes from a Thai-American family. She was also shown to be friends with two girls named Sasha and Marcy. However, in "Best Fronds", it is strongly implied that they were actually taking advantage of her, as she claims that one must do anything a friend wants oneself to do to keep the friendship alive, should one want to do it or not. One day, her "friends" forced her to steal a mysterious box from a store. Once she opened it, Anne (along with, unbeknownst to her, Sasha and Marcy) was transported to Amphibia, a world with anthropomorphic frogs and dangerous creatures. For some time, she was forced to live in a cave, which was very unpleasant for her, especially at night (as giant creatures tried to eat her). The cave was a very dark, scary place at the time Anne stayed there for shelter. In "Reunion" according to Anne, she has been eating "garbage" for quite a few months.

As revealed in a flashback in "Reunion", Anne started off as a slightly conceited girl who nevertheless embraced her ethnic roots. She was best friends with a girl named Sasha who tended to push her around through peer pressure. At her behest, she abandoned her own birthday party set up by her family to go and steal a music box at a thrift store with her friends. The box transported her to Amphibia where she spent the first couple of weeks fending for herself in the wild.

Upon meeting the native Amphibians, Anne was taken aback by their way of living. It is only when she started living with the Plantars that she began to open up and learn more about herself. Anne realized that much of what she was brought up on made her somewhat materialistic and she began to accept simpler ways of living (though she still relies on her cell phone and has apparently gotten others addicted to its functions). There are even parts of herself that she had suppressed that, thanks to Sprig and the rest of the Plantars, she has opened up on such as cooking as seen in "Lily Pad Thai".

Her relationship with Sasha also begins to unravel as it becomes apparent that much of her decisions were more the result of being pressured and pushed around by her and Marcy. Her perception of friendship is depicted in "Best Fronds" when she states, "If a friend likes a pencil case, you get it for them. If your friend likes your new shoes, you give them to her. And if your friend wants you to steal a crazy music box from a thrift store, even if you really don't want to, you do it, okay?" Through her constant interaction with Sprig, a somewhat simple-minded child, Anne is able to look at friendship in a whole new way. She begins to desire a more compassionate relationship with those close to her. By the end of "Reunion", she finally sees through Sasha's manipulative tactics thanks to Sprig who sees Anne for who she is: a kind and considerate person who is willing to protect her friends. Even after learning what Sasha and Marcy did, she was willing to give them the benefit of the doubt, knowing that while they made many mistakes, none of them truly wanted to cause her harm.

Anne is furious at Sprig for liking pineapples on pizza.

Much of Anne's family life at home remains a mystery, but it is implied that she maintains a pretty healthy relationship with her parents despite the fact that she clearly is rebellious even at home. Her family apparently runs a restaurant and therefore knows the ins and outs of running one, ("The font on these menus is way too small; Rookie mistake.").


Anne's characterization, much like most major characters in the show, has a noticeable arc throughout the show. When she first appeared, Anne, though appearing strong-willed and confident, was shown to be easily manipulated and lonely deep-down, as her conversation with Sprig in "Best Fronds" revealed. She was manipulated into skipping school, vandalizing buildings and robbing a thrift shop by her best friends. Unknowingly, she acted this way towards her new friend, Sprig, to a lesser extent, manipulating him into doing something he didn't wish to do. She was also very self-centered and selfish, even if not overtly, believing her problems were worse than others because they were hers.

Anne finally comfortable about herself

Despite all of her flaws, Anne still proved herself brave, caring, compassionate and kind in her early days in Amphibia even if she was alienated by her fellow townspeople. As Anne stayed in the small town more and more, she became more accepted and even loved by her townspeople, and Anne herself became better integrated into the town. She helped out with the Plantar farm, helped them sell their goods, shopped at local stores, even worked at Stumpy's Diner briefly and even became a symbol of town pride briefly.

During this period, Anne grew to love the Plantars. Going from her "favorite frog family" to "her family" as the show went on. In general, she acted very sisterly towards Sprig and Polly, almost always carrying Polly whenever they left their house and giving Sprig lots of advice on dating, having fun and other things. There were many times in the show where she referred to the Plantars as her family without hesitation.

Anne, Sprig, Hop Pop, and Polly in dress attire at a party in "Hop Pop and Lock"

The tipping point of Anne's acceptance, however, was when the Tax Collectors came to town. Though she joined them, she was the only member to show compassion for the residents and eventually used her sword-fighting skills to fight off the Tax Collectors, nearly getting killed in the process. After this, Anne became not only a worthy member of the town but a hero to many. She went on adventures with residents such as Wally and Maddie, defended the town from creatures, befriended several others and was even voted to be the "Frog of the Year".

Her arc came at a head when she was forced to fight her best friend from the human world, Sasha, sword-to-sword in order to protect the town she grew to love from destruction.

Anne promising to Hop Pop to act more responsible.

Other aspects of Anne grew and developed as well. Namely, her reliance on her phone, her laziness and her appreciation of Amphibian food. While never really obsessed with her phone, she used it constantly for various activities, such as looking at pictures of her home, pets, friends, watching movies and TV shows and lighting up dark rooms. Though she still appreciated the phone, she grew to do other things in her spare time.

As for her laziness, while never too lazy, she would sometimes connive her way out of work if she felt it was too much. She stopped doing this after her laziness nearly got her friends killed, or so she thought.

In terms of food, as the show went on, Anne subtly went from hating Amphibian food to being okay with it, to even craving it near the end, sometimes catching herself for liking such weird stuff, believing she was in the world for way too long.

Throughout the show, Anne has also become more open-minded regarding her human friends, helping them realize their mistakes and always willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. This became even more evident after she had to leave them behind, vowing to find a way back to them.


Life back on Earth

Anne being bullied by Maggie.

Before she was transported to Amphibia, Anne had a very standard life on Earth. When she was in kindergarten, she and her friend Marcy Wu befriended Sasha Waybright after she (relatively) protected them from some bullies and since, they grew up together. Anne had a complicated relationship with her mother due to her lazy nature and loud tendencies, but they still loved each other and at one point when she was little, Anne went on a trip to Thailand with her mom. Anne was also a lazy student in school, preferring to slack off rather than study and would often go to the mail to intercept her report card to keep her mom and dad from finding out about her bad grades. Anne also went to Thai School to learn the language, but only learned enough to barely put a sentence of Thai together. Over time, her friendship with Sasha became toxic as one time Sasha encouraged Anne and Marcy to have a dance party on their school's roof and blow off a rehearsal for a medieval school play and when they were caught, Anne took the blame and said she was the mastermind and her mother and father penalized her for a month.

