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"All In"[8][9] is the seventeenth episode of the third season of Amphibia, and the one hundred and fifth episode overall, serving as the penultimate episode of the series as well. It is the third and penultimate part to the four-part series finale.

It premiered on May 7, 2022.[1][2]


Anne and her friends fight for their lives as the fate of both worlds hangs in the balance.[2]


All In YouTube TV still

Anne having fun with Sasha and Marcy at the K-pop dance.

In a flashback to May 20–June 19, 2019,[10] Anne, Sasha, and Marcy throw a K-pop dance party/puppy stampede prank at Saint James Middle School in Los Angeles, California, and are then called to the principal's office for their shenanigans. Principal Murphy lets Sasha and Marcy off the hook due to utilizing their skills and strengths, only being told to use them for more 'constructive' purposes. But, recognizing that Anne needs the most help out of the trio as she could tell Sasha and Marcy roped her into pulling this stunt, assigns her an essay on what she truly wants in life and what she's willing to do to get it to force her to think about these things instead of just going along with the flow or taking the easy way in everything. As Anne leaves the office Principal Murphy, knowing her birthday is tomorrow, wishes Anne a happy early birthday.

All In reunited again

Anne and Sasha reunite with Anne’s parents on the battlefield.

In the present, Anne and the gang are restrained inside the castle's prison as King Andrias announces his presence to the humans of Earth via broadcast telling them that his invasion fleet will strip their world of all of its resources to be used to conquer "more impressive worlds," wiping out humanity in the process. The U.S. military quickly comes in by sending in main battle tanks commended by a male general and tries to fight back but with little success to even scratch the two mind-controlled herons nor the Newtopia Castle as the latter had energy shielding. The general quickly calls Mr. X about the situation after the tanks' failed attempt to cause significant damage. While Anne tries to break free using her powers, Sprig and Hop Pop advise against it because of how much they drain her, so Polly has Frobo use his laser eyes to cut everyone's restraints and make a hole in the floor. While they're freed, they fall down and land in a pool. When the gang sees Andrias' herons, a horrified Hop Pop recognizes them as the same herons that killed Sprig and Polly's parents, as he had left a cross mark on one of them on the day they attacked Wartwood when he returned. As the team engage the Frobots in battle while saving some civilians, they encounter Mr. X, Jenny, and Anne's parents wearing advanced body armor and armed with plasma base firearms. As they leave the city, Mr. X. and Anne's parents revealed that they managed to convince the US government about the upcoming invasion by Andrias and gave the US military weeks to prepare to fight against this invasion force. Furthermore, both Boonchuys received military training on how to use their hi-tech armor and weapons.

Marcy inside The Core's mindscape

Marcy and King Aldrich in the Mind Space.

Mr. X states that they needed a place to plan for counterattack and they drive off to SJMS to regroup. The Boonchuys brought some food from Thai Go, claiming they can't save the world on an empty stomach. Grime tastes it but he cannot handle the spiciness. Meanwhile at Anne's locker, Sasha asks how they are going to stop the invasion if Darcy knows their every move, but Anne assures her that they've come a long way since coming to Amphibia and Darcy only knows the "old them". Meanwhile, inside the Core's hive mind, Marcy, with pieces of her memory missing, is solving puzzles when a door opens, and is greeted by King Aldrich who tells her that she is the first human to join the Core and creates a fantasy world for her to enjoy.

Frobo New and Improved

Introducing Frobo 2.0

Back at SJMS, General Yunan gleefully takes to a plasma handgun given to her by X. Polly uses the robotics club's resources to create Frobo a new body similar to his original one and gave him a paint job while she was at it. Sprig is looking at the blank pace of red paper the gang found in the hidden chamber feeling that it is important somehow. After seeing the news, Sprig brushed off the possibility that he and Anne might not be together anymore when this is all over, or that things will at the very least be different, despite Hop Pop's claims. Anne and Sasha tell everyone about the battle strategy; Anne, her parents, the Plantars, and Mr. X will attack the army head-on while Sasha, Grime, Yunan, and Lady Olivia will infiltrate the Castle and shut down the force field generator.

All In First Meeting

King Andrias and Marcy meet for the first time.

