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Amphibia is an American animated series, created by Matt Braly. The series premiered on June 14, 2019 on DisneyNOW and YouTube; June 17, 2019 on Disney Channel; and August 5, 2019 on Disney XD. The first season became available on the Disney+ streaming service when it launched on November 12, 2019.

On May 15, 2019, ahead of the series premiere, Disney Channel renewed the series for a second season, which premiered on July 11, 2020.[2]

On June 23, 2020, the series was renewed for a third season, ahead of the second season premiere.[3] On Reddit, Matt stated that Amphibia would have three acts, which means that the third season will be the final season of the show.[4]

The series ended on May 14, 2022, with a three-part conclusion. The series left Disney Channel on June 19, 2022 with a final rerun of "Hop 'Til You Drop"/"Turning Point."[5]


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Amphibia chronicles the adventures of 13-year-old Anne Boonchuy, who is magically transported to the fantastical world of Amphibia, a rural marshland full of frog-people. There she meets an excitable young frog named Sprig Plantar, his unpredictable sister Polly and overprotective grandpa Hop Pop. With Sprig's help, Anne will transform into a hero and discover the first true friendship of her life.

Production information

On February 23, 2018, Disney Channel greenlit the series, alongside The Owl House.[6] According to Matt Braly on a tweet, the development for Amphibia had taken "almost two years" before it was picked up in February 2018.[7] On March 27, 2019, it was announced that Brenda Song would star in the series as the voice of Anne Boonchuy.[8] In April 2019, Justin Felbinger was announced as the voice of Sprig Plantar. On May 15, 2019, the series was renewed for a second season ahead of its premiere, along with the announcement of Bill Farmer and Amanda Leighton being casting as the voices of Hop Pop Plantar and Polly Plantar respectively.[2]

The series was renewed for a third season on June 23, 2020, ahead of the second season premiere.[3] The season was later confirmed by many crew members as the last for the series. On May 3, 2022, Matt Braly announced on Twitter that the production of the third season and the series overall had ended, with the final episode being delivered to the network.[9]


Main Cast



Oversea animation studios


Dialogue director


The episodes are usually split into 22 x 11-minute segments. The first season finale "Reunion" is the first full-length episode of the series. Full-length episodes of the series are split into 21x7 parts.

Rough Draft Korea, Sunmin Image Pictures, and Saerom Animation each provides animation for the episodes, and it takes about nine months for each episode to be complete.[10]

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Season Episodes Production Codes Start date End Date Avg. viewers

(millions) (U.S. only)

Full Segments
1 20 39 101-120 June 17, 2019 July 18, 2019 0.41
2 20 36 201-220 July 11, 2020 May 22, 2021 0.36
3 18 31 301-319 October 2, 2021 May 14, 2022 0.32
Short Series Shorts Production Codes Start Date End Date
Teen Girl in a Frog World 5 101-105 September 3, 2019 October 1, 2019
Wild Amphibia 4 101-104 November 13, 2019 December 4, 2019
Chibi Tiny Tales 6 TBA June 7, 2020 July 12, 2020

International release

Country Language Channel Premiere date Title Source
Canada Canada English Disney Channel June 22, 2019 Amphibia
United Kingdom United Kingdom English July 6, 2019
Malta Malta
Japan Japan Japanese August 2, 2019 (Sneak preview)
September 1, 2019 (Official)
ふしぎの国 アンフィビア [11]
Argentina Spanish (Latin America) Disney XD August 3, 2019 (Sneak preview)
August 5, 2019 (Official)
Amphibia [12]
Disney Channel
India India Hindi August 11, 2019 [13]
Australia Australia English August 18, 2019
New Zealand New Zealand
Netherlands Netherlands Dutch September 2, 2019 [14]
Hong Kong Hong Kong Cantonese Chinese September 8, 2019 蛙!小安的奇幻之旅 [15]
Taiwan Taiwan Mandarin Chinese 蛙!小安的奇幻之旅 [16]
Southeast Asia Southeast Asia English September 9, 2019 Amphibia [17]
Indonesia Indonesian
Malaysia Malay
Thailand Thai แอมฟิเบีย
Vietnam Vietnamese
Thế Giới Lưỡng Cư
South Korea South Korea Korean September 18, 2019 신비한 개구리 나라 앰피비아 [18]
Italy Italy Italian October 5, 2019 Anfibia
Russia Russia Russian October 14, 2019 Амфибия
France France French October 21, 2019 Amphibia [19]
Switzerland Switzerland
Belgium Belgium [20]
Middle East and North Africa Middle East and North Africa English
Arabic مغامرات ضفدعية
Greece Greece Greek Αμφίβια
Bulgaria Bulgaria Bulgarian December 9, 2019 Амфибия
Romania Romania Amfibienii
Spain Spain Spanish Disney XD January 11, 2020 Anfibilandia [21]
Disney Channel April 6, 2020 [22]
Germany Germany German Disney Channel February 17, 2020 Amphibia [23]
Czech Republic Czechia Czech March 2, 2020 Anna mezi obojživelníky [24]
Slovakia Slovakia
Hungary Hungary Hungarian Békaland
Israel Israel Hebrew March 8, 2020 אמפיביה
Globe of Scandinavia.png Scandinavia English Disney XD March 23, 2020 Amphibia
Denmark Danish
Norway Norwegian
Sweden Swedish
Finland Finnish
Poland Poland Polish Disney XD Płazowyż [25]
Ukraine Ukraine Ukrainian PlusPlus August 20, 2020 Амфібія
Portugal Portugal European Portuguese Disney Channel September 14, 2020 Anfibilândia

Awards and nominations

Award Category Nominee Result Source
2019 Ursa Major Awards Best Dramatic or Short Work Bert Youn
Derek Kirk Kim
48th Annual Annie Awards Best Character Design "The Shut-In!" (Joe Sparrow) Won [26]
2021 NAMIC Vision Awards Animation Amphibia Nominated [27][28]
48th Daytime Emmy Awards Outstanding Children's Animated Series Amphibia Nominated [29][30]
49th Annual Annie Awards Best TV/Media - Children "True Colors" Nominated [31][32]
Best Direction Kyler Spears & Jenn Strickland ("True Colors") Nominated
Best Editorial - TV/Media Jennifer Calbi, Julie Anne Lau, Andrew Sorcini, David Vasquez & Yoonah Yim ("True Colors") Nominated
33rd GLAAD Media Awards Outstanding Kids and Family Programming Amphibia Nominated [33]


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