On her 13th birthday, Sasha convinced Anne to ditch school and have fun at an arcade. When Anne tried to leave in order to go to celebrate her birthday back home, Sasha strongarms her to blow it off and rob a music box from a thrift store. That night, when Anne, Sasha and Marcy are at the park, Anne opens the music box and they are suddenly transported away.

Season 1

Arriving at Amphibia

Anne screaming as a giant preying mantis attacks the Amphibians.

Anne arrives in Amphibia in the forest near Wartwood Swamp where she stayed for a month before she ends up meeting the residents of Wartwood and was taken in by the Plantar family, Sprig, Polly, and their grandfather Hop Pop. Anne was taken aback by the local Amphibians' way of life when she first saw them. She only began to open up and think more about herself when she moved in with the Plantars. Anne recognized that much of her upbringing had left her materialistic, and she started to adopt simpler lifestyles (though she still relies on her cell phone and has apparently gotten others addicted to its functions). There are also aspects of herself that she had hidden that she has now opened up to.

Anne giggling as Sprig cheers her up by posing like a model.

Discovering True Friendship

Anne's friendship with Sasha starts to fall apart when it becomes clear that all of her choices were made as a result of being manipulated and bossed around by her. Her view of friendship is portrayed as "If a friend likes a pencil case, you get it for them. If your friend likes your new shoes, you give them to her. And if your friend wants you to steal a crazy music box from a thrift store, even if you really don't want to, you do it, okay?" Anne is able to see friendship in a whole new light thanks to her frequent engagement with Sprig, a very simple-minded frog boy. She starts to yearn for a more caring relationship with everyone she cares for.

Sprig, who sees Anne for who she is: a kind and considerate girl eager to defend her friends, eventually sees beyond Sasha's misleading methods in "Reunion". Toad Tower begins to crumble after Anne beats Sasha in a duel, causing Captain Grime to escape with an unconscious Sasha. The Plantars apologize to Anne over losing Sasha as a friend when they return to Wartwood, but Anne assures them it's okay because she considers them her family and that as long as they stick together, they'll get through everything.

Season 2

Sprig disgusted in how Sasha manipulated Anne into submitting into loss.

Adventure out of Wartwood

Anne and the Plantars set out on a trip to Newtopia in order to find Anne's way home; but, after a battle with a gigantic alien vegetable beast, Anne's eyes started to shine. During their path, they come across an abandoned factory and flee until it collapses; however, they are unaware that just before it collapsed, the factory produced a frog-like robot, which then pursues Anne and the Plantars. Anne is reunited with Marcy, her other human companion, as she arrives at Newtopia. During a mission to drive away a colony of giant bloodthirsty Barbari-Ants, Anne still believes Marcy needs defense, but Marcy proves to be self-sufficient (although Marcy is still a little clumsy). After successfully completing their task, Anne tells Marcy about her battle with Sasha, and they both vow to work together not only to reunite with Sasha, but also to find a safe way home. Although King Andrias seems to be a jovial and kindly monarch when the Plantars are introduced to them, he seems to be planning something concerning the human girls and the Calamity Box.

Anne and Marcy vow to find Sasha and return home.

Anne and Sprig's relationship becomes ever deeper after learning about each other's mothers during one of their journeys in Newtopia. Anne misses her mother so much that she goes to considerable lengths to procure a present for her when she finally comes to Earth and is reunited with her mother. Sprig tells Anne that his mother died when he and Polly were very young, and he has no recollection of her; as Sprig asks how you would miss anyone you don't know, Anne gives him a huge hug and both of them weep.

Anne disgusted as Sprig eats mud to track food.

During their sleepover, Anne, Sprig, Polly, and Marcy venture down to the castle's cellar, which is strictly off limits, where they find a submerged tomb full of mysterious monsters, two halls of mirrors, a chamber with plants that don't need sunlight to rise, and a torn portrait of King Andrias with an unknown frog and toad. They hear the next morning from King Andrias that the music box that brought Anne, Sasha, and Marcy to Amphibia once belonged to his ancestors who used to travel to other worlds. All of the box's gems must be recharged at three separate temples in order for the box to function again.

Anne huddles with the Plantars and Marcy after partially charging the blue gem at the second temple.

Recharging the Box

When they returned to Wartwood, Anne was upset to find that Hop Pop had lied to her about hiding the music box when it went missing, but she put her indignation aside to help Hop Pop rescue Sprig and Polly and recover the box. After she forgave Hop Pop, he showed Anne an old book that had belonged to the Plantar family for years, and she heard the name of the music box from it. Anne and Hop Pop's relationship was already strained, but after their first temple mission, they decided to sort it out together.

On their way to the second temple, Anne ran into Valeriana, whom she had seen previously at the Bizarre Bazaar. Valeriana revealed that she was a member of an ancient order that investigated the Calamity Box. Anne was put through a series of tests, and she eventually paid for her previous greedy deeds. Valeriana declares Anne passed the test after watching her actually learn from her mistakes and accept responsibility. Anne, on the other hand, left before the gem had completely charged in order to assist Marcy and the Plantars who she thought was in danger.

Anne encouraging her friend to not give up.

Sasha arrived at the third and final temple and rescued Anne, the Plantars, and Marcy, who then apologized for her wrongdoings. Anne was cynical at first, but she agreed to assist them in fulfilling their task. Anne then gained back some trust in Sasha after she stood up for herself and faced a giant stone toad protector in a chamber of extreme gravity. Anne agreed to start again with Sasha after Sasha beat the guardian and the third stone was recharged. Sasha, on the other hand, was deceiving her to get into Newtopia as part of Grime's invasion plot, but she felt bad about it.

Restoring Friendships

Anne tells Sprig that the dinner plan is working.