During Darcy's onslaught, while she is taking great pleasure in all the destruction, Andrias remembers the day when he first met Marcy; she asks him if she can call him "Drias" but changes her mind when she sees it is a "personal" matter. Andrias took an immediate liking to the girl after she showed some of her quirkiness, but after she left the throne room with Lady Olivia, the Core contacted him via his crown and reminded him of its long-time goal. The Core initially just wanted to kill Marcy to avoid the possibility of her fulfilling the olm prophecy, but Andrias convinced it to lure and trick her and her friends into giving away their powers instead. Back in the present, Darcy and Andrias see that Anne and the others have escaped.

Herron attacks Mr and Mrs Boonchuy

Herons attack Mr. and Mrs. Boonchuy.

The team manages to destroy a number of Frobots but things go downhill when the herons show up. After Anne, Domino 2, and Frobo rescue the Plantars from the herons, Hop Pop reaffirms their fear of why they hesitated before shouting the herons who ruined their home, but Anne tells them to snap out of it, as she can't do this without them, and states that she knows she had seen the whole family overcome so much. Anne's parents are about to get attacked by a heron, which mimics the exact scenario that orphaned Sprig and Polly. Luckily, when they see Mr. and Mrs. Boonchuy in trouble, they pull themselves out of their funk and fight back. After the collars come off the herons, the Plantars use their family dance to tame them and turn them against Andrias and his forces. Darcy is angered by what is happening and orders Andrias to bring her Anne and warns him if he fails he can forget joining the Core. Andrias heeds Darcy's warning and tells one of the Frobots to "ready the Dyoplosaurus."

Sasha and her group fly on Joe Sparrow to reach the castle. Unfortunately, a Cloak-Bot trio finds them, but luckily, Yunan and Olivia hold them off while Sasha and Grime head the shield generator room. In Marcy's fantasy world, after Aldrich makes a false Anne and Sasha appear, their clothing suddenly changes to match a fantasy setting this causes Marcy to dive deeper into the dream state so she can be assimilated by the Core.

All In Making The News

Andrias' challenge to Anne being broadcast.

Sasha and Grime head to the shield generator room, but are halted by Darcy, who taunts Sasha and readies a laser scythe to fight them. Outside the castle, the Boonchuys, Plantars, and FBI continue to fight off the Frobot army, and Andrias arrives on the scene from the equipped with the Dyoplosaurus, an enormous mech-suit, and lands on the U.S. Bank Tower. Andrias commends the humans for fighting but claims that his forces could wipe them out easily. Despite this, he promises to stop the invasion if Anne can defeat him in combat, and threatens to destroy the city if she refused, giving an example by destroying the Hollywood Sign behind a man posing.

The Plantars tell Anne to not answer Andrias' demand for a rematch. Anne admits that she didn't really love herself before arriving in Amphibia, and that she just went along with what was easy instead of caring about right or wrong but now knows what she wants to do with her life, claiming that it was the time she spent with her surrogate frog family that made her realize that. The Plantars hug Anne in support, and she flies on Domino 2 to confront Andrias. With the whole world watching, she arrives at the tower where Andrias awaits. Andrias believes he finally understands why the stones chose Anne as their champion claiming that despite everything, he sees her as a 'true' warrior underneath while Anne remembers how he deceived her. Andrias laughs at the truth in Anne's words and claims that he knows about the time limit of her powers, questioning if she can defeat before they run out. Anne retorts claiming that there's only one way to find out. The city watches as Anne stares down Andria. Anne activates hers power and charges, but Andrias quickly has Anne on the defensive with his mech's strength and weapons.


Sasha and Grime vs. Darcy

Inside the castle, Sasha and Grime battle against Darcy, who continues to push them with her scythe and mechanical tentacles. Grime attempts to distract Darcy by taking her on himself while Sasha goes for the shield generator. Sasha almost succeeds, but Darcy incapacitates her with her laser dagger and pursues with her scythe. As Darcy prepares to take the final blow on Sasha, Grime ends up pushing Sasha out of the way of Darcy's scythe just in time, losing his entire left arm in the process, to which a horrified Sasha quickly tends to his wound. Grime admits that before he met Sasha, he was just a 'bully in a tower', but she inspired him to be something more than who he used to be. Enraged that Darcy hurt her friend, Sasha attacks more viciously.

All In Clash

Anne and Andrias release bursts of energy as they clash.

Outside, Anne and Andrias continue to fight over Los Angeles. Andrias claims to Anne that everything she loves will eventually crumble away while Anne rebuffs him by saying that she pities him of how he spent 1,000 years of burying his feelings and hating himself; this angers Andrias and he attacks with all his fury. Anne becomes exhausted and powers down. Seeing that Anne needs a boost, Mr. X, at the request of Anne's parents, broadcasts one of her favorite songs, while her family, both biological and found family, cheer her on. With the encouragement of the city, the people in her life, and "sweet life-giving K-pop," Anne gets her second wind and power ups once again. She attacks Andrias with faster, stronger, and harder strikes.

An enraged Sasha continues to attack Darcy and even manages to cut her cheek, but she falls prey to Darcy's illusions and with her guard down takes a massive cut to her back.

All In-Almost There

Anne on the verge of victory.

Meanwhile, in Marcy's fantasy world, after false Anne and Sasha claim that 'they too, like whatever Marcy likes,' and realizing that the real Anne and Sasha will not necessarily like everything she takes interest in, Marcy finally sees though the Core's illusions and faces reality, even though the truth is painful sometimes; she claims only a coward would choose this simulated illusion. As Aldrich leaves her to fade into nothing, Marcy places her faith in her friends. By now, Anne has Andrias on the verge of defeat, but her powers finally run out and she is left exhausted. Mr. X spots the letter Sprig is holding on to and uses his spy glasses find the hidden message on it and tells them that it's written with special ink that's only visible to red lens. However, Sprig takes his glasses and learns that it is from Leif. He flies a Heron the tower and holds off Andrias with a boomshroom to protect Anne. As Andrias prepares to kill them both, Sprigs holds the letter and tell that its Leif's stopping Andrias' assault an emotional freeze. He reads to the letter to him; revealing that despite running away and starting a new life in Wartwood, she never stopped loving him and hoped that he would let go of all of his anger, begging him to not to close himself off from others because of their broken friendship. Andrias is brought to tears now knowing that Leif still considered him as a friend despite everything that she had to do. However, he becomes anguished noting that over the past 1,000 years, he had crossed too many lines by now to possibly receive redemption or forgiveness and loses his will to fight. In the castle, Darcy prepares to finish Sasha off, but becomes alerted and disgusted by Andrias' weakness. She claims to Sasha, as fellow control freak, she will appreciate her next move, and forces her control over Andrias through his crown, demanding him to fight and while claiming the Core is all he'll ever need or have.

Darcy screams as she is defeated.

King Andrias Cyborg

Andrias on the ground beaten and with the secret of his longevity revealed.

Sasha, inspired by what Anne told her earlier how 'it isn't about who they were before, but who they are now' that matters, finally puts her former self behind her as she attacks Darcy with the last of her strength. When Sasha viciously attacks Darcy with her sword, Darcy laughs as she believes she missed, but it turns out she hit exactly what she meant to hit; the cord connected to Darcy's helmet, which causes it to break off. Darcy screams in shock, calling Sasha a fool and saying if she knows what she has done before screaming once more in anguish as all the robotic eyes inside the chamber shatter and orange energy seeps out of the human body. At last, Marcy is freed and loses consciousness. Now that Andrias is free from the Core's influence, he lets Anne deliver the finishing blow and accepts defeat. The people of Los Angeles, her parents, her allies, the Plantars, Principal Murphy and even Maggie cheer over Anne's victory. As Andrias lies defeated, it's revealed that he had stayed alive for a whole millennium due to cybernetic enhancements inside his body that are now heavily damaged because of Anne's final attack.

Core helmet

The Core is far from finished.

After the shield is down, Anne and Sasha rush over to Marcy, while saying that they love and forgive her, pleading for her to wake up as their tears fall down. Marcy wakes up and Anne and Sasha hug her. Marcy then apologizes profusely for her actions and getting them sent to Amphibia to begin with as she did not want to lose her friends. Anne tells her it's okay and all is forgiven; stating that whether they like it or not, things change. However, neither time nor distance will destroy their bond, and everyone present engages in a group hug. While no one is looking, Darcy's helmet sprouts out six mechanical legs and sneaks away.

All In Wraping Things Up

Anne, Sasha, and Marcy wrapping things up.

As Mr. X, the Boonchuys, the two herons and the US government are cleaning up LA and gathering all the robot remains; Anne then tells her parents that she, Sasha and Marcy are heading back to Amphibia to bring their friends home, take an unconscious Andrias prisoner and to see if everyone back there is okay. Both Sasha and Marcy ask the Boonchuys to tell their parents that they're okay, to which they agree as it would be easier to explain to them what happened because the battle was broadcast live. Anne activates the music box and the castle crosses dimensions.