Sasha and Grime are invited over for supper by Anne, Marcy, and the Plantars to bury the hatchet. While things appear to be going well at first, when prior disagreements are brought up, everyone becomes awkward with one another. Sasha loses control and lashes out at Anne and Marcy for attempting to alter her. Grime's cake transforms into a lethal challenge, forcing the girls to save everyone. After the struggle, Anne explains that she doesn't want her to change as much as she wants Sasha to see her change. Sasha agrees that Anne is no longer the shy girl she had to protect back on Earth, and the two reconcile before joining the rest of the group in devouring chocolate-covered hornets.

Anne tells Wartwood how much they mean to her before she leaves.

Since the Toad Tower event, Wartwood has been on edge since Sasha and Grime have returned. As a result, Mayor Toadstool consulted the wheel of fun to come up with a stress-relieving activity, and the outcome was a Battle of the Bands. Sasha and the Sharps, Anne, Marcy, and Sasha's previous garage band, want to regroup right away. They had various difficulties, but Sasha ultimately changed her mind and gave an incredible performance. Following the competition (Were Grime won thanks to his 3 hour harp solo) Before Anne, Marcy, and Sasha leave for home, Anne proposes that everyone in Wartwood take a group photo, which everyone does.

True Colors

Anne stands guard as Sasha enters the scene.

The music box is brought to Newtopia by the three human girls, the Plantars, Grime, and Frobo. Sprig is disappointed that the journey is finished, but Anne reminds them that they can see each other whenever they want as long as they have the music box. As soon as Anne is ready to deliver the box over to Andrias, it is forcibly taken by Sasha and Grime, who reveal their plan to take over Newtopia by imprisoning the king and signaling the concealed toad warriors. Anne is enraged that Sasha has deceived her again again, and she refuses to accompany her. Sasha orders Anne, Marcy, the Plantars, Frobo, and Lady Olivia to the dungeon when she fails to discover out how to utilize the box to bring Anne back to Earth. They are rescued by General Yunan while being taken down the corridor, and they reunite in Sal's old sandwich restaurant. The gang becomes despondent when Marcy warns them that the rest of the Toad army will arrive in less than an hour, but Anne inspires them to fight back and devises a strategy. Hop Pop, Marcy, and Olivia would free Andrias from the dungeon, while Polly, Yunan, and Frobo would attack the city's toads from the front. Meanwhile, Anne and Sprig would shut the gate, preventing the toad army from entering. Sasha arrives just as they shut the gate to tell Anne about the awful secret she had discovered about King Andrias, but Anne ignores her and the two fight. Sprig beats Grime by striking him with Barrel's Warhammer, while Anne defeats Sasha by putting her own cloak over her head.

Anne cries after Sprig is dropped on purpose out of the floating castle.

When Anne presented Andrias with the box, he informed everyone there about a period when his friends abandoned him, that the music box was taken from him, and that no one remembers what Amphibia was like 1,000 years ago, but now that he has it back, he will utilize its power to return Newtopia to greatness. Andrias then revealed that his ancestors were not explorers as he had previously said, but "glorious" conquerors as he placed the music box on a pedestal to power up his castle, allowing it to fly, and then he reactivated ancient factories across Amphibia, resulting in a mechanical frog-bot military force that swarmed the castle in seconds. Andrias then revealed, to to everyone's disbelief, that he intended to follow in his ancestors' footsteps by journeying to other worlds and conquering them, beginning with the human world Earth. When Anne and Sasha informed the king they would stop him, he decided to show off his might and warning to the human girls by destroying a toad tower with his castle's gigantic energy cannon. Marcy stood out, claiming that this was not part of the plan he had given her, only for the gigantic newt to acknowledge that he had been lying to her all along. When Anne with Sasha demanded what Marcy and Andrias were talking about, Marcy stated that Andrias promised to bring them to other planets/worlds so they could have endless 'adventures'; when Anne questioned as to why, Andrias informed everyone that Marcy deliberately stranded them in Amphibia, leaving both Anne and Sasha stunned. Marcy said she was aware of the Calamity Box's potential and claimed that her father had accepted a new job out of state and that her family was relocating; she intended to use the box to transport the three of them to a world where they would always be together. Marcy then tried to justify her actions by reminding them of their fun adventure, how Anne and Sasha have grown as people in Amphibia, and how Anne's friendship with Sprig is all because of her, only for Anne to back away in distress and disgust, leaving Marcy on her knees crying and saying she didn't want to be alone.

Anne's sadness into anger causes her gem from the music box to give her powers.

Anne looks around and realizes that though she and her 2 human friends had made many mistakes, what Andrias was doing was pure evil, and she vows to stop him, rallying her friends to face the king and his new mechanical troops; Sasha decides to redeem herself this time for real, while Marcy pulls herself together as both join the fight; Hop Pop and Grime team up to destroy some of the king's new mechanical army; Yunan protects Oliva after both defected from Andrias, Sprig fends of some bots with his slingshot and Frobo is destroyed while protecting Polly. Andrias grabs Sprig and threatens to throw him off the castle just as Polly (who just gained her legs) takes the music box back.

Anne realizes the box took herself, Sprig, Hop Pop, and Polly back to Earth.

Anne begs Andrias to give back Sprig when the gang agrees with his condition, but he refuses and instead drops him out of the castle window to die. The sadness then turned into anger caused by Andrias' deed unleashes the power of the blue gemstone still connected within her, and she battles Andrias and destroying his military force ferociously as everyone is in amazement and shock of her incredible strength. Anne powers down after knocking the wind out of King Andrias, and Sprig, who was saved by Marcy, comes up to her, thrilled that he is still alive, while her surrogate frog family embraces. Andrias pulls himself up after seeing she can't fully control her power and decides he can't let Anne survive, but Marcy uses the Calamity Box to open a gateway to Earth while Sasha and Grime keep the king occupied. Anne and the Plantars, as well as Frobo's head, leap through. Anne beckons Marcy to come with, but Andrias uses his laser sword to stab her from the back right out of her chest while Anne and the others watch in horror. Marcy apologizes for her conduct just as she collapses from the seemingly deadly wound, dropping the Calamity Box which closes the portal and sends Anne with the Plantars away from Amphibia. When Anne and the Plantars awaken, they find themselves on a green car during a daytime traffic jam in Anne's home. Anne, while glad to finally be back home, is saddened that she had to leave Sasha and the gravely injured Marcy behind.

Season 3

Reuniting with Family

Anne, Hop Pop, Polly, and Sprig gaze at the city.

Anne and the Plantars find themselves in the middle of traffic on the streets of Los Angeles. Scared, they immediately run to safety and take in their surroundings. Anne decides that they need to head back to her place as she had been gone for five months and her parents are worried sick. Not wanting to freak them out, Anne has the Plantars hide so that she can ease her parents into telling them everything; however, she decides to keep King Andrias' invasion, Sasha and Marcy's betrayal, and her Calamity powers a secret until they feel trustworthy enough of her. Unsurprisingly, her mother and father are happy to see their daughter return after so long. However, the moment is ruined when the Plantars, misinterpreting a bird cawing as Anne's signal, reveal themselves, shocking the Boonchuys.

Anne puts together a presentation explaining what she has been doing all this time (but left out the events of "True Colors" because she didn't want to cause more panic) , while the Boonchuys are amazed that she went through so much, they are unsure about wanting to keep the Plantars with them. Scared that someone will take them and do something terrible to them, Anne insists that they stay and the Boonchuys finally agree.

Anne, Sprig, and Polly fight the Cloak-Bot.

The Boonchuys continue to pamper Anne and she has finally had enough. She demands that she be given space, yet also wants to go to the market so that she can show the Plantars around. The Boonchuys are shocked as Anne never liked going to the market, but Hop Pop explains that Anne has significantly matured and that he trusts her. Anne disguises the Plantars as they head to market and see the food that it has to offer including the pungent durians and and after shows how responsible she has become her parents to take the frogs to try some delicious noodles. As the Planters are loving the noodles Sprig spots a silver Frobot with cloaking tech that was sent by King Andrias to eliminate Anne as it grabs her and starts squeezing the girl, but the Sprig manages to distract it and run. Not wanting to alert her parents, Anne and the Plantars pretend like nothing is amiss.

Anne and the Plantars fight the Cloak-Bot and realize that it too is trying to remain discreet and trick it into running into a freezer. The Plantars freeze and the drone attempts to attack them. Enraged by this, Anne unleashes her blue gem power and destroys a chunk of the robot who flees. Upon escaping the freezer, Anne collapses and the Plantars use a durian to wake her. The Boonchuys, none the wiser, commend Anne for being mature as she and the Plantars remain quiet about the incident. Anne decides that she does not want to use her powers as it severely weakens her. Elsewhere, the Cloak-Bot is recuperating and decides to double down on its efforts to kill Anne.

Starting A New Quest

Anne and the Plantars go outside to check the mail. However, things quickly get out of hand when Polly almost gets into a fight with other children, Sprig almost falls into a wood chipper, and Hop Pop almost falls for a scam. She decide to take them to the Mall to teach them how to not to get distracted or pulled in by something on Earth. It was disastrous but they managed to escape from the chaos. Anne decides to take things slowly when teaching the frogs about her world from now on. When Anne and the Planters went to a museum they found an ancient vase with a picture of a frog and and the Calamity Box; finding their first real clue, they are once again attacked by Andrias' Frobot Assassin. After driving it away yet again, they decided to enlist the help of their new friend Dr. Jan, who saw them fighting the robot and the frogs without their disguises. After earning their trust, Dr. Jan promises to do some research. Dr.Jan arrived at the the the Thai Temple after Anne and her friends fought of some killer robotic dragonflies sent by the Cloak-Bot and revealed the hidden message on the vase "Seek the Mother of Olms she will guide you to your destiny", but nobody knew what that meant.

The Truth Revealed

At the Boonchuy home, Anne's parents are impressed with how mature she has gotten over the recent events, but Anne is overcome with guilt and is ready to explain to them that a killer robot is chasing her, and to tell them everything else that happened in Amphibia.

As she is ready to explain, she discovers a workout room where her mom would "work out" her suffering while Anne was gone by making sculptures of her daughter. At that moment, thanks to a recently reactivated Frobo, the killer bot shows up ready to take out his target.

The family escapes and leads into a high speed chase throughout Los Angeles while the countdown clock in its torso keeps ticking down towards its ultimate demise.

The family ends up in a junkyard, where Anne realizes that her mother had unrealistic expectations for her and she in turn is angered that her daughter would lie to her. Mrs. Boonchuy starts using the trash to build figures of Anne to trick the robot. The robot discovers the real Anne (while she's attacking it) and traps her when Anne's mom comes in and uses a sledge hammer to incapacitate the robot and the rest of the family starts attacking. They realize too late that the robot is set to explode in a matter of seconds and Anne's glowing blue hair protective instincts kick in and she kicks what's left of the robot out of the atmosphere by her right foot where it explodes.

Realizing why Anne did what she did, Mrs. Boonchuy comforts her unconscious daughter and they drive home on good terms. That high speed chase however, did capture the eye of someone at the FBI though, who decides to call "Mr. X" while looking at footage of the robot chasing the family van with Anne and the Plantars seen in the camera.

Exterminators on the Horizon

One day, Anne and the Plantars decide to go to see movies at Super Cinema 40, unaware that some unusual government force is trying to track them. Mr. X eventually arrives as they try to fight him and hide before they are rescued by Anne's parents who knew about the incident and did their own ways to stop it. Mr X again tried to capture them as Hop Pop was auditioning for Mitch Harbor's newest film at Hollywood, only for him to fail as he gave his part to Humphrey Westwood.

New Progress on her Quest

As the Plantars felt homesick, Anne was contacted by Dr Jan, saying she has found a scientist who may help the four return to Amphibia. Despite her warning about her validity, she takes the Plantars to Dr. Frakes' Brainasium to meet Dr. Frakes, only to be greeted by Terri in Frakes' office door.

Entering the office, Dr. Frakes reveals at the same time the Calamity Box was opened months ago, a rare energy surge caused an interdimensional portal to open, allowing them to redo the experiment multiple times, although none of the guests believe her. As the portal failed to open one to Amphibia, a surge exposed the Plantars as frog people from another world, prompting Anne and Terri to team up to stop Frakes from dissecting them, even if it means Terri would give up her job. Anne successfully manages to defeat Frakes by throwing her homemade cicada cookies around her, allowing the toddlers to overrun her as they escape.

Inside Terri's car, she agrees she would build the four a portal so they can return home, not before Sprig decides to drive the car, nearly causing it to crash.