All In Plot Twist

Amphibia's red moon is getting dangerously close.

Meanwhile back in Amphibia, the Wartwood Resistance is fighting off what remains of the Frobot army. Just then, they see the castle returning to Amphibia, which crashes near the outskirts of Newtopia because of Polly's bad driving. As Olivia announces their victory and everyone cheers, Sasha mentions on how they didn't require the use of the prophecy, prompting Marcy to frantically ask what she's talking about since she didn't meet Mother Olm. Sprig asks Anne if things will change between them just like her and her friends. Anne then admits she is uncertain but no matter what happens, she reassures Sprig they will face it together. Sprig smiles at this. Just as it seems like everything is going to be okay, Sprig points out that Amphibia's moon is moving closer, leaving a shocked Anne to question the current situation.


Additional voices

Non-speaking cameo


Other characters

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation Notes
Argentina Latin American Spanish A fondo Thoroughly
Bulgaria Bulgarian Най-големият залог The Highest Stake
Germany German All In All In
Spain European Spanish A por todas Go for all
France French À fond Thoroughly
Japan Japanese 最終決戦 The Final Battle
Netherlands Dutch All-in All In
Portugal European Portuguese Todos em Jogo Everyone at Stake
Poland Polish Vabank Va banque
Russia Russian Ва-банк All In
Thailand Thai หมดหน้าตัก


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  • Viewership: This episode was watched by 0.35 viewers on its premiere.[7]
  • This is the penultimate episode of the series.
  • This episode is 48 minutes long (exactly double the running time of "Toad Tax"/"Prison Break" and "True Colors"),[8][9] making it the longest episode of the whole show, taking up two half-hours in running time.
  • This, "True Colors" and "Froggy Little Christmas" are the only full-length episodes to immediately precede another full-length episode.
  • This episode and the following episode are the only episodes to completely cut the opening sequence and title card, instead displaying the series logo, title card and episode credits over the introductory flashback.
    • Given that the previous two season finales both used the short opening sequence and that the previous episode, "The Three Armies"/"The Beginning of the End", was the last episode to use said opening sequence, this could imply that the series finale is split into four parts, this being the third. Matt Braly hinted at this on Twitter.[11]
  • This is the only appearance of the United States Armed Forces. As the US military isn't really allowed to operate on domestic soil, the responding authorities in this scenario would be the California National Guard.
  • This is the only episode to depict Saint James Middle School outside of flashbacks.
  • This is the last of two episodes to use a licensed song (in this case, the Blackpink song "As If It's Your Last"), following "Reunion,"
    • The Japanese dub uses the original Korean version of the song, as opposed to Blackpink's official Japanese version.
  • This is the first Season 3 episode to feature the Anne's Theme leitmotif in an alternate credits sequence and the only alternate Season 3 credits sequence to only use this leitmotif.
    • This is also the only credits sequence that uses the Anne's Theme leitmotif to credit Haley Tju as Darcy.
  • This is the last of three episodes (following "Little Frogtown"/"Hopping Mall" and "Spider-Sprig"/"Olivia & Yunan") to feature an end credits sequence without any characters.
  • This is also the second episode to be rated TV-Y7-FV (the first one being "True Colors"), but unlike said episode, there was no content warning even though Grime's arm was cut off, Sasha got a massive wound on her back and King Andrias being blown to literal pieces.
    • However, on On Demand on certain cable providers, the said rating is not present.
  • This is the last episode to contain flashbacks.
    • This episode has the most flashbacks with three, beating "True Colors" at two.
  • This marks the final appearance of Mr. X, Jenny, Humphrey Westwood, Dr. Jan, Terri, Ally, Jess, Molly Jo, Maggie and Mr. and Mrs. Boonchuy.
    • Additionally, this is the last episode to depict Earth, although it appears in the following episode's epilogue.
  • Aldrich tells Marcy that she is the first human to join the Core, possibly implying that the Core sought to assimilate other humans as well.
  • Despite wanting Anne to be killed, Anne and the Plantars don't interact with Darcy in this episode.
  • Marcy is back in her Newtopia Ranger outfit, since she is freed from the Core.
  • For unknown reasons, Anne and Sasha somewhat didn't apologize to Marcy for ignoring her interests or needs when reuniting with her. It likely happened off screen after the event of the next episode.