Sprig Plantar


In the promotional description, Sprig was depicted not only as Anne's best friend but her first actual friend and sidekick who accompanies her in all the crazy adventures that Anne goes through.

Sprig is the complete opposite of Anne's friend - Sasha - because he was the reflection of how Anne views what friendship really is. He was always there for her every time, even in times of hardship. In one episode where they had an argument about being roommates with each other when Hop Pop's basement which is also Anne's temporary bedroom flooded, and she had to move upstairs to Sprig's room. The fact that even after a fight, their relationship only grew stronger.

Sprig has become something of a surrogate brother to Anne; as she is constantly giving him advice and trying to make him happy. Anne will do anything to help Sprig and they trust each other with everything.

Polly Plantar

Anne and Polly practicing Muay-Thai together.

Polly was originally suspicious of Anne after the decision to let her stay in their home for the time she was in Amphibia. She even held onto a rolling pin for some time as both for defense and threatening Anne to not step out of line. Eventually, she started to warm up to her over the next few weeks of getting to know her, even if she wasn't very accustomed to Anne's lifestyle from where she lived. However, in episodes like "Girl Time", Polly had begun to take a disliking to Anne after she was dragged around with her to do girly things that didn't fit any of her interests. but eventually, Anne began to realize it wasn't right to force Polly into surroundings she wasn't comfortable with and apologized, with Polly knowing that Anne just wanted them to have a good time. The two have have since formed a sisterly bond, going on on many misadventures together. Polly enjoys shows and movies from Anne's world and really likes her cooking.

Hop Pop Plantar

S1E3B Anne and Hop Pop reconcile.png

Hop Pop was the most paranoid of the family during Anne's new presence in the town of Wartwood, but he was willing to let her stay with the family until she finds a way home. He has been known to teach Anne certain lessons about life along the way like in "Anne Theft Auto" when he taught Anne that there was more to driving than simply experience. Anne has also assisted Hop Pop during her stay like in "Hop Pop and Lock" when she tried to show him proper dancing moves in order to impress Sylvia Sundew. Hop Pop's paranoia, however, is also what's keeping him from telling information he found out about Anne's "mysterious music box". Even in "Bizarre Bazaar", Anne trusted Hop Pop with the box, believing he could find more information about it in due time. But instead, he decided to bury the box beside the Plantar Farm, as he believed it to be too dangerous for the village. Their relationship hit a major snag when Anne learned that Hop Pop lied to her about the Calamity Box. She felt so betrayed that she ran away. However, she temporarily put her anger aside to work together with Hop Pop to save Sprig and Polly. After hearing what happened with Sprig and Polly's parents and seeing that he was truly sorry for lying to her, she forgave Hop Pop and they grew closer than ever before from the experience. Although she isn't angry at him anymore, Anne is having a hard time letting go of Hop Pop, who is trying to make it up to her for his actions. However, Anne tells Hop Pop that she wants to let go of his actions but tells him to give her time because she doesn't know what he needs to do in order to fix the strain in their relationship, which he understands. Also, Anne was given an apology from Hop Pop for pressuring her as she accepts his apology and they admit that some of their issues need fixing first before their relationship can be set right.

Sasha Waybright

Sasha becomes a true friend at long last.

Sasha is one of two friends Anne had when she was in their world. Anne and Sasha have been friends since they were little when Sasha defended her and Marcy from bullies when they were little kids. On her birthday, Anne was defended by Sasha when Maggie, a fellow kid in their class, was ridiculing her Thai food, calling it a "puke bun". Sasha catches this, and talks Anne's bully down. From that incident onwards, Anne and Sasha are indebted to each other. We do know that Anne saw her as one of her best friends and did anything to earn said friendship, even things she didn't want to do. She sometimes worries about her and Marcy even though Sasha and possibly Marcy are using her.

In the episode "Reunion", in the flashback, Anne and Sasha were very close friends as it was shown when Sasha was trying to brighten Anne's day by hanging out with each other as a celebration for her birthday. Up until later when Sash showed her toxic attributes when she forced Anne to do her bidding, despite Anne being clearly uncomfortable by the thought of stealing from a thrift store.

Later in the episode, Anne realizes how controlling Sasha was of her life when she was fighting with her the "Toad Way" when she defended Sprig from Sasha's sword, things heated up leading to the conclusion that Anne thought that Sprig's friendship with her was healthier than that of her relationship with Sasha.

Although Sasha can be very controlling of Anne, she on the other hand also cares for her stating that Anne should be better off without her when she let go of Anne's hand when the latter tried to help Sasha from the collapsing tower.

Anne initially is distrusting of Sasha in "The Third Temple" when she claims to want to apologize to her because of her previous actions though she eventually comes around and forgives her by the episode's end after going through the final challenge of the temple. They initially have trouble getting along again "The Dinner" when Sasha ends up in conflict with the Plantars and in "Battle of the Bands" where she tries to take control of the band and initially tries to go her own way for the band competition but in both instances they were able to get past their conflict and even performed together with Marcy in the latter singing "No Big Deal".

When Anne finds out Sasha was only using her and Marcy to get to Newtopia and start the Toad Rebellion, their rekindled friendship shatters with Anne calling her a horrible person and ending their friendship to the point where she refuses to believe her when she warns her about King Andrias' true intentions. They do manage to put aside their differences once Anne discovers Sasha was right about King Andrias and the two of them fight to stop King Andrias and his robot army though the state of their relationship is still ambiguous with both being separated again in the end (Anne back to Earth while Sasha remains in Amphibia). When Anne gets transported back to Earth without Sasha, she makes it clear that her goal is to go back and save Sasha, showing that she still believes Sasha wants to become a better person.

Marcy Wu

Anne and Marcy flying Joe Sparrow together

Marcy is also one of the two friends Anne had in her world. Again, the relationship between the three is still unknown, but Anne considers Marcy as one of her close friends. However, Anne is usually responsible for making sure Marcy doesn't get herself injured, due to her clumsiness. It isn't until Anne sees Marcy fend for herself, that she realizes that Marcy has truly changed since they arrived in Amphibia and she's more than capable of taking care of herself now. After Marcy learns that Anne and Sasha had a fight, she and Anne both agree that it's time they made their own decisions and promise to find Sasha, as well as a way home, together. The two are shown to share a close friendship with Marcy generally admiring Anne's ability to socialize and Anne admiring Marcy's brains and are supportive of one another. Their friendship becomes strained in "True Colors" when Anne finds out Marcy intentionally planned on getting the two of them and Sasha trapped in Amphibia because her parents were planning to move. Marcy does come to realize her mistake in siding with King Andrias though and helps Anne and the Plantars escape back to Earth. When King Andiras proceeds to stab her, she uses her last breaths to apologize to Anne before collapsing, all the while Anne is devastated and horrified at Marcy's possible death. When Anne is transported back to Earth, she refuses to believe that Marcy is dead, and makes it her number one priority to make it back to Amphibia and save her and Sasha.

Mrs. Boonchuy

Anne shares an emotional reunion with both of her parents and her cat Domino

Mrs. Boonchuy is Anne's mother. Even though she is strict, with her getting annoyed sometimes because of Anne's behavior, she still loves her dearly.

Mr. Boonchuy

Mr. Boonchuy is Anne's father, their relationship is close. He originally thought Anne was immature, problematic, and around bad influences. But, ever since Anne returned from Amphibia, he has seen that Anne changed and was quick to accept her new way of living and her new friends.

Wally Ribbiton

Wally was the first Amphibian to see Anne; he mistook her for a monster and rallied the citizens of Wartwood to go after her. After the misunderstanding was cleared up, he still had a hard time accepting her until in "Toad Tax" when she showed in a small act of kindness, he finally saw her as a person. Since then, he has been much nicer and more respectful towards the human girl. She found him annoying and unpleasant to be around. However, in "Wally and Anne", Anne began to see that he was a person deep inside with feelings and soon begin to find his happy-go-lucky attitude inspiring as it meant not caring about what others think and by the end of the episode they became good friends. In "Swamp and Sensibility", Anne learned that Wally actually comes from a wealthy family and saw how his double life was making him miserable. She helped him by making his father see who he really is and accepting him, which Wally is really grateful to her for. In "The Shut-In!", Anne is shown to have an alarm set on her phone to remind her of Wally's birthday.


Knowing how hard it is to run a restaurant from her parents, she went through great lengths to help his restaurant get a good review. This actually gave Stumpy he never had before; hope and after she turned his restaurant into a success, Stumpy thanks Anne for helping him with his diner by telling her that her parents would be proud.

Sadie Croaker

Like the rest of the Wartwood citizens, it took a while for her to get used to Anne. After the human girl showed her kindness in "Toad Tax", Mrs. Croaker started being friendlier towards her. Anne likes her feistiness and craftiness saying "That woman is everything I want to be".

Leopold Loggle

Anne finds his habit of beginning his statements with a positive then slowly transitioning into a negative annoying, but they still get along very well.

Tritonio Espada

Even though Tritonio Espada is a conman who tricked her, Sprig and Polly into helping him rob a train, he still made her realize teachers were tough on her because they saw her potential wanted her to succeed; this in turn inspired Anne to give teachers a chance and promised to be nicer to her teachers when she got home.

Mayor Toadstool

Mayor Toadstool took the longest of the Wartwood citizens to respect Anne. She was clearly disgusted by his greed and selfishness. However, in "Anne of the Year", he admitted even he was impressed by all she has done in Wartwood and that she deserved the frog of the year award. Since then Toadstool started to like Anne.

Captain Grime

The fierce toad warrior knew about her beforehand through Sasha. He became her enemy when he captured the citizens of Wartwood. When he tried to execute Hop Pop, Grime was amused when Anne started defying Sasha and convinced her to make her friend yield with a duel. When Grime claims to have reformed in "The Third Temple", Anne is a bit hesitant to trust him at first but soon accepts him by the end of the episode and even invites him over for dinner in "The Dinner" due to him being Sasha's friend. Any truce they had at that point is shattered in "True Colors" when he and Sasha proceed to betray the group and overthrow King Andrias. Later that episode though, they put aside their differences to help the rest of the group fight off Andrias and his robots when finding out his true nature.

King Andrias

King Andrias knew that the human girl was part of some prophecy and decided to use her as a pawn to break it by using his superficial charm to manipulate her to get the music box recharged and back in his possession. The king of Amphibia extended a warm welcome to Anne and the Plantars and they easily bought his persona of a jolly and kind ruler. In "A Day At The Aquarium", Andrias tells Anne about the Calamity Box, lying about how his ancestors were peaceful scientists who used it to study other worlds. He then tells the girls that they have to visit the three Temples to restore power to the box before they can go home, whilst keeping it a secret that the powers the 3 human girls got from the music box would be removed. In "True Colors", after Anne hands the Calamity Box over to Andrias, he dropped the charade and showed everyone the psychotic tyrant he really was. When she learns that he was planning on going to Earth and dominating its people, Anne vowed to put an end to his evil dreams of conquest. King Andrias has become something of an arch-nemesis for Anne, because of how much he has deceived and hurt Anne and those she cares about. King Andrias began seeing her as a real threat when he saw she still had the powers of the blue gem after they were awakened by the grief it caused her from him dropping her best friend Sprig out a window of his flying castle. Andrias truly earned Anne's wrath, the way he manipulated her childhood friend Marcy and then impaled her with his laser sword.

Powers and abilities

  • Resourcefulness: In the episode "Anne or Beast?", she's able to craft both a rope trap which traps Sprig quite effectively and a wooden spear by herself after getting stuck in Amphibia. She also utilizes the weaknesses of her opponent such as the sun in "Combat Camp" to blind Tritonio and Sasha's cape to blind her in "True Colors".
  • Cooking: Anne is skilled at fusion cooking and cutting food. In "Lily Pad Thai", she was seen being proficient in culinary-related activities; having a vast knowledge of her own culture's cuisine. It was also stated that her parents owned a Thai restaurant back in her hometown. It can also be stated that she can be a professional waitress as she can persuade customers to eat at Stumpy's restaurant and acquire each customer's needs like delivering food and refilling drinks. She can also cook better than Hop Pop that as he once stated before eating Anne's homemade omelet that he was eating "garbage" all this time, it can also be a callback to how he always loose at the food competition when he submits his own food as an entry. In "If You Give a Frog a Cookie", she is able to bake cookies filled with bugs which her mother says are delicious.
  • Athleticism: Anne has been shown to be a natural athlete, claiming to have played varsity and practiced bouldering in school. In "The Big Bugball Game", she quickly becomes the star player of the team and is able to help them win the annual Bugball game. She is also able to use her skills in combat as well, holding her own stand against Toad Soldiers in "Toad Tax" and other threats throughout the show. In "The Third Temple", she is able to resist the gravitational pull better than Marcy and the amphibians as well as swing a warhammer quite easily which she claims weighs around one ton.