Revelations and significant events

Andrias' Defeat

Andrias's suicide attempt

  • The opening flashback takes place the day before the flashback in "Reunion". As both flashbacks involve Anne and Sasha going to school, this reveals that Anne's thirteenth birthday did not fall on a Monday.
  • Anne's parents received training from not just the FBI but also the US military and successfully convinced them to prepare for the invasion, which explains why the tanks manage to arrive in LA so early.
  • Saint James Middle School is a private school, according to Mr. X.
  • Grime can't handle spicy food made by Anne's parents.
  • Polly finally created a new body for Frobo using Saint James's Metal Shop and Robotics Club.
  • The Core seems to have adopted Marcy's pronouns under its identity as Darcy, as both Anne[12] and Grime[13] refer to Darcy with female pronouns.
  • Andrias reveals the true purpose of the temples that was implied in "The First Temple", "The Second Temple" and "The Third Temple": extract the girls' respective calamity gem powers to "neutralize" the olm prophecy.
  • The Plantars tame the two herons that killed Mr. and Ms. Plantar.
  • Prior to her final showdown against Andrias, Anne, in a moment of self-reflection, realizes that the reason she became a pushover was likely due to a lack of self-love.
  • Inside the Core's mind space, Marcy comes to realize that it was far from right for her to force Anne and Sasha into sharing her interests.
    • Realizing the fault in her ways, Marcy vows to accept the reality of being separated from her friends and no longer wants to stay in Amphibia.
  • Anne loses her sword during the battle with Andrias, it is unknown whatever happened to it.
  • Darcy amputates Grime's left arm, and Sasha suffers a severe slice wound to her back from Darcy.
  • Leif is revealed to be a Plantar and one of the town founders of Wartwood. In addition, Leif changed her name to Lily upon returning to Amphibia most likely to escape the wrath of Andrias.
    • The signature Plantar P symbol is revealed to have been derived from Leif's stylized L.
  • Sasha severs the Core's connection to Marcy, thereby freeing her from its control. However, the Core survives in Darcy's helmet.
  • Andrias attempts suicide by giving Anne the finishing blow, but Anne only knocks off his left arm, part of his left leg and the tip of his tail, thus rendering his attempt unsuccessful.
    • After Andrias is defeated in battle by Anne, he is then returned to Newtopia Castle.
  • Maggie gives Anne a thumbs-up after the latter's defeat of Andrias, implying that Maggie has ended her bullying of Anne.
  • Andrias is revealed to be part machine with his cybernetic implants, as he used technology to prolong his life since Leif's "betrayal".
  • Marcy repeats her confession as a sincere apology, instead of justifying her actions as in "True Colors". Unlike "True Colors" however, Anne and Sasha sympathize with Marcy, realizing that they were partially at fault as well.[14]
  • As Leif envisioned, Amphibia's moon starts to fall towards Amphibia.