    Anne distracting the prey with the "Plantar Ritual".

  • Hunting: In "Anne Hunter" Anne put her self-consciousness aside in order to learn the true way of the hunter. After not listening to Sprig about the Plantar Ritual, she found herself in a problem as the Plantars were captured. Anne panics and with a hallucination version of Sprig, she completes the Plantar ritual and saves the family.
  • Martial Arts: In "Ivy on the Run", Anne is shown to be a Muay Thai practitioner, as she dodges Polly's reckless headfirst attacks with ease and is able to counter-attack her, plus spar well with Wally.
  • Tennis Skills: Anne has been shown to be proficient in playing Tennis and applies the skills, and her racket, to combat as shown in the theme song and various episodes of Season 1 and Season 2. However, since she hasn't really practiced she has shown to lose some of the actual playing skills she once had as Mr. Boonchuy remarks "your backhand's looking a little rusty" in "Anne-sterminator."
  • Swordsmanship: Anne has been shown to wield a sword since "Toad Tax", but received proper training in "Combat Camp" and used her newfound skill in various episodes such as "Reunion", "Handy Anne", "Return to Wartwood", "True Colors" and "Fight at the Museum" along with her resourcefulness.
  • Anne activating her powers.

    Calamity Box Powers: In "Anne or Beast?", because Anne protected Sprig for an instant, risking her safety for a stranger, she utilized a lot more strength than she normally could and in "Handy Anne" because something of significance of someone she cared about was destroyed for a few moments she had a boost is speed, agility, combat prowess and courage, even to the point of yelling at Veggierobo. Following the events of "True Colors", Anne seemed to have gained the power from the blue stone of the Calamity Box, allowing her to have a different appearance like her hair turning blue along with her eyes and have multiple enhanced abilities. As shown in the events of "The New Normal", Anne's powers seem to take a toll on her. Given that she can't seem to control her powers, Anne is left greatly exhausted, and claims to feel "bad" after using them. Despite the loss of stamina after using them, Anne seems to get to get better control of her abilities after each use. In "The New Normal", Anne could only manifest them as blue energy around her eyes and fists and damage part of the Cloak-Bot, while in "Anne-sterminator," Anne manifested them as a flaring blue aura of intense energy and kicked the damaged Cloak-Bot into low orbit before it self-destructed.

      Enhanced Strength, Durability, and Agility: Her connection with the gem has massively increased her human abilities, allowing her to deliver more powerful strikes and made her more durable against enemies that would significantly injure her standard form. She was also incredibly agile while fighting foes, as seen in the second season's finale and intro for the third season.
    • Teleportation/Flight/Enhanced Speed: Anne had the power to vanish and reappear within seconds when battling King Andrias in his castle along with being able to move rapidly while mid-air. During the fight where her powers emerged, the laser fired from Andrias' robots seemed to freeze around her as she teleported, implying that she is capable of moving faster than light.
    • Energy Manipulation: In this state, Anne can generate multiple blasts of intense blue energy powerful enough to make Andrias' Frobots and castle pillars explode when hit. She can also create a blue aura that seems to act as a propulsion boost for her agility.
    • Appearance Alteration: When Anne activates her calamity power, her eyes and hair change into a neon blue color, with twigs and branches left in her hair becoming permanent wooden horns. Also, the leaves flow around in her hair and around her. It's also possible that her former clothing is now a part of this form, as seen in the Season 3 intro when Anne changes into this form when she's wearing different clothes.


Behind the scenes

Early development

Early concept art by James Turner depicted Anne with a lighter skin tone, blue hair, and casual wear from the start. Fortunately, this was used as the basis of her design while using her Calamity Box gem powers.

In the show's pilot, Amphibiland, Anne was originally going to sport both of her shoes (the other one being broken) when being transported to Amphibia.

Later concept art by Joe Sparrow showed that Anne was going to have a much rougher hairstyle and have a more boring personality on Earth. She was also shown to be wearing many different styles of clothing including a SJMS jacket and longer shirt.

Anne's original character was originally envisioned as being a boring person on Earth, before being reinvented by the crew.

Name and basis

Anne's last name, Boonchuy (Thai: บุญช่วย), roughly translates to "one who encourages or performs good deeds" in the Thai language.[2] This fits her character as she always attempts to help the people of Wartwood and improve herself.

Anne was based on Matt Braly's childhood trips to Bangkok, Thailand, in that she is a Thai-American like him.[3]

She was also based on Pacifica Northwest, a self-centered girl who improves her behavior as time goes by from the show "Gravity Falls", which Matt Braly worked on,[4] and on Matt Braly's grandmother when she was a child.[5]


Anne is voiced by Brenda Song, who is also Thai-American. The announcement came from Deadline on March 27, 2019.[6]

Kai Zen voices Young Anne in "Lost in Newtopia".


Anne debuted in the series premiere, "Anne or Beast?", and in Teen Girl in a Frog World, she debuted in "No Signal".

Foreign voice actors

Language version Actors Notes
Argentina Spanish (Latin America) Arelys González
Brazil Portugese (Brazil) Juliana Cagiano
Czech Republic Czech Terezie Taberyová
Germany German Shandra Schadt
Denmark Danish Sasia Bernild Mølgaard
Spain Spanish (Castilian) Paula Carro
France French Julia Khaye
Greece Greek Giota Militsi (Γιώτα Μιλίτσι)
Hungary Hungarian Csuha Bori
Indonesia Indonesian Edah Nuraidah
Israel Hebrew (Israel) Na'ama Shitrit (נעמה שטרית)
Italy Italian Elena Perino
Japan Japanese Rio Satō (佐藤 里緒)
South Korea Korean Jo Kyeong-i (조경이)
Malaysia Malay Aby Zarina binti Ahmad Roslan
Netherlands Dutch Lottie Hellingman
Norway Norwegian Tomine Harket
Poland Polish Magdalena Wasylik
Portugal Portuguese Erica Rodrigues
Russia Russian Yelena Shulman (Елена Шульман)
Sweden Swedish Amanda Jennefors
Thailand Thai Pimpida Pitaksonggram (พิมพิดา พิทักษ์สงคราม)
Turkey Turkish Ayça Köptur
Ukraine Ukrainian Viktoriya Bakun (Вікторія Бакун)


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  • Anne's parents have a Thai restaurant near their home on Earth named Thai Go, where Anne works.