  • This episode takes place immediately after the previous episode.
  • The flashback at the beginning of the episode takes place one day before the events of the flashbacks shown during the episodes "Best Fronds" (and, by extension, "The Second Temple" and "If You Give a Frog a Cookie"), "Reunion" and "True Colors", in which the girls were teleported to Amphibia.
  • The "BFFs" photo of Anne, Sasha and Marcy from the Season 1 opening, "Best Fronds", "Prison Break", "Handy Anne", "Toadcatcher" and "Marcy at the Gates" makes its only appearance in Season 3 (if the retake from the following episode's credits sequence is excluded).
    • This also marks its only appearance in the second half of a season (if the Season 1 opening and the retake are excluded).
  • The Core's projections of Anne and Sasha are very compliant with Marcy, mirroring Aldrich saying to Andrias in "The Core & The King" that Leif and Barrel would more resemble servants than friends.
  • Stills of Sasha and Anne letting go of Marcy after learning of the latter's betrayal from "True Colors" are shown when Marcy snaps out of the Core's fantasy.
  • Sasha's eponymous graffiti (and Anne's graffiti dot) from "Reunion" and the Season 3 opening appears in the background.
  • In King Andrias' flashback of when he meets Marcy, the king's newspaper shows that an election in Wartwood Swamp is "looming" with then-Mayor Toadstool shown in the headline, referencing the events of "Hop-Popular".
  • The letter that Sprig finds at the end of "Newts in Tights" is revealed to be a secret message written by Leif. Furthermore, it was written in the invisible ink that appeared during the flashback of "The Core & The King".
    • Flashbacks from the latter episode appear during the special.
    • The moon descending to Amphibia was one of the events Leif saw in her vision during the episode.
  • Darcy partially causes her own defeat by succumbing to her host's hyperfixation,[15] which she gained during Marcy's possession.[16]
  • At the beginning of the previous episode, Sasha struggles with the thought of forgiving Marcy for sending them to Amphibia. Presumably due to reflecting on her past conduct, Sasha forgives an unconscious Marcy on behalf of herself and Anne.
  • The events of "Anne or Beast?", "Best Fronds", "Prison Break", "Reunion", "The Plantars Check In", "After the Rain", "True Colors", "Fixing Frobo", "Mr. X", "Froggy Little Christmas", "Escape to Amphibia" and "The Core & The King" are mentioned.
  • Multiple scenes depict Sprig struggling with the reality of being without Anne, foreshadowing the goodbye scene in the following episode:
    • At Saint James Middle School, Hop Pop mentions to Sprig about Anne returning to her own life, but Sprig appears to be in denial.
    • After Anne reminds Marcy that their bond is inseparable, Sprig is shown with an uneasy expression.
    • Shortly before noticing the descending moon, Sprig asks Anne if anything would change between them.
  • During the flashback of King Andrias meeting Marcy, Marcy has her left leg in a cast after injuring it in her Theme Song Takeover.
  • The Plantar ritual from "Anne Hunter" makes its last appearance.

Production notes

  • Hannah Ayoubi returned to board this episode, after leaving the series in 2019 halfway through the first season.
  • When the final episode titles were announced on Twitter, this, along with the preceding episode and following episode were noticeably kept hidden.
  • Haley Tju's scream for Marcy's possession at the end of "Olivia & Yunan" is reused for Darcy's downfall, but with a robotic filter added to it.
  • Brian Sounalath made his last voice recording for Mr. Boonchuy on March 4, 2022.[17]
  • Danny Ducker originally storyboarded a scene where Mrs. Boonchuy saved her husband and he thanked her by affectionately kissing her briefly on her cheek, before they both resume into action. It was cut for unknown reasons.[18]


  • The Incredibles - The containment device the heroes are in is similar to the one that the film's antagonist Syndrome had the main protagonists in.
  • Pepper Ann - The titular character cameos in the crowd throughout the episode.
  • KTLA - The call sign of the television station shown at Saint James Middle School is DTLA, referencing this Los Angeles CW affiliate.
    • The "DT" ITU prefix is currently reserved to South Korea.
    • DTLA is also an acronym for "downtown Los Angeles."
  • Doctor Who - One of the robots in the school's metal shop is a Dalek from the BBC sci-fi series.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! - The Millennium Puzzle can be seen in the pile of puzzles Marcy has solved.
  • Transformers - An action figure of Megatron, leader of the Decepticons (in his Generation 1 form) can be seen among the pile of puzzles Marcy has solved.
    • As well as Michael Bay's live-action Transformers movie series that has the US military clash against the Decepticons in Earth's various terrestrial conflicts.
    • The Transformers: The Movie - The effect used when the Core takes control of Andrias' mind after he reads Leif's letter is similar to Unicron taking control of Galvatron's mind. The victim (Andrias/Galvatron) also suffers head pain.
  • Sonic Adventure - The way Anne powers up is similar how Sonic transformed into Super Sonic when the crowd cheered his name.
  • His Dark Materials - An alethiometer (specifically the film version) is shown among Marcy's puzzles.
  • Gravity Falls - The shooting star stickers on Frobo's new body are the same as the one on Mabel's sweater.
    • The Core's attempt to keep Marcy imprisoned by creating a fantasy world based on her fondest wishes matches Bill Cipher's attempt to keep Mabel imprisoned in a similar fantasy world from "Weirdmageddon 2: Escape From Reality".
  • Pickle & Peanut - Graffiti of the titular characters can be seen in the alleyway Dr. Jan drives through.
  • Future-Worm! - Graffiti of the titular character is shown on a wall when one of the herons eats a tank.
  • The Lord of the Rings - Marcy's simulated fantasy attire is based on Legolas's outfit from The Lord of the Rings.
  • The Legend of Zelda - The simulated Anne's fantasy attire is based on Link's outfit from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Furthermore, the falling moon at the end of the episode may be a reference to The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask.
  • Fire Emblem - The simulated Sasha's fantasy attire is based on post-timeskip Edelgard's outfit from Fire Emblem: Three Houses.
  • Star Wars - The scene where the Plantars have Frobo tie up one of the Herons' legs and wings is a reference to when Luke Skywalker and the Rebel Alliance tie up the AT-AT Imperial Walkers' legs with the harpoon cables on the planet Hoth from The Empire Strikes Back.
    • Additionally, the scene where Darcy cuts off Grime's arm is similar to the scene where Darth Vader cuts Luke's hand off during a duel with him on Cloud City.
    • Anne says "Hello there," a line from A New Hope.
  • Cars - A car resembling Lightning McQueen can be spotted in the parking lot building the Boonchuys and Domino II hide in. It also has a rear number plate represented by a white rectangle, making it resemble the "Ka-Ciao, Francesco" sticker he appears with at the end of Cars 2.
  • Dragon Ball - Anne and Andrias' battle mimics the anime franchise's style of fight scene. Furthermore, the sound effects from the anime can be heard as they strike. And Anne's hair glows blue like Goku when he transforms into a Super Saiyan Blue.
  • Steam - The sound of the remote Mr. X clicked is similar to the Steam Friends notification sound.
  • Itano Circus - When Anne dodges King Andrias' missile attack, she emulates the frantic aerobatic evasions developed by Japanese animator Itano Ichiro for Space Runaway Ideon, Macross, and other anime.
  • Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 - The control system Darcy is using is similar to that of the Command & Conquer: Red Alert games. A mission there featured an advanced army attacking Los Angeles.
  • StarCraft - On the right side of the control system of Darcy is a command bar similar to those of the Starcraft games.
  • StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty - This episode shares its title with the final mission of the game, in which Sarah Kerrigan is deinfested from the Zerg, much like how Marcy is deinfested from The Core.
  • Pac-Man - After the news reporter read that Anne's the only one to start the end of the world from happening, the next scene pans to the helicopter view on a jumbotron and left of it is that iconic arcade style character.
  • Godzilla - This episode shares some similarities to the movies Invasion of Astro-Monster, Destroy All Monsters, Godzilla: Final Wars, and the Godzilla: The Series three-part episode "Monster Wars," where evil aliens used mind-controlled monsters to destroy cities for them.
  • Mega Man X4 - Andrias's defeat causing him to lose an arm and a leg is just like when X or Zero defeats the Repliforce General in battle within this particular video game.


  • During the K-Pop dance party, Anne snaps into place when she starts dancing.
  • It is not explained how Anne, Polly, and Lady Olivia know about the name "Darcy," as this name for the Core-possessed Marcy was only mentioned by the Core and Andrias in "The Core & The King". It is possible Lady Olivia heard the name while under mind control as it is unknown if she was aware of her surroundings during it.
  • Anne and Sasha have their swords with them, despite not having them into the previous episode.
  • After Grime ate some spicy Thai food, the captions credit Sprig for saying "Here, Grime. Have some water." when it was actually Hop Pop who said it.
  • When the Plantars command the herons to sit, the herons' eye colors are switched.
  • As Anne, Sasha and Marcy reunite, Anne's shoe is on her right foot.
  • After the city celebrates Anne's victory, Mr. X is shown with his spy glasses, although Sprig was never seen returning them as he was on top of the building the whole time. It's possible he had more than one pair.
  • Anne's sword is nowhere to be found after being punched by Andrias.
  • Right before she begins to fight Sasha and Grime, Darcy removes her cape. But when the episode cuts back to the fight, she has it on as if she never removed it. Only for it to disappear in the scene directly after.