Thai Go restaurant owned by Anne's parents.

  • It is revealed in "Reunion" that the day Anne was teleported to Amphibia was also the same day she just turned 13 years old, and her parents had planned to throw her a birthday party at home.
    • In the episode "The New Normal", it is revealed that Anne, Sasha, and Marcy have been trapped in Amphibia for 5 months by the time Anne returns to Earth.
  • Anne retained possession of the magic chest when she was transported to Amphibia, likely because she was the one who opened it.
  • Anne's eyes faded blue in "Anne or Beast?" and "Handy Anne", due to the effects of the Calamity Box.
  • Anne was part of her school's tennis Varsity,[7] which explains why she often carries a tennis racket with her.
  • Her eyes have brown irises.[8]
  • She is a loud and messy eater.[7]
  • She likes massage chairs and will protest at being asked to get off them.[9]
  • She reads zoo books and manga sometimes.[10]
  • She did a bouldering club in school.[11]
  • Back at home she was bullied and picked on by a girl named Maggie, but Sasha would stick up for Anne.[12]
  • Anne has currently been living in Amphibia for more than 4 months as of "Marcy at the Gates." By the end of the second season, she has been living there for 5 months total before finally returning home to Earth.
  • Anne is the first leading animated character in television history to be Thai-American and the second leading Asian-American animated character on Disney Channel by Disney Television Animation, following Jake Long from American Dragon: Jake Long, who is of Chinese-American descent. Hiro Hamada from Big Hero 6: The Series, who is of Japanese-American descent, is excluded since he is originally from a feature length film.
    • The next character in that regard is Molly McGee from The Ghost and Molly McGee as of October 1, 2021. Molly is also Thai and shares Anne's dislike of durian as shown in "The Best of Nin-tensions".
  • Anne mentions that she was once a whack-a-mole champion on Earth.[13]
  • It is strongly implied that Anne is very responsible for the use of her phone since she spent days in Amphibia with her phone still being at full battery until Hop Pop drained it all in the episode "Taking Charge".
  • She attends Saint James Middle School which seems to be a parochial school.
  • Her voice in one episode was heard to be Sasha's by mistake.[citation needed]
  • Despite showing that she can get clean and has worn clean clothing and comb or slicked her hair on more than one occasion, her hair always seems to revert back to having leaves and a stick in it as if she has been dragged through the woods again. As of the third season, the leaves and sticks along with the cowlick on her hair is gone due to her no longer living in a wild environment.
  • Anne is shown to have a wide range of talents, such as dancing, shooting, cooking and sewing. It is implied that she learned some of these skills either through her family, her school clubs, or her friends Sasha and Marcy.
  • Some of Anne's quips such as her saving "Obvi", which is short for "Obviously", most likely came from Sasha, showing the influence she has had on her.
  • In "Reunion", it is revealed that prior to meeting the Plantar family, Anne hated frogs to the point that Sasha would make fun of her because of it and try to gross her out.
  • Before living with the Plantars, Anne located herself in a cave that was filled with creatures. She returned to it after Hop Pop lied to her about the music box and loses it in the episode "After the Rain".
  • Clothing similar to Anne's school uniform were shown by Carbon Costume for fans who want to cosplay as her.
  • It is revealed in "A Caravan Named Desire" that Anne once accidentally ruined a school play as a child after she knocked herself over on stage, which set the stage ablaze and caused her classmates to panic. She deems this experience as traumatizing, which led to her disliking stage performing. Nonetheless she still performed a play as Peter Pan as seen in "The First Temple".
  • In the episode "Quarreler's Pass", Hop Pop claimed he was going to talk about Anne's boyfriend "again" to Sprig and Polly when Anne pushed him off the the Fwagon and off the cliff. Given Anne's irritation of Hop Pop asking her about it throughout the trip, it is ambiguous as to whether Anne may or may not actually have a boyfriend back home.
  • Matt Braly said during an interview that Anne reads manga, "[probably saw] anime", and watched The Lord of the Rings films.[14] The first fact was supported in the episode "Trip to the Archives", where she shouts "Zoo books and manga, here I come!".
  • Her fictional human counterpart is Anna from her story, Phone Mo, and a fictional character in the episode, "The Shut-In!".
    • In the Polish and Czech dub of the show, Anne is named Anna.
  • "Battle of the Bands" shows Anne to be a skilled guitarist, songwriter and singer even though she's a teenager.
  • The powers Anne has from the blue gem of the Calamity Box give her a form similar to Super Saiyan Blue from the Dragon Ball franchise.
    • It is possible that Anne's blue hair is actually a reference to her prototype design, which also had blue hair.
  • It is unclear if Anne's powers are weaker than they should be, given the fact that part of the power was drained when she interrupted the charging process for the blue gem of the Calamity Box.
    • However in "Anne-sterminator", when Anne used her powers, her hair was a slightly dimmer blue, was a lot more wavy and pointed and didn't have branches stick out like how it did in "True Colors", showing she can limit the power input she uses even if unintentionally or unconsciously.
    • This is also shown to be true in "The New Normal" when Anne's eyes glowed brighter than how it was in previous seasons, but was limited to only her eyes and allowed her to sprint at great speeds, manipulate little energy and punch with great strength.
  • It is revealed in "Fight at the Museum" that Anne owns a Leo shirt and that her username on WooHoo! Queries is bananner811. This implies that her birthday is possibly August 11th.
    • This would mean that Anne, Sasha and Marcy were transported to Amphibia on August 11th and that Anne and the Plantars were transported back to Earth around December or January.
    • 811 could also be a reference to Matt Braly's birthday which is November 8th.
  • Her middle name Savisa is mentioned by her mom in "Anne-sterminator".
  • According to her father, Anne once changed the grades on her report card which she didn't know he knew about.



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