Memorable quotes

Principal Murphy: Attention, students. This is yet another reminder that the pink powder inside the soap dispenser is not candy dust, so please...
Sasha: What's up SJMS! Instead of that boring stuff, how about an awesome K-Pop dance party?
—Principal Murphy and Sasha on the PA
Waybright. Wu. Boonchuy. My office. Now.
—Principal Murphy
But I like the easy path, it's easy!
Anne, you get to choose the type of person you're going to be. Don't forget that. Oh, hey! Isn't it your birthday tomorrow? Happy early birthday, Anne.
—Principal Murphy
Hello, Earth! Congratulations on being conquered. I have good news and bad news. The good news? Your planet is rich in the resources we'll need to conquer more impressive worlds. The bad news? We'll need to destroy your civilization to get those resources. (crowd gasps) Omelet, broken eggs…You get it.
King Andrias broadcasting their arrival on earth
Still not used to you being smart.
Sprig about Polly
Those aren't just any giant Herons, those are THE giant Herons.
We also convinced the military we're not insane.
In a shocking turn of events, the city has found itself invaded by a talking lizard, his robot army and a couple of giant angry waterfowl. But in other news, crypto is up big! Let's do the numbers.
—News Anchor
It's not who we were that matters, Sash. It's who we are now that counts.
—Anne to Sasha
Well, then (cracks neck then draws out laser scythe) Let's rumble, girlfriend.
What's good, primates? (Laughs) I gotta be honest. You've put up a pretty good fight. For a race as primitive as yours, that is and even though we could easily wipe you out, I'm willing to strike a little bargain. I'll call off this whole invasion if Anne Boonchuy beats me in single combat. That's it. No gimmicks. One life for thousands and is she doesn't (Fires castle's laser at Hollywood sign) You hear me, Anne? It's time for a rematch!
—King Andrias challenging Anne to a duel
You know, before I ended up in Amphibia, I didn't care about right or wrong. I just did what was easy. I let people walk all over me. And I think that's because I didn't love myself. Not really. But meeting you three has changed all of that. And these months we've spent together, have shown me the person I really wanna be. Trap or not, I have to do this.
You know I think I finally figured out why the stones chose you as their champion, Boonchuy. From the moment you walked into my throne room, I underestimated you. A scruffy little girl with one shoe and leaves in her hair. Yet underneath it all, a true warrior. Such a brilliant deception.
—King Andrias acknowledging Anne's specialness
Speak for yourself. You went from Santa Claus to supervillain pretty quick there.
—Anne commenting on Andrias' own deception
It looks like the hopes of Earth rest on... a disheveled teenage girl?
—News Anchor
No way! Is that Boobchuy?
Anne?! I just wanted an essay!
—Principal Murphy seeing her student about to fight for Earth
Listen to me, Sasha, before I met you, I was nothing, just a bully in a tower. But, you inspired me to be so much more, and if you can do that, you can do anything. (Straining) You can do this.
—Grime before he passes out from his injury.
So what? I'm supposed to give up? Stop feeling things? Like you? Honestly, I pity you. You shut yourself off from the rest of the world, didn't you? 1,000 years of suffering, of burying your feelings, of hating yourself. That must have been hard.
—Anne to Andrias
Why hello there, sweet life giving K-Pop!
—Anne getting back in the fight
The real Anne and Sasha don't want what I want, and it hurts. But forcing them to follow my dreams is wrong. I've learned that the hard way... I started this whole mess because I wanted to escape that reality. But I won't run away from it anymore!
—Marcy realizing the fault in her ways and vowing to move on
My dearest Andrias, this message… This message may never reach you. But I hope it does. I know you must hate me, but please hear me out. After hiding the music box on Earth, I knew I could never return to the kingdom. Change was scary, and it was hard for me to open my heart to others again. But I'm glad I did. We spend our lives afraid of change. But after many years, I realized the beauty of life is the change. And through it all, I had such wonderful memories of you. For even though you, Barrel and I are no longer together, the two of you never left my side. In the end, my only remaining wish is that somehow, someday, my love reaches you. So, I'm begging you, my dearest friend, don't close yourself off. Open your heart,and follow it. With love always, Your Leif.
—Sprig reading Leif's letter
All this time, I thought you had forgotten me. Like I tried to forget you, my dear friend. But you're too late. The things I've done. The pain I caused. THERE'S NO GOING BACK!!!
—King Andrias filled with remorse
Aldrich, your son is losing the will to fight. That weakling! Hey, Sasha. As a fellow control freak, you'll probably really appreciate this. Andrias! Stand up and fight, you pathetic excuse for a king! We are all you need. We are all you will ever have!
—Sasha slicing Darcy's cable, defeating her
My connection! You fool! Do you have any idea what you've done?!
—Darcy to Sasha
Living for 1,000 years was not without sacrifice.
—King Andrias explaining his cyborg body
I know it's hard Marcy, but no matter how we fight it or deny it, things change. We can't stop it. But, nothing, not distance or time, can break the bond that we share, because nothing can take away the memories of the time we spent together.
Uh, is it just me or is the moon getting closer?


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